The Werewolf Run

The Werewolf Run

I’m happy to announce that for the month of June, I’ll be doing a blog tour, called The Werewolf Run, to help promote my new book, A Werewolf in Time (Mrs. McGillicuddy #2). In the course of the run, you’ll be treated to (sometimes snarky) reviews by yours truly, hosted by the following, wonderful, long-suffering souls:

**Currently I am here:

June 1 – The Werewolf Run: Introduction – hosted by K. H. Koehler

June 3 – An American Werewolf in London – hosted by William Meikle

June 5 – Curse of the Werewolf – hosted by Louise Bohmer

June 7 – Blood & Chocolate – hosted by S. D. Hintz

June 9 – Dog Soldiers – hosted by Jerrod Balzer

June 11 – Wolf – hosted by Michele Lee

June 13 – An American Werewolf in Paris – hosted by K. H. Koehler

June 15 – Ginger Snaps – hosted by White Cat Publications

June 17 – The Beast Must Die – hosted by Rick Moore

June 19 – The Howling – hosted by Horror World

June 21 – Wolfen – hosted by Dread Central

June 23 – Conclusions and K’s recommended list of werewolf movies – hosted by K. H. Koehler

It’s going to be a hairy month, but I hope you’ll join me in the wild run.


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