The Return of Nickolaus Pacione

Yesterday, this was posted on my blog in response to my hospital stay:

It should had been much worst they must had kept you for something else — such as a mental health problem. I would find it very funny if they kept you for schizophrenia .

I also received some abuse by Mr. Pacione in my Goodreads inbox. If you Google his name, you’ll find all kinds of goodies about him, most of them foul and nasty. And yeah, I get that you shouldn’t believe everything you read online, so I’ll just direct you to some of his more infamous blogs and let his words speak for themselves:

Take your time swimming through the muck of internet insanity.

Nick Pacione has pretty much been a thorn in the side of horror publishing for about ten years now. I first encountered him at Shocklines around eight years ago or so. He submitted to The Blackest Death I anthology and one of the then editors rejected it straight-out because his work is garbage and his ability to write, even after more than ten years, is worst than any fanfiction writer I’ve ever seen. Not very long after, he approached me on Shocklines because he wanted me to attack author Ray Garton for some imaginary slight. I never even knew what it was that had set Nick off, but I was insulted that he would ask me, a girl, to do such a thing. Besides, Ray is a very sweet guy and we’ve had many casual convos online. Directly afterward, he discovered I was on the staff of KHP and he blew a mile high with internet raeg and butthurt because I hadn’t accepted his story. Since then, he’s mercilessly stalked me on message boards and social networks, made up lies and false rumors about me, called me a bitch, a cunt, and has became curiously convinced that I have a penis. No, really.

In years past, I’d made a point of not mentioning all this because I thought it would be petty and cruel to Nick to run his dirty laundry out on my blog. However, he has made yet another submission call for yet another anthology that will remain unedited, will be sloppily pasted together, unnoticed and un-promoted, and the authors will go unpaid–or he’ll pull some stupid shit once everyone starts screaming and offer to give the authors a “free PDF” which, if you’re a writer, you know means about squat. You can’t pay your bills with free PDF documents.

So what’s the point of all this? I’m posting this to prove to you that it is vitally important that you research a publisher before you submit. I can’t stress Googling enough. In today’s day and age, when you can do a background check on someone in less than five minutes, it’s unforgivable to allow yourself to be sucked down into the pit of a snake oil salesman like Nickolaus Pacione and Lake Fossil Press.

I never even published with Nick, and I got this psycho, homophobic, misogynistic, raging asshole following me all over the internet.

Don’t let it happen to you.


432 thoughts on “The Return of Nickolaus Pacione

  1. I never submitted to Black Death Books and never will. Snake oil salesmen — fuck off, I will publish and keep publishing. You want to try to shut down Lake Fossil Press you left wing nut job, Your little publishing outfit is one of the most corrupt in the business, your cohorts pirated my novel when it was just finished. I am a raging asshole when my company is libeled you nasty bitch and when you collaborate with my ex-fiancee to fuck me over.

    • The only person ‘fucking you over’ is yourself and your laughable business practices. Your unprofessional behavior, your really bad writing, your complete lack of editing skills, and your asshole ‘charm’ drive people away and keep them from buying or submitting to you. The only person destroying your career is you, and you’re too stupid and delusional to see it.

      • I get heckled because I don’t play by the rules and people want my head because I refuse to publish a faggot. When I first started I made my mistakes using a single word processors. I sold to magazines after the editors saw me on I made a lot of friends in this business. Skullvines Press is a cocksucking party where the staff publishes each other with no publishing histories of their own. One of my anthology contributors is the queen of micropress publishing because she was a mircorpess publisher since the 1990s. I sold to, Tales of the Talisman, and RAGE MACHINE MAGAZINE all within the year of 2006. I got picked up by Withersin Magazine as a nonfiction author the same year. Withersin contributors found out I had a magazine of my own so they submitted to me. I broke out one of my best friends in the Goth scene in Chicago, and two contributors were former classmates.

    • Well well, ain’t you a ray of sunshine…. in the murky depths of self sycophancy and crap writing, tinged with the dark brown shit stain of of your very presence. I found a name I can happily ignore for the rest of my life and it is the attention seeker, Nickolaus Pacione.

    • The fictitious creature Nickolaus has an ex-fiancee? Now thats some fiction i find too hard to swallow. Just like his mother found him too hard to swallow. Silly catholics

      • Does that give you full justification to go after my bank accounts you fucking cunt — you’re next in who I am coming after when you go supporting those who are trying to take over my bank accounts. That’s off the table — don’t ever go after someone’s bank accounts or SSN. That’s against the law lady. You make one attempt at my bank account I will go after your assets and royalties. You should know I am not playing games.

      • You got any proof of these claims that people are trying to steal your SSN and hack your bank accounts?

      • I have the sent e-mails of him getting access to my SSN; I have found a website which has the information for every SSN in the states and mine was found on there. He lies about how he got it too — I need to black out my SSNS to show this; I have them where Brian Keene was planning to use my SSN to give these alleged “actors” my full identity. I don’t lie about this stuff as my mother worked in collections — not even in collections they ask for an SSN.

      • Care to share those emails? If they exist, and they are as bad as you say, you’d surely want the world to see them?

        “I have found a website which has the information for every SSN in the states and mine was found on there.” — Well, it has *every* SSN, right, so yours would be there. Why not share a link to that website?

        “I need to black out my SSNS to show this” — But if every SSN in the USA is one the website you mentioned above, why do you need to black it out? It’s already public knowledge.

        Which “actors” are you talking about? Please be specific. Was he going to give your SSN to Brad Pitt?

        I worked in collections too, not sure why that’s relevant.

      • They’re in my sent box — I found the website but I am not going to link it to here but I sent this to the FEDS to investigate this site. Koehler don’t even joke about ID theft.

      • I will not post my SSN. But I have to go dig for them because it got really heated. Going after someone’s SSN is not exactly allowed in the states — do your homework on this.

      • Do *MY* homework?


        Sounds to me like you’re making shit up again Nicky. You have no evidence of anything, do you? You’re just cooking up bullshit stories because you think it will make people scared of you.

      • Do you want to see the report to Homeland Security as this is in depth? I will not post my XXX-XX-XXXX you think I am going to allow you to con me into doing that sorry but not going to happen.

      • I don’t want to see your SSN, I want to see the evidence you have that proves that other people have it unlawfully.

      • You’re the one making the claim, the onus is on you to prove it. You can’t, because it’s not true.

      • I’m not covering for ANYBODY. I’m calling you out on your bullshit.

        You are making claims you can’t prove. You have no evidence. You’re full of shit.

