Out of Print & Remainder Sale

Otherwise known as Cleaning Out My Stock Sale. I’m selling the following:


Raiju the paperback (Tokusatsu Press edition) is officially out of print, and the book is now available only in ebook format with no immediate plans to re-release it in paperback. I have only 4 in stock, all signed.

Raiju the hardcover, Tokusatsu Press edition. Ultra-rare. Only 3 remaining ANYWHERE. And they’re not turning up online or in auctions so folks are hanging onto them. Some of my older titles go for thousands of dollars, even for shabby old copies, so it’s worth having IMHO.

Black Jack Derringer: The Ace of Spades (NOT the Complete Collection). Skullvines Edition. Only 13 remaining of these, and they’re really hard to find.

All of these titles come with free ebook editions so you can still read the book without busting the binding. I’ll send the buyers instructions on how to download a copy after the sale. All of these books are in really good condition, a little dust from sitting in bookstores or in closets, but that’s about it.

Contact me if you have any questions.


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