Read the first 40 pages of A Werewolf in Time for free

If you hop over here today, you’ll be able to download the first 40 pages, or approximately three chapters, of A Werewolf in Time (Mrs. McGillicuddy #2).

You’ll need Adobe Reader for it, but keep in mind you can also load it onto most ebook readers, if you want to go that route.

I hope you enjoy, and come back in just a few weeks for the whole book. Keep in mind that the above sample is intended for a mature audience, and it is a steampunk romantica—that turn of phrase that Ellora’s Cave coined for romantic erotica. So if you’re underage, or not able to handle adult situations, don’t download it and then get me into trouble! Believe it or not, that’s what we used to tack onto our fanfiction writing when I was part of my Vampire Hunter D fanfiction writing group many, many years ago, and I still love that little crafted warning.

(And if you can’t handle adult situations, what are you doing on the internet anyway?)


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