The Clockwork Companion free at Amazon!

The Clockwork Companion

Now, for a limited time, you can download The Clockwork Companion: A Free Guide to Mrs. McGillicuddy’s World (Includes an original short story, excerpt, and introduction by Louise Bohmer) (The Mrs. McGillicuddy Mysteries #0) for free!

Before you read A Clockwork Vampire, learn all you can about Edwin and Eliza’s world, including the different castes of Poppets, the different types of “nonhumans” (vampires, shapeshifters, etc.) and the technology that makes Mrs. McGillicuddy’s universe a unique steampunk/cyberpunk experience unlike anything in urban fantasy today. The Clockwork Universe is all about the unusual meshing of myth, magic and science fiction.

The Clockwork Companion: A Free Guide to Mrs. McGillicuddy’s World (Mrs. McGillicuddy #0) Includes:

– The Clockwork Universe Glossary.

– Suggested Playlist and where you can listen to the actual soundtrack.

– An original short story, “The Clockwork Vampire,” not available in the novel, which explains how Edwin and Eliza first met.

– Over fifty pages of A Clockwork Vampire: A Mrs. McGillicuddy Mystery.

– An Introduction by author Louise Bohmer. Learn more about the steampunk genre, where it is and where it’s going.

More than 30K’s worth of free material. Please note this book is available as a FREE download at

Praise for A Clockwork Vampire:

“Outrageous fun.” —BookLove

“If you like your steampunk and/or vampires on the very steamy side, this one is for you.” —Steampunk Canada



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