Planet of Dinosaurs, The Complete Collection

Victorian teen and intrepid inventor Sasha Strange found the doorway…to danger!

Just days before she’s to be married to the odious Lord Quinn, Sasha’s latest experimental device backfires and opens a dimensional gateway between our world and a prehistoric planet. What’s worse, it transports not just Sasha, but Sasha’s childhood friend Toby and the unforgivably arrogant Lord Quinn himself to a primeval jungle.

The Planet of Dinosaurs is home to danger, romance, and adventure, and now you can read all three books in the series in one volume!


Author’s Note
Planet of Dinosaurs
Sea of Serpents
Valley of Dragons

Each of the books separately costs $2.99, but you can download the whole series for $4.99 and save $4.00!

“The Sasha Strange Chronicles is a full blown dinosaur extravaganza, with interesting and believable characters, a fully realized new dinosaur world with inhabitants that are fresh, exciting and a hell of a lot of fun.” –Famous Monsters of Filmland

Almost 90K of material.

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2 thoughts on “Planet of Dinosaurs, The Complete Collection

  1. I got the complete nook collection!! I read it trough a day and half! I love the trilogy!!
    I really hope you make another sequel of the trilogy!

    • Thank you, Joyce! I’m really thrilled you enjoyed reading Planet of Dinosaurs as much as I did writing it! I dig the characters too, and who know, I may have another book up my sleeve! If you sign up for alerts to my site, you’ll be the first to know about new books. Thanks again and happy reading! ❤

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