      • You really don’t know shit about XXX-XX-XXXX that’s none of your fucking business because a fucking twat like you; you’d be quick to get someone’s SSN too and grab a credit card with it. I am not making this up you fucking whore.

      • You are making it up, because

        1. You have no evidence, and
        2. You’ve resorted to calling me names and being insulting again.

        I’d almost feel sorry for you if you weren’t such a vile, disgusting excuse for a human being.

      • Things that CAN be verified as truth with just some simple Googling:

        1. Nicky was thrown out of his mother’s household because they feared he would sexually assault his little sister.

        2. He abused his fiance.

        3. He abused his special-needs infant until the infant was removed by the state and placed with a loving family. Nicky is restricted from EVER seeing his now teenage son–that’s how bad the state deemed his abuse.

        4. He has been declared a child-predator within his community and they have been warned to keep their children away from him.

        5. He tried to lure an underage model into a graveyard “shoot” and brought bondage gear with him.

        It continually amazes me that he even thinks the FEDS (why does he capitalize it? Does he think it looks scary that way?) would even deem to look our way considering his track record. But wait…when he sees this he won’t deny any of these accusations. He’ll just try and shift guilt onto us for doing…whatever he think we have done.

      • And he will call us whores and cunts and AIDS-carriers and say mean things about our mothers (and, possibly, their presence on the mortal coil).


      • If you’re going to accuse me of plagiarism, you’re going to HAVE to prove it. Come on. I’d love to see you try.

      • That’s not me — 1.) I don’t own a Queen Shirt, 2.) I don’t own trail joggers and 3.) I will never wear black twill pants — it’s not my style to look for something like that. I either have Lee Jeans or Levi’s 560s if I can find the 560s. They are hard to find when you’re not in the city limits of Joliet. There is only one men’s store that sells these in Downtown Morris in 2000s when I was getting ready to go up to Canada. Also it’s hard to find Route 66 loose fitting jeans with the tapered leg because the color I had were not common (blue overdyed black.)

      • That’s got nothing to do with your SSN. It looks like you scored some free editing and confused that for plagiarism.

      • That wasn’t free editing you cunt; someone by the name of Jenna Tulls went and stole Legend Keeper under “A Murder of Crows.” Brian Keene enabled that one as he enabled Robert L. Baupader too. Are you that fucking blind to realize that?

      • I suggest a new game: we stop reading any of Nicky’s comments after the first slur. I got to 5 words.

        I’m fairly certain he didn’t say anything of any value afterwards.

      • That’s all I need to nail you with the FEDS. Keep saying that when the FEDS throw you face down looking for SSNs along with Brian Keene’s hard drive. Care to play games with me?

      • I’ll look forward to seeing the FEDS on my doorstep. I’ll even invite them in for coffee and we’ll have a long conversation about you, Nicky.

      • I have the e-mails showing he has it and he lies about where he got them. I know why he’s doing it — he’s pissed because I caught him lying to like Karen lied to to have my accounts pulled. Angela you have to understand soething about someone’s SSN in America that’s a valuable thing — they can fuck with your benifets; apply for a credit card, buy a house and all that shit — they can fuck your life up doing that. Koehler now I don’t care about your goddamn career because if you cover up for this you will go to the state pen too with him. I would never go after someone’s SSN even in my life because I know it’s wrong.

      • Identity theft is nothing to joke with. So I suggest you back off before you look at serious prison time you fucking twat. I never went for identiy theft of rivals and that’s off the table. So my bank is none of your business. You really are that pissed off that I managed to get everything back from; the whole thing with Keene losing the DMCA to when I told the truth about him — so I guess you back off right now with my bank accounts.

      • I suggest you get a job and put more money in your account. Yeesh…you sure run low at the end of the month, don’t you? I’m going to start taking out fines for your petulant behavior. Call it a Stinkycat surcharge if you will.

      • Don’t joke about that shit lady because I have information that will put Karen Koehler and Brian Keene away for years — Keene threatened to play hot potato with plagiarist Robert Baupader. So fuck off you fucking bitch before I have you spayed.

      • That’s HILARIOUS, Nicky! Why would anyone want to steal your identity? It’s worthless. You have no credit, no money, nothing. No one could get a mortgage or car loan with your info. We all know your bank account hovers in the single digits every month after you blow your welfare on fetish dresses for teenage girls and other assorted nonsense.

      • Our favorite howler monkey is so full of shit that if someone were to pop him with a pin, the resulting explosion could fertilize the back 40.

  2. And just to show the world your level of stupid and crazy, Nicky, I approved your comment. You’re welcome.

      • There’s quite a lot of…interesting…vids about our boy. And Emma, just now surfed over to your site. It looks interesting! I shall have to explore more thoroughly.

    • Koehler just shut the hell up and let me get my submissions for anthologies. You don’t have to be a raging cunt and fuck me over like you tried to do in 2007 and again 2008 when I found out you got a pirated copy of my memoir and left a malicious review of the damn thing. I never submitted for your shitty anthology The Blackest Death. I knew about some of your old roster and read his book because I appeared with him in an anthology. If you are saying I suck as an author you insulted all the publications who bought my work over the years. I just don’t write for the faggot nor do I want the faggot for a reader.

      • Yes publishers SO want to get involved with someone who calls people very offensive names all over the net, then blames them for his own unprofessional behavior. IF anyone is considering publishing one of your really shitty stories I guarantee they take 2 minutes to google your name, see that you’re batshit insane and should be locked up in a loony bin for life, and send you a rejection letter faster than you can say your favorite offensive word for a woman.

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  4. I am returning as an editor’s choice payment meaning one author will be paid overall. Tabloid Purposes 3 was a contest anthology where the winner got $65.00 the runner ups got $40 and $25.00. I am going to keep publishing and keep doing submission calls, and I am not going to let a raging bitch like you sabotage my submissions. So fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

  5. I am deeply embarrassed that the gender pool I’m part of occasionally throws up a fucktard like Nickolaus Pacione. Anytime you’re in the UK, allow me to push that word “faggot” you keep using down your throat with my fist.

      • I am not as stupid as you think I am you sin flag waving bitch. I would pay to see someone burn that fucking abomination rag right in front of you because I say FUCK GAY RIGHTS. Gay marriage is an abomination of the sacred vow of a union between man and woman before an almighty God.

      • Isn’t a rim job kissing someone’s ass?

        You want Wordsbeindthewalls to give you a rim job too, Nicky?

        My friend Lloyd is gay, and he doesn’t even do that!

