Will the real Sasha please stand up?

So I was wondering where all the extra traffic is coming from of late—essentially the stuff that seems to be linked with Sasha Strange’s name. And as things turn out, ‘Sasha Strange’ is the pseudonym of an adult actress named Sasha Taylor. I’m having difficulty finding an actual picture of the actress, but when I put the search term in Google images it kicks back this a lot:

And somewhere on the internet, the 1980's live on...

I’m not exactly an adult movie connoisseur, so I can’t say for certain if this is truly Sasha. The choice for Sasha’s name was entirely coincidental. She seemed like a “Sasha” to me, which makes me think of some cute little cat.

This is Fluffy, Destroyer of Worlds. In a straw hat.

And for her surname, I was thinking about Dr. Strange at the moment. Go figure.

This is the reason you need to eat your Wheaties.

So anyway, this may or may not be the real Sasha Strange. I just hope she doesn’t get mad at me. 🙂

Hopefully, this will make up for it: Sasha Strange appears to have a Facebook page, so please friend her.


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