Writing news

I thought it was about time to update everyone on where my shizznit is at present, especially since we’re coming to the end of the year.

The first draft of Scorpion #2: City of the Living Dead is done. I’m letting it stew a few weeks before tackling the rewrite(s). I expect I’ll start that around late January.

Several months ago I finished the first in a new preternatural mystery series called The Devil You Know. This is Nick Englebrecht’s first tale, and you’ll likely get to meet Nick in 2012. I think you’ll like Nick. He’s sexy, fun, and he has a big gun. He’s also a part time exorcist and angel-breaker. He’s Harry Dresden for the Z Generation. The book is currently being seriously considered by a publisher and I should have a decision on that in a few weeks’ time.

Next up, yesterday I began A Werewolf in Time, the follow-up to A Clockwork Vampire. Mr. and Mrs. McGillicuddy, my supernatural Tommy and Tuppence, are back, and stuck in the sleepy East Anglia village of Whitby, a cute little English village full of werewolves, clockwork automatons, and evil fey! I promise it all makes sense. This book also marks the first time a book of mine will be set entirely in England. Hopefully, I won’t botch it!

I still need to finish my novella “Doctor Faust Lives” for my collection Faust: The Blood Opera. Hopefully, I will have that done in time for Valentine’s Day, 2012. It would be perfect then, seeing how it’s all about love and the ultimate body modification. *evil grin*

There may be a paperback version of The Sasha Strange Chronicles, and not published by me. More info coming soon…

On the horizon looms Talos, the follow-up to Raiju. Yes, another Kaiju Hunter book is on its way, yay! Aliens, not from the sky but from the sea, are planning on wiping out all of humanity! Can Kevin and his motley band of adventurers stop them? And more to the point, will Snowman get to Second Base with Kevin? And you thought your high school sucked. Watch and see…

In addition, I’ve been invited to a new, pro anthology, so I’ll need to be honing my short story skills again this year, and, since it’s been announced elsewhere (specifically on my FB page by the awesome Peter Schwotzer) I guess I can say it here: look for my story “He Tastes Like Spring” at Literary Mayhem in April, 2012.

I also have some plans for a new YA superhero series, and a mainstream English cozy about a British private detective with a most unusual talent. I will post more about these in 2012.

That’s it for now! Have an awesome holiday season, everyone!


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