Don’t Go in the Water (or Summertime Fun Time)

There’s monsters in there!

Sea of Serpents is now available.

Love. Terror. Betrayal.

Sasha, Toby and Quinn continue their quest to find the legendary Valley of Song, which just might prove a way home for them all. But along the way, the travelers encounter all new dangers, both on land as well as in the sea. A tribe of savage primitive humans proves almost more dangerous than the giant beasts that hunt them.

Plus, Sasha must resolve her feelings for one of her companions, one companion will betray them all, and one will be lost to the Planet of Dinosaurs forever!

Will any of the travelers make it back to London alive?

Summer monster fun continues with the sequel to Planet of Dinosaurs. Think of it as a SyFy Original Movie, with plot!

Sea of Serpents is only $2.99:

Kindle US –

Kindle UK –

Nook –

Smashwords –

Remember, even without a handheld device, you can still read the book on the free applications:


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