New Release: Planet of Dinosaurs

Just in time for summer. And it’s a great beach read, especially if you plan to take your Kindle to the beach with you. And why would you not?

Victorian teen and intrepid inventor Sasha Strange found the doorway…to danger!

Just days before she’s to be married to the odious Lord Quinn, Sasha’s latest experimental device backfires and opens a dimensional gateway between our world and a prehistoric planet. What’s worse, it transports not just Sasha, but Sasha’s childhood friend Toby and the unforgivably arrogant Lord Quinn himself to a primeval jungle.

Before you can say ‘Stegosaurus,’ Sash and company are being pursued by the apex predator of the time, a flesh-eating Ceratosaurus which is ravaging the land. And if that isn’t bad enough, the Planet of Dinosaurs is home to the Sen, a race of telepathic bat-like people who want Sasha to kill the Ceratosaurus before she depletes their land of prey, or she may never see Toby alive again.

But how does one kill over thirty feet of primordial teeth, hunger, and rage?

First in a new trilogy of SF adventures.

Only $2.99 USD


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