Writing update time!

I’m happy to announce that A Werewolf in Time (Mrs. McGillicuddy #2) was finished just yesterday. It wound up clocking in at about 85K, which is a hair longer than I’d anticipated. I even cut back a subplot involving Cesar’s relationship with a former boyfriend, but I still managed to run a bit over, so I’ll be snipping a bit here and there. I’ll have a go at that subplot in another book, I think.

The temptation is to write each of these books like an ongoing soap opera, so I’m finding it really easy to overwrite them, to go off on tandems, to build and destroy relationships, but I know I need to be good, stick to the main plotline when possible, and concentrate on conflict. A Werewolf in Time will see the expansion of Edwin’s Court with the addition of the eponymous werewolf Malcolm Whitby, Cesar will come of age (and develop an interesting power) and Edwin will uncover some of Eliza’s darker secrets. Of course, Edwin and Eliza will find themselves conflicting, this time on matters of honesty.

The book was started in the last week of December, 2011, so it took me approximately two and half months to finish this one, which isn’t bad, all things considered. A Clockwork Vampire was written in a month, but then, I didn’t have clients to attend to, so I feel my speed and efficiency is still there.

At this point, edits will begin on The City of the Living Dead, then I’ll switch over to the final edits on A Werewolf in Time, after AWIT has had a few weeks to cook down. I predict the book should see a release in early summer, probably June-ish.

As an aside, there have been a few readers who expressed confusion as to what genre the Mrs. McGillicuddy Mysteries belong to. I could give you a big elaborate answer and trot out all the urban fantasy sub-genres, but I think I’ll just say whatever you want. Use your imagination. I did. 😉

Stay tuned!


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