The New Mrs. McGillicuddy World Primer

With two days to go, and A Werewolf in Time being released this Friday, I thought perhaps an updated world primer would be in order for those new or just coming into the series. So here’s a quick looksee at Edwin and Eliza’s alternate world of steam, romance and horror!

In alphabetical order:

Baldy – A new character you’ll meet in A Werewolf in Time. A former Prohibition-era gangster and friend of Edwin’s. It’s quickly learned that Edwin makes friends in some of the lowest places (and that he’s proud of that).

Bloodkinetic – Any vampire who can control the flow and movement of blood within itself or other beings. A bloodkinetic who can only control their own blood, as Edwin can, is considered a “weak bloodkinetic,” whereas Lord Foxley, Edwin’s master, is a “strong bloodkinetic”—i.e., he can control others. There has so far been no limit to what Foxley can control.

Boomer – Any small handgun that emits a high frequency “boom” that can disrupt molecules. It’s a relatively new weapon in the Mrs. McGillicuddy world, and it has many people worried as it can kill both natural and supernatural creatures.

Cesar – He was Foxley’s head of security at his biggest casino The Clocks, and a normal human being, but during the course of A Clockwork Vampire, he became Edwin’s Enforcer and Heir. In A Werewolf in Time, Cesar will finally come fully into his power as a young vampire, and will take his first life. Poor Cesar!

Chimera – In A Clockwork Vampire, he was the vampire assassin hired by Foxley to retrieve Eliza after she escaped him, but he is also the one who shot Edwin through the heart, damaging him. He is the only known vampire to also be a shapeshifter. He may or may not return in the new book. Would you know him if you saw him? Probably not.

Court – A family of vampires all belonging to the same bloodline, led by a Lord or Lady—usually the vampire who made them, though it is possible to join a Court not of your bloodline. This is generally frowned upon, however. A Court can be any size, any age, and exist as anything from a well-defined, ordered collection of beings to a disorganized rabble. So far, Edwin has resisted building a Court of his own, despite being a Lord. That may be changing, however, as Courts are generally more well-protected than lone vampires.

Courtesan/Courtier – A Poppet, or cloned human being, who works as a professional “companion” to a vampire. The formal name for a Pleasure Poppet.

Doctor Blood – A fictional character in the Doctor Blood, Vampire Detective, series of pulp novels, written by Edwin under his pseudonym of “O. E. Wodehouse”. Loosely autobiographical. In a way, Edwin takes inspiration from his own character and uses him as a template since he, himself, wants to be a hero.

Edwin Oliver Wodehouse McGillicuddy – A vampire Lord and former “Enforcer” who worked under contract for Lord Foxley for two hundred years. Eliza’s husband. He has a clockwork heart, a short temper, no fashion sense, and he plays golf terribly, as we’ll learn in the next book. Despite being a somewhat shady character, he genuinely wants to do the right thing, especially where Eliza and Cesar are concerned. Eliza is generally the only one who can keep him in line.

Eliza McGillicuddy (nee Book) – A former vampire Courtesan, now a watchmaker and an inventor of weapons. She’s the heroine of our story and the inventor of Edwin’s clockwork heart. She’s Edwin’s wife, as well as his “Favorite,” and Cesar’s pseudo-mom. She has a very determined, take-charge character and doesn’t let the vampires in her life push her around. She is the only one Edwin truly fears. She is unique among Poppets in that she is a “Deaf,” that is, she’s unconnected to the vast Poppet group consciousness and has complete free will to do as she likes. Edwin marked her in A Clockwork Vampire, and as a result, it triggered a psychic ability buried deep in her brain. She’s now also a techkinetic, and can control virtually any machine simply by touching it.

El Mal de Amor – Literally “The Lovesickness”. Lady Espirito’s pet name for Edwin due to his habit of inducing delirium in those he bites. Edwin considers it his secondary gift, after his weak bloodkinetic ability.

Enforcer – A vampire who acts as a right-hand man to a powerful vampire Lord or Lady. Enforcers carry out the wills and desires of their masters. They are usually, but not always, in a romantic relationship with their masters.