      • Lloyd Phillip Campbell is not gay — he’s my fucking pseudonym. you lifted the pseudonym to blurb the plagiarized abominations you “produced.” Your contributors are fake names with my actual titles, Robert Baupader didn’t write GAME OVER — you like a little child molester changed the plot and outcome to make it look like I stole it when I came up with the fucking idea you fucking fake ass liar. You are not a Christian or a Republican you want Lake Fossil Press to be a Poppy Z. Brite clone. Lake Fossil Press is designed for a safe haven for straight authors, Christians, Mormons, and Republicans.

      • You might be even stupider than I thought, Ni-Ni, which is rather impressive in a depressing way. You obey only the commandments you feel like while ignoring the few shared by Christ like every other hypocritical Christian I’ve ever met.

      • Well I’m safe from ever being published by Nicky, I’m a Democrat and a Pagan. I think I’ll go cry that I’ll never be scammed by his fraudulent business practices.

      • At least you admit you want another man to kiss you where the sun don’t shine.

      • Lloyd Phillip Campbell is gay and has a boyfriend. I follow him on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve encouraged him to seek legal counsel in getting you barred from stealing his name and hurting his reputation. He’s embarrassed to be associated with you.

  6. Notice with Nicky he’s always posting about beastiality, gay sex, or incest. Nicky sure does have a lot of skeletons in his closet! He’s pretty much convinced EVERYONE he’s really talking about his own issues when he tries to insult others.

    • Nicky’s just jealous that not even his own family or the neighborhood pets will touch his filthy ass let alone a real woman.

    • This is coming from the amoral bitch who gets me dropped from anthologies. How would you like it if I got you screwed out of publishing deals you thieving and libeling c—w—- (my edit–KK). How old are you Robin,51 years old? Picking on a 37 year old — that is like for you picking on a 10 year old when you were in your 40s.

      • Poor Nicky getting bullied. It happened a lot in high school and those were the best parts of An Eye In Shadows.

        I own the rights to that now btw, so if anyone wants a free copy let me know.

      • You do not have a copy of An Eye In Shadows. You have no right to go passing that book around — let me earn my money from that title you fuck. That is the most personal release of my solo titles, Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: A Library Of Unknown Horrors is my most personal release of the anthologies. The sequel got some cool artwork based on one of my short stories. My short story was the title story for the anthology. I am going to continue publishing as Lake Fossil Press and you can’t fucking stop me — you made up the lie about me being an alcoholic and being a faggot, My pseudonym is not a fucking fag model who dresses up as a unicorn. What is your thing with fucking unicorns. The Ethereal Gazette is at the root a Gothic magazine — the title is quite Gothic. You are trying to make it into a faggot magazine that publishes Poppy Z. Brite clones.

      • “How old are you Robin,51 years old? Picking on a 37 year old — that is like for you picking on a 10 year old when you were in your 40s.”

        Uhm… no. No it’s not Nicky. Then again you were never that good with math.

      • Look here faggot. You hide behind Christianity to be a fucking bully, if you support homosexuality you are going against Leviticus and Corinthians — it is disgusting for a man to have sex with another man.

      • Calling you a lousy writer when evidence supports is not bullying, Nicky. Calling you out for being erroneous in the face of facts is not bullying either.

        Now about Leviticus (which is Old Testament): that book also governs animal sacrifices as atonement for sins (also delving a little into the preparation of food). In fact, Leviticus has very strict rules on what not to eat, as it would make you “unclean.” I’m sure you’ve violated those dietary laws with what you call a diet.

        Also, I think you got caught with your hand in your pants watching your sister once (Leviticus 18:9)

        We all know you don’t keep the sabbath (19:30)…

        Then you jump to Corinthians, which is New Testament. Odd considering it mentions fornication, but not homosexualty.

        You can’t pick and choose which rules to go by, Nicky. You are not above sin — especially hubris.

      • You’re 37 and whining you’re being bullied by a woman? Grow up. Seriously, you need to be insitutionalized so you move past grade school.

      • That is the worst thing you can say to someone who has a chemical imbalance. So here’s my suggestion to you — if you are going to be at total cuntbag, reveal your actual face — use a real e-mail address, and use your real name. Because using a fake name makes you look even more shitty picking on a person with a learning disability. Go eat some fucking cyanide.

      • You just had to resort to the disability rant. Yet you spent years threatening and getting ugly with a woman crippled by polio: me.

      • No Nicky, you get dropped (or not picked up) because your writing is so unbearably bad. First, it’s fun for laughs but then it is just painful. That’s why Scott has to summarize it for us.

      • I got picked up by Emanations. Much of my material is too long for magazines these days so I put it out myself — I have an artist offering to do the illustrations for the new book. All I need is the cover art and the introduction and I am good to go. I was accepted for this anthology one of my Issue 12 contributors was doing, then Eduardo bragged about getting me dropped as the cuntbag who accused me of stealing manuscripts did when I was supposed to be the first paying author on roster with Lame Goat Press. The faggot, AngryInIllinois, ,tried to say he “owns” my publishing imprint on that message board and cost me the publishing deal with them. So I opted to do my career defining collection, Dirty Black Winter, to give that novella a home. I don’t suck as an author —– the people who enjoy it , you fuckbag whores harass the shit out of them into not buying my work. The stuff you steal from to mock me with your abominations you call fiction are my nightmares, but you have not even touched the print exclusive material because that is the good stuff. If I sucked as an author, I wouldn’t have an oil painting based on one of my short stories.

      • Tell me, Nickolaus, how does one go about stealing your nightmares? Is that some kind of parlor trick like “psychics” perform?

      • So you got a gift from someone, so what? That still doesn’t mark you as a professional. And you continue to prove you have zero skill with language. Sorry Nicky, your so-called oil painting holds no water.

      • The artist said the story has a lot of strength. This artist was one of the artists who worked with Naked Snake Press. You’re going to insult a gifted artist that brought one of my most elaborate horror short stories to a new level — you are trampling on the cross and kissing the devil beneath the tail you fucking whitewashed tomb. You are supposed to lift up other Christians, instead you lift up sodomites. You are a pit of vipers, a Pharisee. You need to stop snubbing on authors who work outside of the box of the industry — I write too long for a professional market with some stories, and when that is the case — I will put the story out myself. So when it comes to snubbing on me, who the fuck died and made you God you judgmental fuckbagged faggot. You really need to stop calling yourself a Christian because if I met a Christian like you in church, I would became a Theistic Satanist because I would had committed Deicide

      • Patricia Cornwell is Bipolar Type II, and she has had no problem being successful over the years. PLUS, she worked while she wrote her 1st book. Cry me another one. I don’t think you even are bipolar- that’s why the medicine doesn’t stop you from being a raging idiot. That’s just who you are, but if you didn’t have that mental illness tag you wouldn’t get your dole now, would you? Being diagnosed with a narcissist personality disorder won’t get you that monthly check. Nah…you’d have to actually work.

