Mrs. McGillicuddy in the UK & Canada!

Mrs. McGillicuddy has finally hit the UK and Canada! Excellent!

UK –

Canada –

Ingram has been working very, veeery slow, and apparently transporting hardcopy books via three-legged donkey cart, so I apologize for the delay on this. I’ve had a bunch o’ steampunk societies in Canada and UK waiting for the book, so hopefully this makes it up to them.

A Clockwork Vampire will also soon be available in France, and most likely Japan. But that may take some time, so if you’re an English-speaker living abroad I suggest you pick the book up in ebook format for your particular device. If you are having ANY difficulty purchasing the book because of red tape or customs or what-all, please be sure to contact me directly and I will sell you a properly formatted ebook directly.


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