Dinosaur Valley escapes!

DVBecause prehistoric novels are’t released. They escape!

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Digging Up Trouble . . .

The year is 1901. Lady Anna Rutherford, scholar and intrepid archaeologist, has crossed the Atlantic to launch an expedition into the Sonora Desert to find her missing twin brother, Edmond, lost during a big-game hunting expedition. The lawless American West, however, proves to be more of a challenge than Anna ever anticipated, and she’s forced to enlist the aid of Sydney Fly, the rough-and-tumble sheriff of Dead Horse, Arizona, But the unforgiving Sonora is only the beginning of their troubles, because, soon enough, the search party encounters an ancient, forgotten valley full of primeval creatures with the power to rend grown men in half. Before long, their hunt for Edmond becomes a tooth-and-nail fight for survival when the ancient, man-eating creatures of the valley begin hunting them. It will take their combined knowledge, courage and survival skills if they are to escape Dinosaur Valley.




Book Cover Reveal!

Cover reveal time! The Cowboy & Dinosaurs book you’ve been waiting for! I know a few of you lovely individuals have been kind enough to agree to read the ARC when it’s ready, but if anyone else is interested in a copy for your review site, please let me know! Emerging (escaping?) from Severed Press later this year: DINOSAUR VALLEY. A combination of Lost World, Jurassic Park, and Deadwood.