        You were in special ed classes in grade school. Wth? Do you realize how idiotic you sound? You should be committed just to save the world from your crap writing. It probably won’t be long.

      • Nobody believes a word you are saying Nickolaus. You’re just making yourself look like a stupid liar. I have never heard of you before today and I see a guy with a massive ego who has told so many lies he can’t keep them straight.

      • Oh, Nicky, if I had wanted to insult the artist behind the painting, I would have said so. But I didn’t — you just tried deflecting things said about your lack of skill onto someone else.

        Saying your fiction lacks complexity, or character or plot or even decent grammar is not “trampling on the cross.” It’s calling bad writing for what it is.

        You claim I am a Pharisee? I call you out as a hypocrite, an anti-Christ. You are NOT an exemplar of Christendom but instead an advocate of hatred and bigotry, the very stuff Christ stood against. I should note that you did not make any attempt to refute my biblical citations earlier. Is that because you can’t keep track of a conversation, or is it because you know that your arguments don’t have a leg to stand on?

        You call me judgemental? You speak of a mote in my eye while there’s a plank in yours (Matthew 7:3). Never claimed I was God, a prophet, a pariah or even an exemplar of the faith. But I am a Christian and a Jew by faith and a scientist by education. If God has no limits, then I shall question all that I see until I learn the Answer.

        And there is nothing you can do about it.

        But I forgive you nonetheless. Don’t squander that opportunity. I am only human after all.

      • Nick, when you reach adulthood, you don’t really get to invoke the other person’s age when playing the victim. At 37 you’re a little too old to cry about how some bigger boys stole your lunch.

      • Nickynick nicky you really need to stop calling yourself a Christian. You follow none of the commandments (you lie and steal for example) you pass judgement on others, which I believe is God’s job, not yours, and you’re all in all an unpleasant asshole. You hide your hate, stupidity, and nastiness behind your pretend religion, disability, and conservative views. You are full of shit, and if anyone’s going to burn in the hell you believe in it’s you.

      • You know Nicky the guys on “To Catch a Predator” aren’t really talking to 16 year old girls either. That’s called being a child predator and will land you in jail. Creeper.

    • You are clearly full of shit. My work is being read in museums, as four books of mine are at the library of The Edgar Allan Poe Museum. I was blessed to have an opportunity to have my work read in the library where they kept record of Poe and his life — along side with Poe. The curator calls me an updated version of Edgar Allan Poe, but I also write with a Conservative’s voice like Ann Coulter and Mancow Muller.

      • They are in the library of the museum. I have pictures of me holding the books and I have pictures of the books at the museum in certain places. So fuck you.

      • It became four books when I went to the museum. It started with one book, then I had the sequel anthology project where Mick Mercer graciously did the introduction. I had my first collection and the memoir were also added to the library of the Museum. The curator paid me $40 for the three books in cold hard cash. It paid for my food and a DVD which I watched on the way back from Richmond.

      • You are so full of shit. You would have said something about it much sooner than this. Next thing I know you’ll be saying you never stole stories or paid writers.

      • NOT TRUE! The curator has repeatedly denied these claims and released a written statement he would never call anyone the updated version of Edgar Allan Poe b/c Poe does not need updating. You cannot be delusional. You KNOW you are lying when you have continually been presented with the proof otherwise. The curator said and WROTE he said nothing of the sort for and for me to release the statement. I KNOW the curator, you idiot. You’re not fooling anyone. You never had 4 books there. Your books are covered in cat vomit now.

      • Your so pathetic Nicky. You have photos of you HOLDING up the books.and that means….? They weren’t catalogued with any library markings. You did’t think that strange? What do you think they really did with them when you left? You and your books aren’t even remotely mentioned on their blogs- but lots of other authors are, including fan fiction writers. Your crazy antics have made them distance themselves as far away from you as possible, instead of just feeling sorry for you.

        He’s providing a photo of Brian Keene’s book in there (ORIGINAL fiction and not lifting a Poe story), so I guess there goes that claim, huh Nick? I know the curator, you complete idiot. I warned you your compulsive lying was going to have consequences. I’ve suggested they even have a “Brian Keene Day”.

        The only people who read parts of your books do so to laugh at it. Haven’t you figured that out yet?

      • The books are still in the museum. I spoke with the curator, they were reading An Eye In Shadows when I e-mailed them. I doubt they have Brian Keene’s books in the museum. The first story he read in the first namesake, was mine. I didn’t lift a Poe story when I wrote that one — I got the idea from the charity anthology I edited in 2005, for a story I wrote that went to a UK magazine in 2006 that was hammered out in 2 days. You are saying the museum is tossing out two anthologies they were happy to have in the library, for a book that had nothing to do with the Edgar Allan Poe influence? I know you are lying about that you faceless bitch. I have photos in my new book from the museum talking about the time there and the curator personally showed me around Richmond the day after the death anniversary. He snapped the picture of me in Richmond Cemetery as took the pictures. People don’t laugh at my work — just the cuntbags like you who lift my name for a character that is unauthorized. The only time I tell people that I will allow fan fiction if my work is they are faithful of the vision I created with the works. If you want to prove me to be a liar, create your own fucking blog — reveal your face and show your actual name because you are a nothing but a fucking cuntfaced coward that is the result of when cousins fuck.

      • You are so full of it Nicky. Reread what I wrote. I KNOW the curator. Get it? I warned you what would happened if you kept your lying, and you didn’t listen.

        Brian Keene’s book IS getting catalogued in. The curator is taking a photo of it for me in there, as it was my donation- in fact, I’m looking into what it would take to get Brian Keene to speak there if his schedule allows it. The only problem is how much they would have to pay for it. People would come to hear Brian Keene speak and meet him. The curator even watched Ghoul the movie. How many movies are based on your “stories”, Nicky? Keep pretending.

      • Oh and Nicky, as promised, I had shared your crazy internet rantings, fake quotes and the names you called me with the curator. I KNOW the curator. Why don’t you let that sink in for awhile. I warned you that your actions would have consequences.

