Totally personal

Oh look! A totally personal, non-publishing related post. Yep, the Mayans were right. The world is ending this year.

Just in case anyone’s wondering why I picked such an odd little anime avatar, I should probably mention that for 2012, I’ve decided to go back to my red-blonde hair. I’m also pretty much wearing it exactly like that –>

Yes, I have anime-hair. No, really. I’m also proud to announce that I’ve lost quite a bit of weight over the past couple months. I did pretty much what Alec Baldwin did recently and cut out all the sugars and starches from my diet. Totally unrelated, perhaps, but Mr. Baldwin’s finally bringing his sexy back. ^_^

Did I mention he’s one of my favorite actors and I can watch The Shadow over and over?

So, yep, believe it or not, I do look like my avatar. And she’s so cute! I used Dress Up to make her. The function for saving her wasn’t working correctly, or was saving in some format my computer had problems reading, so when you’re done making your own avatar, I suggest using the Print Screen on your keyboard to save the whole image and cut your avatar out in your favorite art program.

OK, that is all. As you were.


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