In October get ‘punked!

Steampunked, that is.

I’m happy to announce that this October will see the release of A Clockwork Vampire, my steampunk vampire novel.

A little info:

A Clockwork VampireA Most Unsuitable Couple!

Edwin McGillicuddy is a former vampire Enforcer, once the right-hand man to the most powerful vampire Lord on earth. Eliza McGillicuddy is a strong-willed human woman who spends her days fixing watches, and creating weapons, in her downtown Brooklyn watch shop. Their marriage is not only unlikely, but entirely unsuitable! And it’s about to be tested.

In an alternate New York City run entirely on steam power and high technology, “nonhumans” like vampires and shapeshifters are struggling for civil rights, and the McGillicuddys are about to find themselves in the middle of a firestorm.

Enter Lord Foxley, Edwin’s ex-master and maker. Fearful there is a murderer on the loose killing high-ranking vampire Lords and wiping out whole vampire Courts, he manipulates the couple into following the trail of a brilliant assassin. But it isn’t long before the assassin discovers a new target—in Edwin and Eliza!

Even blood, sweat and gears won’t get them out of this fix.

Coming this Halloween, 2011. Stay tuned for more information on ordering your paperback or ebook copy.


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