Mrs. McGillicuddy suffers from her own success

It’s been a few days since I did any kind of blogging. Sorry about that. I’ve had an inordinate number of clients these past few weeks and I’m currently digging my way out.

Meanwhile, in writing news, this past week there was some concern about the photography currently being used in the Mrs. McGillicuddy series. I won’t go into extreme detail, but suffice to say the copyright owners are understandably concerned about our original deal concerning the use of the covers. Mind you, everything was used with permission, and the models compensated for the original A Clockwork Vampire cover. But I guess folks are becoming somewhat concerned about the success and/or popularity of the series. Maybe it got too popular too fast, or people were surprised by how it took off. I know I was! But basically there’s been some discomfort, for lack of a better word, and it’s up to me to fix things.

In a bid to solve present issues, I’ve decided I’ll probably move forward with new cover art. Same book, just new cover. Believe me, there’s no bitterness. The parties involved do deserve to be compensated well past what an indie contractor like myself can afford, but with the economy the way it is, taxes looming, and the usual day-to-day expenses, I really can’t swing paying people handsomely for their work even when they deserve to be. This working girl is just making it on her homegrown, single-income salary.

I’ll be ready to unveil the new A Clockwork Vampire ebook cover in just a few days. The paperback will remain as is for now. So if I’ve been quiet, it’s because I’m busy with both work and personal projects. Stay tuned!


One thought on “Mrs. McGillicuddy suffers from her own success

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