The werewolf has escaped!

A Werewolf in Time (Mrs. McGillicuddy #2) is now available for Amazon and Nook!

Vamps, werewolves, fairies, automatons, clones, hi-tech devices, ancient castles and gyroscoptically-controlled airships can all be yours for the low price of $3.99!

Amazon US –

Amazon UK –

Nook –

Also, for the time being, Amazon is running a promo on A Clockwork Vampire on Kindle US (US only, sorry, UK folks!) so you can still buy it for $0.99–for how long I do not know as I had nothing to do with the promotion.

But here’s the link:

A special, wonderful thanks to everyone who retweeted my countdown these past two weeks and helped in various ways to get the word out. You rock (and you know who you are) and if I can send you a free book as my thanks, you need only ask.

Thanks to everyone for their continuous support of the Mrs. McGillicuddy series, and I hope this book doesn’t disappoint! If you’re into the very exciting release of the new Dark Shadows movie, you might see this as a way of getting yourself in the mood. Please…post a review on Amazon, BN or other sites if you’ve read the book and want to help me out. I appreciate it!

And look for the next book, Chimera’s Web, next summer!

As a footnote, don’t forget to join me on The Werewolf Run, starting on June 1. The link to my scheduled events is located on the sidebar to the right. Check back there often to see where I am in the month of June!


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