Why I wrote A Clockwork Vampire

I thought it was maybe time to come clean about this. I wish I could wax poetic about all the reasons I wrote A Clockwork Vampire and launched The Mrs. McGillicuddy Mysteries, which are doing so well because of you good folks and your support.

And, actually, there was a little more to it than this, I have to admit. Agatha Christie was a huge influence on the series, as were her characters Tommy and Tuppance, which became the blueprints for Edwin and Eliza McGillicuddy. And then there was the steampunk genre in general, which I’ve always admired from afar. But I’m not the type of person to simply stand on the sidelines and admire. I need to do! To create! To contribute!

And yet, none of these reasons was really behind the creation of the series, not at the beginning. You see, two years ago I had a co-worker at a retail outlet I worked out. Her name is Anne, and she’s younger than me, prettier, and much more vivacious. She’s the type of person you meet and just like instantly, because she’s full of warmth and happiness, even when she’s unhappy! As a result, she attracts a lot of admirers, as she should.

But one say, while talking to her, I realized she was wearing one of those key-shaped pendants that were so popular a few years ago but have since seemed to have disappeared. Suffice to say I was almost mesmerized by it, not because it was tacky, or too simple, or because I was jealous. It was simple but elegant, and there was just a ping in my brain that went, “Why would someone wear a key-shaped pendant around their neck, except that it fits into someone’s heart?”

I was tired at the time and this line of thinking made sense to me, go figure.

And from there sprang Eliza McGillicuddy and her clockwork-hearted (and partially disabled) husband Edwin, who must be wound up once a day in order to live.

And…um, I wish there was more story to tell, but that’s it, sorry!


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