Wow, a new writing update

Yeah, I’ve been remiss. I do that a lot. I also write a LOT, and I have a LOT of client work of late, so I hope you’ll forgive me.

Some quick updates. Here we go:

As of today, I’m almost half done with the big content edit on A Werewolf in Time. The big edit is to get all the plot points in line, make sure everything is making sense, and I’ve not overwritten the book. The little edit, or line edit, will follow, and that’ll go pretty fast. That’s just the brush-up, the equivalent of getting lint off my suit. I promised I’d have the new Mrs. McGillcuddy done by June, and so I shall.

Right after this, I’ll be getting into the content edit for The City of the Living Dead, the Scorpion novel I’ve dragged my ass on for quite some years—though I have to admit you guys have been great about hanging in there and waiting so patiently for a new pulp adventure. I think it’ll be worth it.

After I finish those two projects, my writing schedule is pretty much open and I get to choose the next project. Since I already have several series underway, I’ll probably tackle one of those. I’m thinking either Talos, the new Kaiju Hunter novel (author Adam Whitlatch has been threatening to not write any more Weller stories until I finish a new Kevin adventure), the next Faust novella, or possibly Chimera’s Web, the next Mrs. McGillicuddy Mystery. In many ways, Chimera’s Web is already written—oddly enough, the whole book has already played out in my head like a SyFy movie, only better—so it’s more a case of just doing the grunt work of getting the wordage down.

I’m also currently working at selling a new horror/mystery series a bit like Dresden Files on acid, so if anyone out there in Internet Land is interested in publishing something like that, drop me an email.

On the far back burner, I have two new teen books I mean to tackle—one is a superhero adventure I’ll be writing with a partner (TBA), the other is a very unusual and modern interpretation of The Phantom of the Opera, which at least will allow me to get some of my goth angst out. Another book I want to dive into at some point is an actual non-supernatural British cozy with a detective who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. I know, that sounds so not me, but I assure you, it’ll be well-researched and I think it’ll rock the Casbah when I finally get into it.

Oh! Almost forgot…I found out yesterday that the anthology I was in, Demons: Encounters with the Devil and His Minions, Fallen Angels, and the Possessed, edited by John Skipp, won a Bram Stoker award for collected short fiction. I’m not really into awards, and pretty much everyone knows about all the issues with the Stokers at this point, but I’m glad Mr. Skipp won, and if it helps any of the authors’ careers, more power to you.

Regarding the above, I hope I inspire other new authors. Just because you self-publish the vast majority of your work does NOT mean you won’t get noticed or have a potentially great career. Most publishers don’t know what to do with my work, though my work does very well on its own, so I don’t let this bother me. I also don’t really know anyone of power in the publishing industry. The few people I do know are just casual acquaintances online, not people in my pocket or who owe me any favors. the few I’m closer to are just average joes and cannot influence my career in any way. I am immensely proud to admit that everything I’ve ever accomplished is based purely on my work and my sales. So my advice is to write for your audience, young writer, not for a potential publisher or agent or your writer friends. The audience is everything! Make them, and your work, your world.

Now carry on…


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