        There comes a point when people stop feeling sorry for you and want nothing to do with you. You’re used to that though, aren’t you? You are responsible for your own miserable life by your lack of decency, integrity and work ethic- not kids in grade school, not other authors and not anyone who simply takes a few minutes out of his/her day to laugh at the worst writer in the world pretend he’s the best.

      • Oh, and an update. Sorry peaches, you have no books at the museum. They want nothing to do with you at all. They graciously photographed Keene’s book for me on the library shelf (and in multiple spots there (which I shared)because it actually IS there. In fact they are trying to get him there to speak, but he is expensive and in demand.

        Call me the c word one more time, and you will see what I have lined up next. I dare you.

      • LOL, no your work isn’t. There is a complete digital catalogue of everything ever collected in any museum & a simple perusal of the catalogue shows you to be a liar.

        Now I’m not sure if you are aware of this but there exists a catalogue of books that every library in the world possess. Fun fact: Of all of your publications only three libraries on the planet Earth stock any of your publications.

        Alibris (Emeryville, CA 94608 United States)
        Joliet Public Library (Joliet, IL 60432 United States)
        Coal City Public Library District (Coal City, IL 60416 United States)

        An with that I think we’ve discovered why you are such a poor writer: Your writing is completely fanciful, to the point of not being believed… You know, like that work of fiction you wrote in which your unlikable homophobic protagonist announced that his writing was so good as to be in a museum dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe.

      • Jimmy gfydm (Do I need to explain that one gfym is Go Fuck your Mother — put the d in front for that and you’d be an incestuous necrophile.) I am sure you were the product of incest/

      • And you are a plagiarism advocate! Since you caused me getting thrown from which publishing deal should I screw you out of now you fucking shit-hearted cunt? Burn in hell lady because that’s where your “Gods” will take you.

      • 1. I did not get you thrown off Lulu. Someone else reported you, and I’m not telling who. Plus, it was your libel and breach of TOS that got your account deleted.

        2. You’ve never screwed me out of anything. I’m still getting publishing deals all over the place. How about you?

        3. Run, don’t walk, to your primary care provider and therapist and have your meds adjusted, then take them. You look like you’re having a series of mini-strokes, and at this point, you probably have months, not years, of life left. Your family is going to put you into the ground very soon.

      • No I will put your career in the ground because that stunt I got plagiarized you plagiarism advocate. — you should just left it alone because I got everything back so rape off you cunt. Your daddy was caught doing it family style with your brother. Is it true he was a drug charge as in they dragged him out of a sandbox? If you haven’t figured that term out do a google and you will learn right away what that is — it’s rather nasty in Iowa. I will make this clear to your publishers what you were famous for and that’s harassment and advocating piracy of your rivals. Care to defend that claim on video as you advocated the plagiarism of my work. You have two claims to defend against as your publisher will know of this. I will turn you unpublished because you turned me back unpublished for being published for ten years — so fuck off you feminazi whore.

      • Oh no, he called me a whore. Guess you’d know best what a whore is, hey Nicky?

        If you think that what KH posted of your work is plagiarism, you’re dumber than a bag of rocks.

      • Just to set the record straight, this is the whole story on the so-called plagiarism “scandal”: Someone named Baupdeth, whom Nicky constantly harasses, decided to play a joke on him. He took one of Nicky’s “precious” stories, changed some stuff around, and sent it to Nicky. Nicky went ballistic, assuming this constitutes plagiarism, though, in fact, Baupdeth never published said work. He was just fooling with Nicky. After all, who in their right mind would want to claim one of Nicky’s stories as their own? Not long after, Nicky ADMITTED to knowing it was a joke, yet continues this ridiculous crusade for no other reason than because he’s a drama queen and a hate-filled individual who needs to constantly vent on other people. He needs decades and decades of therapy and to be locked away where he can’t annoy anyone or hurt himself. His family NEEDS to make some decisions soon.

      • Ah, I see. I’d missed that part of the story completely. Thank you for clearing it up for me.

      • I know that is not me you fucking libelous cunt — that’s how I know it is you who cost me my I am studying the nature of persona — and you’re going down in flames. So tell me do you advocate copyright infringement of Conservatives? Freedom of Speech applies to unpopular speech — and you dodge that issue because you’re a feminazi leftist cunt. Who encouraged defamation of character because you defamed my family.

      • Nicky, do yourself a favor and buy a dictionary. You can only commit perjury if you lie UNDER OATH.

        You’ll look like less of a nut case if you understand the wild threats you’re making.

      • There is documented proof online that you tried to lure a 16 YEAR OLD girl into a compromising situation and take advantage of her. 16 YEARS OLD, you disgusting old fuck. Yes, that makes you a child predator. Not to mention Morris has issued a town-wide warning about you in the past to protect their children from you. Yet you never comment about that. You just change the subject whenever anyone brings it up.

      • That was not a sixteen year old — almost 18 year old and someone impersonated her. I know the truth and you’re not telling it so piss off. For the record — I don’t date teenagers. I date older women. The perjury thing is the thing they say when you file a DMCA notice and Brian Keene lied to as you’re fucking lying right now as that fucking faggot from Finland impersonated my grandmother and mother. So fuck off — while you’re at it go get the AIDS virus as that’s the cure for fags.

      • I know exactly what the word means, it’s also clearly bullshit. You, in the other hand, are the least firm of human I’ve ever encountered. You’re the most awful person I’ve ever had the displeasure of interacting with. You’re like a giant, festering ass ulcer.

      • “Someone who did something from heavy metal in a way that I like my occupation as a publisher and someone like you — denying that David Boyer stole my work as many he ripped from.”

        Publishing is not your occupation, Nicky. Sitting at home on the dole all day occupying a room and ranting on the internet is. As for the rest of the sentence, my IQ isn’t low enough to decipher it.

        “I am not the one who gets drunk — the guy who usually buys the hair metal type their first novel either being Richard Matheson or Ray Bradbury so who is the disgruntled one you little cunt.”

        More retarded ramblings. I’d suggest you learn how to write a coherent sentence but I fear it’s beyond your ability.

      • I am a publisher you little fuck — so tell me do you have an occupation that doesn’t hide behind a fake name and try to say I died on as your way of warning people away chomo.

      • Well, as the invisible hand of death was recently trying to end your life during your “din-din”….I would say the Shelfari page is quite prophetic. There’s a utensil called a knife to cut your food. Try it.

      • You are not my biographer so cease from doing so you fucking plagiarist cunt — the fact is you got the blessing from everyone who hates my guts to plagiarize my work. Robert Baupader plagiarized and Brian Keene enabled him to do so. AutoAim is another faggot who goes plagiarizing people so why doesn’t he fuck [censored] and get it over with — get AIDS and get off this world.

