My gallery is moving

Well, actually, it’s already moved to this site:

I decided to say goodbye to DeviantArt. Although it’s serviced me well enough in years past, I’m frankly sick of the 1. unwanted updates and contest info from the admins (which you can’t turn off) and 2. the proliferation of ads, to the point of slowing down browsing. Seriously, does DA have to post ten billion ads on every page? It used to be a good site, but it’s turned into a bit of a joke and a giant heap of spam.

So, to that end, I’ll be hosting new book covers on this site and my account will go fallow.

Sorry, DeviantArt. I’m not paying big bucks just so I can browse easier. Llama badge or no llama badge.

The fuck is the purpose of a llama badge anyway???


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