Coming Soon…

I thought I’d list some of the books you’re likely to see in 2012:

The Devil You Know (Nick Englebrecht #1) – Publisher and information TBA.

Ex-NYC cop and part-time demon hunter Nick Englebrecht relocates to Blackwater, PA, a quiet, picturesque and completely average northeastern tourist trap that offers nothing more exciting than white-water kayaking. Except for one problem—Blackwater was founded at a crossroads, and all manner of creatures, human and otherwise, have made it their domain. Nick decides to lay low, but when some shit-kicking angels arrive in town with an agenda, it means the whole town is about to go to hell. Literally.

Faust: The Blood Opera – An omnibus of The Dreadful Doctor Faust and the follow-up, Doctor Faust Lives.

The Doctor and Louise are back, and they’re ready to paint the town red. Blood-red. You can see a preview of the new cover here.

The City of the Living Dead (The Scorpion #2)

The long-anticipated return of the Scorpion. What begins as an innocent carnival outing turns into a bloodbath overnight as the city of Steeltown is infiltrated by a deadly new viral plague whose origins are unknown. Information here.

A Werewolf in Time (Mrs. McGillicuddy #2)

The follow-up to A Clockwork Vampire. Edwin and Eliza travel to Edwin’s homeland for a much-anticipated honeymoon, but once there, they discover the local werewolf pack has been blamed for a number of savage, unexplained murders. Eliza absolutely must investigate! And it isn’t long before Edwin and Eliza’s once-relaxing vacation goes straight to the dogs. Information forthcoming.

Stay tuned!


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