    • I’m sure they will also be used to have him committed. For however long Medicaid pays for it at least.

    • I’m sure they will also be used to have him committed. For however long Medicaid pays for it at least.

  7. It’s funny how Nicky still claims Withersin as a publishing credit, seeing how, one, he didn’t get paid for it, and two, it’s the only piece in the magazine that the editors deemed necessary to begin with a disclaimer, which basically said, “Don’t blame us, we didn’t write it.” If I had a publishing credit like that, I wouldn’t want ANYONE to know about it.

    • Apparently the editor of Withersin later publicly apologized for publishing Nicky’s drivel.

      • Nick needs to stop acting like a child and learn to write if he wants to be taken seriously as a professional and not Rod Serling/Twilight Zone fanfic writer.

  8. Wow, I’ve never heard about this guy before, and I will make sure I never have the displeasure of dealing with him. Thank you.

    • If it helps keep folks like yourself away from this loser, then it’s all worth it, Angela! And you’re welcome!

      • I’m only just starting out on this journey, and I’ve stepped on my fair share of toes, but not because I want to upset everyone around me. That seems to be the case here.

        You can’t just be a nasty lump of turd and then call yourself “controversial” and think you’ve come out ahead of the game.

      • Yeah, look, it’s really bad. But entirely in the realm of what I expect from Nicky.

  9. Nicky just left me a rant on the dav page on facebook. I had to switch to an alt in order to read it because he has me blocked. Elaine sent me the word about it. She’s going to delete it and block him. It was just the usual stupid, but most mostly aimed at Jane Timm Baxter.

  10. Fascinating. I came here via a link on Facebook simply due to curiosity; I hadn’t heard of this person before, and was wondering what the commenters were on about.

    Imagine my surprise to discover that his own comments convicted him of everything that was being said about his behaviour (assuming it’s actually Mr. Pacione himself, and not someone posting under his name to malign his image – but a quick trip to Google revealed the undeniable likelihood that it was indeed him).

    Incredible that anybody over the age of twelve could think that this was an acceptable manner in which to comport himself.

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  14. LOL I see someone still clearly needs decades of therapy. As to VF I cannot wait for his latest suspension to end. He’s sucha joke there, yet he keeps coming back for more.

  15. “Saying that vile claim — well I have evidence of Baupader’s plagiarism so fuck you rape-baby”

    No actually you don’t. What you have is someone who trolled you for lols & succeeded. No one in the real world would ever plagiarise your material, because your material is pedestrian in nature.

    “So you want to talk shit about me because I will hit below the belt”

    Yep because nothing says “I have the moral high ground” like crawling around in the mud.

    Now on to my main point: Stop pretending you know anything about Copyright. I read your recent DMCA journal & its pure hokum…. Firstly its DMCA not DCMA, secondly you cannot be expedited to the United States because of it, since its a legal order to remove digital content, not a criminal case. Thirdly, no one is plagiarising your material, because why would they?

    As for your stuff, the only person who got it pulled from Lulu was you: you broke the rules of the contract you had with lulu when you signed up, as that is the ONLY way in which they can legally pull your material.

    • I have his plagiarism and my story to compare to you coward — I didn’t break the rules someone lied and it was elaborate too so I want to ask this this one; fuck your dead mother much? I have the screen caps where I can show where he stole this story and I can convert this to word. I had seen my work plagiarized by seven people in the last eight months. Legend Keeper was plagiarized, the five year memoir was plagiarized, Bloodletting was stolen from me as was A Dark Place and Lake Fossil then two print exclusives as I caught them in the act. Go home and go rape your dead mother some more because that’s like denying the holocaust happened. and I got in a screaming match about this on the phone and their male Questionable Content staff will get beat up when they deny this happened.

      • “I have his plagiarism and my story to compare to you coward”

        No you don’t, because as I’ve already pointed out no one would ever plagiarise your material, because it is pedestrian in nature.

        ” I didn’t break the rules someone lied”

        no you broke the rules & you got caught out: See LULU doesn’t take down material unless the material is objectionable, because they are a business & having things to sell that costs them nothing to produce is in their best interests. To remove something means that the material has broken the rules in some fashion. They don’t just do it for crits and giggles, they will investigate a claim to see if something broke the rules & if it objectively did, then & only then it comes down.

        “and it was elaborate too so I want to ask this this one; fuck your dead mother much?”

        Oh nice try Nicky, but firstly there should be a comma between too & so. Secondly my mothers not dead & thirdly, not being a 12 year old I’m not offended by juvenile retorts of this kind.

        This is exactly why no one would ever plagiarise your work: Because it’s exactly this pedestrian. Your writing can’t be called sophomoric because that would imply a level of skill commiserate with a sophomore, a level of skill you do not possess.

        “ and I got in a screaming match about this on the phone and their male Questionable Content staff will get beat up when they deny this happened.”

        I’m sorry did you really just make an actionable threat on an open forum that you don’t control? Wow, that is actually really stupid. You know that’s enough for you to be arrested, right?

        Nicky seek mental health help.

      • I was published you fuckhead and plagiarized you want to deny that — and you want to call me my short name with the “y” chaser to my face because you will eating your teeth for breakfast. I have seen my work illustrated in cool ways. So let me ask this did you get AIDS from [censored by admin]? You want to talk bile to me — I will make you fucking bleed you little faggot.

      • Nicky, you are such a one-trick pony! I can predict your next comment, watch:

        “I was plagiarised!!! Briane Keene!!! Fuckhead! Faggot! Deny that!!”

        That’s all you’ve got. You’re as shallow as a shit stain and about as interesting.

      • You are the one trick pony as you are feminazi godless twat. You can’t handle Christians who are evolutionists. Koehler has a deep rooted hate for Conservatives as I will vote to overturn marriage blasphemy. Tell me Karen are you a bed pissing Libtard? Freedom of Speech applies to only the Liberal?

      • And there you go hurling insults again. You are so boring. There is no combination of horrible language that you can write in a blog comment that will upset me.

        Is this really all you can do? You claim to be a writer, why not stop fighting with people on the internet and go write something.

      • Oh and just for the record Nicky you weren’t kicked from based on lies, you got kicked after COUNTLESS breaches of the terms of service, at which point you had a good old cry on their facebook page, even playing the “I’m disabled” card in an attempt to garner sympathy.

        You are a wreck mate, a wreck who needs to stop pretending to be an author, stop pretending to know anything about law, stop talking shit mostly because you are bad at it & get a life.

