My Valentine Promotion: One day only, read me for $0.99

ONE DAY ONLY. For Valentine’s Day, read paranormal mash-up of scifi, horror, steampunk, urban fantasy, and mystery, A Clockwork Vampire for only $0.99! This offer expires right after February 14, and is not available on anywhere but Amazon and Amazon International sites.

“Outrageous fun.” —BookLove

“If you like your steampunk and/or vampires on the very steamy side, this one is for you.” —Steampunk Canada

And for those already buying the series, a sneak peek of the next book. Book 2 will be released in June, 2012:

The McGillicuddys, my supernatural super sleuths, travel to the village of Whitby in East Anglia for a very delayed honeymoon. But once there, they discover the ancient legend of The Wild Hunt, a haunted village of people in the grips of bad dreams, and some very recent unexplained murders. Eliza absolutely must investigate! But her prowling around old castles and creepy, archaic laboratories manages to stir an ancient race of dark Fae, which in turns summons the Werewolf of Whitby, the ages-old hunter of the Fae. Bloodshed and bad fairies abound. And it isn’t long before Edwin and Eliza’s once-relaxing holiday goes straight to the dogs.


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