Book Cover Reveal!

Cover reveal time! The Cowboy & Dinosaurs book you’ve been waiting for! I know a few of you lovely individuals have been kind enough to agree to read the ARC when it’s ready, but if anyone else is interested in a copy for your review site, please let me know! Emerging (escaping?) from Severed Press later this year: DINOSAUR VALLEY. A combination of Lost World, Jurassic Park, and Deadwood.


Book Roundup

Hey, guys & ghouls, I hope summer has been treating you well.

I figured I’d give everyone a quickly head’s up on current and upcoming releases. It’s been a really busy 2016. So, without ado:

A reissue of Scarabus, put out by Crossroad Press. You can get your e-copy here:

Next us is Dinosaur Valley (The Archaeologists #1) from Severed Press. Release date to be announced.

Then we’ll see Species (along with Louise Bohmer) from Ravynheart Press. Again, release date to be announced.

And finally, a secret project from a secret publisher. A with the two books above, TBA.

Stay cool this summer!