Listen to the Actual Dreadful Doctor Faust & Raiju Soundtracks

Listen to the music that both influenced my writing of the books, as well as the music I was listening to as I was writing them:

The Dreadful Doctor Faust Soundtrack

The tracks include:

  • Love, Hate, Love (Main Theme) – Alice in Chains
  • Eyes Without A Face (The Doctor’s Theme) – Billy Idol
  • Doll Parts – Hole
  • Spookshow Baby (Louise’s Theme) – Rob Zombie
  • Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven
  • More and More – Captain Hollywood
  • She’s A Mystery To Me – Roy Orbison
  • Requiem – Mozart
  • Another One Bites the Dust – Queen
  • Masquerade – Hyde

The Raiju Soundtrack:

The tracks include:

  • Burnin’ For You (Main Theme) – Shiny Toy Guns
  • Anarchy In Tokyo – 30 Seconds To Mars
  • You Can Do Magic (America Magic Mix V1.3) – Chris Flynn
  • Bound Too Long – The Crystal Method
  • Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps) – David Bowie
  • Returner – Gackt
  • Break Stuff – Limp Bizkit
  • Oh My Goth! – Razed in Black
  • Great American Nightmare – Rob Zombie

It’s free! Enjoy!


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