        Oh and Nicky contrary to what you’ve convinced yourself on your own blog, doesn’t kick anthologies from their store in which someone who has been banned was a contributor. You aren’t being invited to write for anthologies because you are a terrible human being, who lacks for any recognisable talent as an author.

        You are the epitome of a hack.

        Oh and give up this fixation you have with Brian Keene already, you are never going to “storm the stage” to beat him up: You are to much of a hack for that & if you tried you would get the judicious beat down you know you’d receive if you ever stepped out from behind your monitor.

        Seriously Nicky, seek mental health help.

      • “I was published you fuckhead and plagiarized you want to deny that”

        Nicky, you were not plagiarised, because no one in their right mind would bother plagiarising your work when the internet is full of fiction of a higher quality than your own.

        “and you want to call me my short name with the “y” chaser to my face because you will eating your teeth for breakfast.”

        Oh Nicky, we’ve covered this already: You are incapable of threatening people, if you tried to do so in the real world you would get a judicious beat down & you know it. That’s why you hide behind your computer playing keyboard warrior.

        ” So let me ask this did you get AIDS from [censored by admin]? You want to talk bile to me — I will make you fucking bleed you little faggot.”

        Yeah we’ve covered this already Nicky: You can no more insult anyone here than you can assault them: No one takes you seriously.

        Seriously Nicky seek mental health help.

      • Are you a faggot who fucked [censored by admin]? I don’t even want to know what your stomach contents are. You are the keyboard warrior here — what would you do if someone does like my work would you call them a retard. We tell our family to not call us not to call us our short name with a “y since the age of ten. So tell me — how many times have you knocked up your mother because your father caught you fucking her. So tell me — you Got AIDS Yet?

      • Oh Nicky, we’ve covered this already: No one takes your insults personally because no one takes you seriously.

        Now stop trying to protect yourself from the silly shit you personally have done in the past & grow up…. An please, seek out some mental health help, you clearly need it.

      • How many times have you fucked (censored by admin) faggot as you’re also a faggot — stop calling me by my short name with the “y” you fucking AIDS carrier. Let’s see you you produce something asshole! The reason why Koehler hates me is because what I said of Joe McGee.

      • You don’t remember 2008 — you said the same fucking thing back then because you are stifling the one man to get Lovecraft in schools and I will have Poppy Z. Brite removed from school shelves . You want to do a book burning now — knowing your the one who did the mandate to end my career. AS I did the mandate to end Sangiovannis. I have the book and means to do it — you want to protest Legend Keeper coming to your public library because of your stunt. Your library will be the first to get five copies of Legend Keeper — you want to play game. You like to play games with people who are learning disabled and try to ruin their career when they got little. This is the end of you. Your done. I will keep making fun of who you bleep out on here until you ban me from your blog; and go on video explaining why you burned Tabloid IV.

      • And for the record, Nicky, you can keep throwing out the names of people dealing with serious medical conditions while you rub your filthy hands together and giggle over their misfortune like the evil, retarded monkey you are, but you won’t be posting it here, on my blog. Meanwhile, you may continue to dig the grave of your career. Keep it up, chuckles.

      • My career is far from dead — so you want to call me evil or retarded like the vile liberal feminazi twat you are. That’s what happens when you lust for strange flesh lady — I am not going to let you drag my career through the mud and I laugh because he tried to fag up Tabloid Purposes IV. My anthology’s curse came upon him — this one is the first time someone is going to die a slow painful death too. I am waiting for you to ban me because you’re vile Liberal cunt — I am an Ex-Liberal as I know every lie you fuckers tell and seen all your cute liberal buzzwords you throw out there. So you wonder why I laugh when [censored by admin] is like that think about what he tried doing to my project — he broke my company’s biggest rule. No LGBT content period. That’s a rule I will not bend on.

      • Don’t call me a retard you dyke — I am sure your are going around with a so called husband where he’s really a bulldyke. Are you a lipstick lesbian? You carry yourself as a carpet muncher — so are you one?

      • Nicky, you are a toxic human being. Don’t you realise that you are making a laughing stock of yourself? Nobody cares what you say about them. The more vitriolic and homophobic your insults get, the worse you look.

        Just stop. Go write a book. Try to make it not shit.

      • Why don’t you stop being such a hateful bigot? Or is the hole you’ve dug for yourself so deep you can’t see the sky above you?

        Maybe you’re trapped inside this awful persona, desperate for a chance to change things, desperate to not be the laughing stock of an entire community, but trapped by your own personality. Doomed to spend your life miserable, lonely and full of hate.

        I pity you.

      • Are you really that Anti-Conservative and Anti-American? I am against marriage equality and I will say with all my heart that marriage is between a man and a woman (biological man and woman.) I will not confine to a Nero Defined deal as Karen Koehler’s idea of marriage is what Nero defined. So think about that one — is it worth ruining a person who has very little to begin with because it’s making you look like a vile cunt. Karen Koehler needs to give up her literary privileges if she is willing to stifle a chance to get H. P. Lovecraft into schools and I am the guy who can do that. So you want stop something like that — I am addressing Koehler here too what would have in schools? Lovecraft or Sangiovanni? Because they will get both me and Lovecraft in the same book — do you want a larger city author in schools or a backward hick like Mary Sangioanni who is fucking townie. Your call on that one because I never grew up in a smaller town than 10,000 people, Small towns for me was 20,000 to 31,000 people where you were able to walk across the village to the next village. Illinois they are called villages and Mary Sangiovanni is the village whore.

      • You really need to stop posting. You’re making an ass of yourself.

        Seriously, if my kid’s school said they were stocking your book, I’d move my kid to another school. Anyone who thinks children should be reading your books should be punched in the face.

        What difference does town size make?

      • What’s wrong the truth hurts? What would you do if your kid owns Tabloid Purposes and likes the writers? Especially the one who became a Senator — you will start a protest because that sounds like a Liberal protested like when the faggots did when Eminem spouted out the lyrics of”Criminal.” Your raised your kids to get their ass kicked every day and take it.

      • My cousin listens to him as he had this always blasting as I read Angry Blonde as I bought this for my cousin’s birthday present. I read the book in my hotel to get an idea where he was coming from. So tell me shitty cat, your world = my urinal cake you fucking cunt.

      • Sorry, your world will always be my litterbox. Hilarious though you cannot even come up with a creative or original comeback. This is why the kids all say you are tarded.

