Playing Around

Presently, I have a fun little personal project I’m playing around with, as time allows. I’m putting together an anthology of random short stories and maybe a novelette or two. The stories will range from recent to going all the way back 15+ years. The finished project will be released on Kindle, Nook and Smashwords.

I’d thought about doing this for some time, and I’m finally gathering enough material, although this might take a bit longer as I’m waiting to see if a short story will be inducted into a new anthology project (or not). I also want to work on an original that’s never been published anywhere. My lineup, so far, is thus:

Ouroboros (novelette)
“Retirement Home” (formerly offered as only a book signing giveaway)
“Bad Hand Man”
“The Innkeeper’s Widow”
“Past Imperfect: A Scorpion Story” (original Scorpion short)
“The Clockwork Vampire” (the lost chapter from A Clockwork Vampire)

More material will be added and announced in the next couple of months. The subject material will range from horror and romance to drama and steampunk. And for those who want to see the cover, a preview!

Stay tuned.


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