Violet Ivy Press opens for submissions Monday, August 1, 2011

Get your manuscripts ready for our Violet Ivy Press imprint!

KHP’s newest imprint, Violet Ivy Press, will be open for submissions soon. Please be sure you have read and understood the guidelines completely before submitting your manuscript for consideration.

What we want: Paranormal, steampunk, urban fantasy, YA and traditional SF with romantic elements. 30-100k long. Word counts are firm.

When we’re open: August 2011

Response time: 6-8 weeks

Please note, we are not interested in publishing children’s literature, chapbooks, poetry, non-fiction, comics/graphic novels or anything that smacks of fanfiction. We will not publish anything that infringes on another author’s universe, unless you and the author are working together and you are authorized to write the book. No short story collections.

We are looking for work that is both commercial and original, but not duplicates of what’s “hot” on the market right now. Your work must exist within some established genre or genres (in the case of cross-genre work). If you do not know what genre your work fits into, or if there is no genre, then you cannot submit your project to us. Your manuscript must be labeled with its proper genre or genres in order for it to be considered. We’re afraid that with the volume of submissions we receive, books that do not follow these guidelines must be rejected without further consideration.

Who we’re looking for:

VIP is seeking both new and established authors. You do not need an agent to submit, but if you have one, you are welcome to have your agent submit your project for you.

How to submit:

You must send an email to with a subject line that reads ‘VIP Submission: [name of your book] by [your name]‘. VIP Submissions with no subject line or with subject lines that are suspect will likely be sent to spam heaven without being read.

In your introductory email, include your full name, contact info, name of work and genre, a short synopsis of your work, and a brief bio. Include as an attachment a brief 1-3 page synopsis and the first ten double-spaced pages of the work. Please submit all this in ONE document. This document should be double-spaced in 12 point Times New Roman font and MUST include your name, full contact info and genre. Please put your name, page number and name of work on EVERY page of your submission. Do not include pictures, illustrations or any special formatting, fonts or characters in your submission. Do not submit in any other format than DOC or RTF. Suspect attachments will be deleted.

Since your submission may pass through many hands, it is imperative that you follow these guidelines or we will be forced to reject your project without reading it. Your project MUST be completed at the time of your submission.

What you get:

If we choose to publish your work, you will be contracted for ebook rights. You will receive 50% net royalties for every sale and your book will see distribution on Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, and elsewhere. You will never be charged any kind of fee, and you may dissolve your contract at any time and for any reason.

If you would like additional information, please contact us at


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