What really happened on Facebook, or, how I blew up the interwebz

So this is he story of how I inadvertently fucked up my Facebook page, for those who might be wondering. It started when I joined Goodreads. I linked my account there to my account on Facebook, figuring it would make things easier to login. But that jump-started what I feel is that totally retarded upgrade ravaging Facebook and making it both fugly and unreadable.

Now, I never really understood FB, but the upgrade made it even worse. Then, I found the option, somehow and in some way, to turn my profile into one of those public page thingies. So I thought maybe if I upgraded to a page, it wouldn’t be so fugly. I received a few vague warnings about stuff I’d lose, but, again, I had no idea what FB was talking about, or what language. Possibly Na’vi. So I thought, Why the hell not?

Well, I upgraded and lost the original page, every post and PM connected to my account.

Maybe it said that just before the upgrade, but if so, I didn’t notice. Again, I’ve never really “gotten” FB, so who knows? In any event, I apologize for this colossal fuck up and I promise I’m not actually ignoring anything who started a PM with me. My PM’s are simply…gone.

So, anywho, that’s the story of how I fubared my old profile. Now I have a page and don’t really know what to do with it, either.

Writing cascading HTML? No problemo. Facebook? I’m gonna freeze and just put my hands over my eyes like a teenager learning to drive for the first time and going off a bridge.

So how was your week?


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