Fae – Also known as “Sidhe”. A new enemy that Edwin and Eliza will face.

Favorite – An old fashioned and generally outdated term for a “chosen human” of a vampire Lord or Lady. Usually places the human next in line to receive an Inheritance. Can also be a spouse or lover.

Gyro – Giant spherical airships that can contain whole ecosystems. Favored by vampires because they can rotate against the rising of the sun, allowing the vampires to design their day to their liking.

Heir – The formal name of a vampire’s progeny. An Heir is blood-bound to his or her master for a specific amount of time until they themselves become their own Lords. They are usually extremely loyal to their makers, whether or not they actually like their master or not. Heirs can take anywhere from 100 to 500 years to become their own Lord.

The Hive – The group consciousness shared by the generally unhappy Poppets. In A Clockwork Vampire, only Eliza and Mr. Stephen were “Deaf” and couldn’t hear or be controlled by the Hive.

Ian Severn – An old friend of Edwin’s, and another vampire Lord. He has a significant impact on all those around him in A Werewolf in Time.

Inheritance – A euphemism for vampirism. A vampire Lord can pass on many Inheritances within his lifetime, but usually reserves the majority of his power for one special Heir, as in Foxley’s case. It’s eventually revealed in A Werewolf in Time that Edwin may have goofed when he made Cesar his Heir and put too much of his own power into him.

Lord/Lady – A vampire who has come fully into his or her power. Usually, but not always, the head of a Court.

Lord Foxley – Edwin’s master and maker. A tyrannically cruel “man” and underworld boss. He owns the gyros, multiple casinos, and has holdings all over the world. He is considered the oldest and most powerful vampire in existence and has a god complex as a result. He looks like a twelve-year-old boy, but he’s actually 12,000 years old. His one desire is to restore Edwin as his Enforcer, as he has a special fondness for Edwin—and he was especially powerful with Edwin as his heavy.

Malcolm Whitby – A new character you’ll meet in A Werewolf in Time. Also known as The Werewolf of Whitby.

Mark – A sign of ownership that a vampire is able to place upon a human or another vampire. Marks often entitle the human or vampire to share in the master’s natural abilities, but also makes the receiver of the mark susceptible to the master’s will. So far, Edwin has only marked Eliza and Cesar.

Megan – A werewolf who is part of the Bloodthorn Pack in A Werewolf in Time.

Mr. Stephen – Lord Foxley’s favorite Courtier, and his personal valet. Another “Deaf” Poppet.

Nonhuman – The politically correct name for a vampire, shapeshifter or other supernatural being.

Out of Time – The name of Eliza’s watch repair shop. The place where she and Edwin first met. Located in downtown Brooklyn.

Poppet – A biologically “perfected” clone without human rights or the mental ability to express personal will. They are usually divided up into different castes: Pleasure Poppets, Worker Poppets, etc.

The Prince – Edwin’s nickname. So named because he was once the top Enforcer to Foxley, the “King of the World.” Also a reference to him being the “Prince of Hell”, a.k.a, the Devil. Cesar frequently uses the name disparagingly in his somewhat strained relationship with his master.

Robert and Juliana Huntington – Eliza and Edwin’s best friends, another “mixed couple,” as Juliana is human and her husband Robert is a were-leopard.

Scholomances – Academies that train Pleasure Poppets to serve their vampire masters. Eliza graduated from just such a school.

Techkinetic – Any being who can mentally control machines and computers.

The Vampire Bill – Informal name of the human rights addendum which was passed through Congress at the time of A Clockwork Vampire. It eventually passed and has since granted vampires the same rights as humans. It’s currently doing a good job of upsetting the old Court systems and the long-standing Court etiquette.

Vamps – Vampires, the undead. Makes up a large portion of the nonhuman minority. Generally, social creatures inclined to much internal squabbling but obsessed with presenting a pleasant face to humanity and maintaining good Court etiquette, even when they’re tearing their enemies’ hearts out.

Werewolves and Were-leopards – Another portion of the nonhuman minority. More aloof, independent and reserved than vampires. They have yet to attain human rights.

Join me in two days as more mysteries are solved and more of Eliza’s world is revealed!


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