The End

I’m happy to announce that I’m finished with The Sasha Strange Chronicles, having finished writing Planet of Dinosaurs, Sea of Serpents and Valley of Dragons in just under two months.

It seemed a long time, but it also seemed a remarkably short time to spend in what I think was a fun universe full of danger, romance and adventure. I’m going to miss Sasha, Toby and Lord Quinn. But even as I finish editing the two remaining books in the series, it’s my hope that you’ll be entertained by Sasha’s tales, because now they belong to you.

The books are homages to the “giant monster” matinees of my childhood, and I do multiple hap-tipping throughout the series to various movies. See if YOU can spot all the movies that are honored in the trilogy.

And now, I present to you the full trilogy of covers. Enjoy.

Planet of Dinosaurs


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