The Clockwork Vampire Glossary

A helpful introduction to Edwin and Eliza’s world. Enjoy.

GLOSSARY (In Alphabetical Order):

Bloodkinetic – A vampire who can control the flow and movement of blood within other beings.

Boomer – A small handgun that emits a high frequency “boom” that can disrupt molecules.

Cesar – Foxley’s head of security at one of his many casinos. Later he becomes part of Edwin’s Court.

Chimera – A vampire assassin hired by Foxley to retrieve Eliza after she escapes. He once shot Edwin through the heart.

Court – A family of vampires usually of the same bloodline, headed by a Lord or Lady.

Courtesan/Courtier – A Poppet who works as a professional “companion” to a vampire.

Derek Wall – A Poppet who works as a hustler and gambler in a casino down in Poppettown. Also, Eliza’s old flame.

Doctor Blood – A fictional character in the Doctor Blood, Vampire Detective series of pulp novels, written by Edwin under his pseudonym of “O. E. Wodehouse”. Loosely autobiographical.

Doctor Grott – A friend of Eliza’s and inventor of the “machine-men”.

Edwin Oliver Wodehouse McGillicuddy – A vampire Lord and former “Enforcer” who worked under contract for Lord Foxley for two hundred years. Eliza’s husband.

Eliza McGillicuddy – A former vampire Courtesan, now a watchmaker and an inventor of weapons. She’s the heroine of our story and the inventor of Edwin’s clockwork heart.

El Mal de Amor – Literally “The Lovesickness”. Lady Espirito’s pet name for Edwin due to his habit of inducing delirium in those he bites.

Enforcer – A vampire who acts as a right-hand man to a powerful vampire Lord or Lady. Enforcers carry out the wills and desires of their masters.

Favorite – A “chosen human” of a vampire Lord or Lady. Usually places the human next in line to receive an Inheritance. Can also be a spouse or lover.

Grear – A “red collar,” or paid assassin. His body is made up mostly of prosthetic clock parts.

The Gypsy Queen – Lord Foxley’s gyro and the home base of his operations. The Gypsy Queen is the largest gyro in the world.

Gyro – Giant spherical airships that can contain whole ecosystems. Favored by vampires because they can rotate against the rising of the sun, allowing the vampires to design their day to their liking.

Heir – The formal name of a vampire’s progeny. An Heir is blood-bound to his or her master and is usually extremely loyal. Heirs generally take around 200 years to become their own Lord, though some mature much faster.

The Hive – The secret organization whispered about in the underground.

Inheritance – A euphemism for vampirism. A vampire Lord can pass on many Inheritances within his lifetime, but usually reserves the majority of his power for one special Heir, as in Foxley’s case.

Lord/Lady – A vampire who has come fully into his or her power. Usually the head of a Court.

Lady Claire – Lord Foxley’s new Enforcer, who came to replace Edwin when he left Foxley’s Court.

Lord Foxley – Edwin’s master and maker. A tyrannically cruel “man”. Owns the Gypsy Queen.

Mark – A sign of ownership that a vampire is able to place upon a human or another vampire. Marks often entitle the human or vampire to share in the master’s natural abilities, but also makes the receiver of the mark susceptible to the master’s will. They cannot be erased once placed.

Mouse – The owner and manager of Tokyo Hoes. One of Edwin’s Heirs.

Mr. Stephen – Lord Foxley’s favorite Courtier, and his personal valet.

Mr. Laurel – Another of Lord Foxley’s Courtiers. Eliza calls him her least favorite of the “Brides of Dracula”.

Nonhuman – The politically correct name for a vampire, shapeshifter or other supernatural being.

Out of Time – The name of Eliza’s watch repair shop. The place where she and Edwin first met. Located in downtown Brooklyn.

Poppet – A biologically “perfected” clone without human rights. They are usually divided up into different castes: Pleasure Poppets, Worker Poppets, etc.

Poppettown – The underground slum where Worker Poppets live and run the city via the great steam machines.

The Prince – Edwin’s nickname. So named because he was once the top Enforcer to Foxley, the “King of the World.” Also a despairing reference to him being the “Prince of Hell”, a.k.a, the Devil.

The Red Doors – A secret underground railroad that helps Poppets escape cruel masters.

Robert and Juliana Huntington – Eliza and Edwin’s best friends, another “mixed couple,” as Juliana is human and her husband Robert is a were-leopard.

Scholomances – Academies that train Pleasure Poppets to serve their vampire masters.

Techkinetic – Any being who can mentally control machines and computers.

Tokyo Hoes – An anime-inspired underground club in Poppettown. Run by Mouse.

The Vampire Bill – Informal name of the human rights addendum being passed through Congress at the time of the story. If passed, it would grant vampires the same rights as humans.

Vamps – Vampires, the undead. Makes up a large portion of the nonhuman minority. Social creatures inclined to much internal squabbling.

Werewolves and Were-leopards – Another portion of the nonhuman minority. More aloof, independent and reserved than vampires.


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