One of my triumphs

As most people know, I do book covers. For the most part, my clients are publishers or new authors looking for inexpensive but professional cover work. And then, sometimes, I get established authors looking for a cover. And then, once in a while, I get work I’m a longtime fan of or grew up on.

Such is the case with Shade, by Ron Dee (a.k.a. David Darke). I did the cover for Shade as fan art, but Ron loved it so much he decided to use it. I was ecstatic, since it was a book I had literally grown up on and read several times. In fact, my old paperback was falling to peaces. To introduce you to the book, just in the event you’ve never heard of it (unlikely, but you never know):

Phillip Ottoman and Connie Sawyer both sell books and jewelry at frequent sci-fi/fantasy conventions, and the books and baubles by and of Scarlett Shade are the biggest sellers! Scarlett has millions of fans eager to buy her stories of erotic horror and romantic fantasy and will do anything to look like her and her vampire characters, and Scarlett has a wonderfully rare insight into the unholy world of the undead. All the while, Phil must battle the horror of his young past when his family was slaughtered in the real-life horror of the Czeckoslavokian revolt against the Soviet USSR. He must cling to life against a past of death as he falls in love with Connie and tries to keep her from the deaths of Scarlett’s suicidal fans and the mesmerizing seduction of the writer. And Scarlett Shade seems to have more to do with her fan’s suicides each appearance she makes…

As the world of writers, fandom and commercialism become part of the supernatural lair of vampirism and blood, Phillip and Connie struggle to remain free. They struggle against the damnation that hovers nearer and nearer like a rabid, bloodthirsty vampire bat…

Sorry about the small image up there. It’s actually very difficult to find the cover of the old paperback version. Below is my version of Scarlett:

The big triumph? My cover is starting to become more popular than the original, and more and more sites featuring info on the book are using it, even for the paperback. I’m absolutely thrilled by this, like a kid in a candy shop, literally.

I love that I was able to put a fresh face on a fun, wild, gory tale. And the best part? I’m redoing Ron Dee’s Horrorshow next.

Buy Shade for Kindle here:


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