      • Your pathetic lil world is a filthy basement in a decrepit house you don’t even own. I imagine you’ll be homeless when your relatives have to sell it. Better get that sleepsack packed and ready to sleep in public restrooms. Now take a nappy and let the grown-ups talk.

      • Well I am looking for a few room mates again as the grown ups are talking while you’re an immature cunt who fucks with those who are on a fixed income while I caught Brian Keene saying he enabled Baupader to steal my work.

      • DAFUQ does anything I wrote have anything to do with Brian Keene. Why do you have such a boner for him? Is it b/c you never knew your daddy? You’re a dirty wannabe who could never find a roommate again unless you are put in a cell with Billy Porras.

      • I’ll start by raising my children to know how grammar works, and how to spot douche bags like you.

      • And I guess you are starting the protests about me aren’t you — Freedom from Religion or freedom from God? So if you saw my works in your library would you start a book burning?

      • You’d guess wrong Nicky-poo, I have better things to do with my time than start imaginary protests about a non-entity like you.

        If I found one of your “books” in my local library I’d have them removed on the grounds that nobody should ever be exposed to such awful writing.

      • These books are real unlike yours — I work with the same place as Keene and Sangiovanni do now. Do you really hate Christians that much — as this one acknowledges Evolution. As Matthew might be your sock puppet as he got mad when I told him go fuck (censored) in the ass which might have. Koehler my books are real — I doubt you produced a dead tree since 2008.

      • “These books are real unlike yours”

        And right there you are wrong, wrong, wrong. I have four different books with my name on/in them, on my shelf at home right now. The first was published in 2009. I have other stories that are ebook only too. So yeah, you’re dead wrong.

        But that doesn’t surprise me since you seem incapable of even the most basic research.

        Why do you think anybody cares about what you have to say about Briane Keene and Mary Sangiovanni? Everything that comes out of your mouth is hateful and untrue, so why should we believe anything you say?

      • Tell me something — if you don’t give a shit why stifle authors who are Conservative because I held my own with that Taig, Kealan Patrick Burke as I am born a day before him that’s the truth. He kisses Keene’s ass where I want to bloody Brian Keene him up. You hate my company’s rule of no GLBT content and that’s you where get pissed because you are a dyke author. I have proof where your friend stole an unpublished work — you want to cover for Robert L. Baupader as he did another David Boyer as I ran my classmate off over that. So tell me — on video what makes you justified about want you to destroy a career that started on their birthday? I became published for the first time on my birthday. Are you are a shit-hearted cunt to do something like — what if I went on as one of your old titles and started trashing you. Because if you didn’t own Black Death Books you wouldn’t be published at all you fucking dyke. Are you a dyke? You can keel over tomorrow and I wouldn’t give a damn — when your headstone shows up — I will smash it with a sledge hammer.

      • You finally acknowledge I have a career — you’re the shit soul’d cunt here because you wouldn’t go puling down books by those who have an LD if you did. So that’s why I am laughing with [censored by admin] because of his e-mail flooding my inbox back in 2007. He would had broken my number on rule — you don’t like my company house rules. I want to know why you are on a crusade to destroy someone who gets a fixed income and has very little. What if you were on the street and begging for food. I will look at you and keep walking because what you pulled with Legend Keeper — what if I am the one who says you can fucking freeze to death in a strange city and I wouldn’t care either way. Think about that one because I am ready to go after your assets to pay for an author’s memorial. So think about that one — I will see you die on the street and homeless because what you pulled. Do you want to fuck with my career now? Because I will start fucking with you on personal levels. Care to back off. Because I am going to make sure you have nothing and you won’t have your cronies too because I am gunning for them too. IF you have a teenager do — join a gang like the Latin Kings or read my work. Because Mary Sangiovanni would buy a car for her son if he shot up a school — and he would shoot the kid if he had my work in hand. You want to play that game with me — it’s like playing Russian Roulette with all with one chamber with an empty bullet.

      • Holy shit! Did you forget to take your meds this morning Nicky? This is a whole other level of crazy bullshit from you. Although, really, you’re still saying the same shit you always do, you beautiful one trick pony you.

        Same as always. Baseless insults, weird ramblings about your career, but this time you seem to have thrown on an extra few crazy-sprinkles.

      • Baseless insults — stealing someone’s SSN typical small town shithead behaviours. In the states SSNs are nothing to mess with; when you see XXX-XX-XXXX do not touch it. I don’t even post publicly or other places. I doubt Koehler or Morgan have the right of mind to fuck with someone’s SSNs they are that corrupt of cunts to do that.

      • More insults, still no evidence whatsoever that anyone has your SSN or bank account details.

      • Here’s a suggestion for you, dear Nikita. Instead of whining about what the world has done to you and screaming incoherently at innocent people who have done nothing to you, why don’t you go take a shower, take your meds, then go take a class on creative writing on your local community college? Learn to write description, learn spelling, grammar, and how to craft dialog correctly (none of which you do), then take that useless, impotent rage of yours and actually WRITE A BOOK that is not revenge porn. Write an actual, honest-to-god HORROR NOVEL. You know, that thing you used to try and write about 10 years ago before you became obsessed with the lot of us? Better yet, quit wasting your time in an industry you’re no good at and get a REAL-LIFE job at MacDonald’s or Walmart and become a productive member of society. Would do you good. You’re crazier than a shit house rat.

      • What makes you think you have power over my career because you hardly have shit — you want to lose your house over me. I have something on Brian Keene where it will really fuck him over because he was harassing a classmate who I am training how to also become a publisher. She has a checkered past though we all have them — but what gives you the right to go fucking me over because you’re a liberal militant feminazi dyke who gets mad when someone makes a joke about someone getting an anally inflicted death sentence. You are hardly a blip in the industry as your pedophile Balzer fucked over a possible deal by calling me a fan fiction writer in front of a magazine query. How would you feel if someone did that to you as your publishing history before your first novel, Slayer, was entirely Vampire Hunter D fan fiction. That thing I did was based on a classmate’s comic book and asked me to write the first story. So tell me — why does it mean so much to you turn me into an unpublished writer because we all know it is not going to happen. What would you do if you seen my namesake in your library? Tell me if you seen that knowing what you called me “an evil, retarded monkey” did your daddy touch you in a special place as in he spread your legs and fucked you at 16?

      • Tell me something — how can you justify promoting someone who is an AIDS carrier and do a crusade to turn me unpublished. It goes back to 2008 I found your comments from that area — you are more famous for your harassment. As my friend Clint can verify what you pulled on — Brian Keene had a feud with one of my deceased when he was alive — he said, “Fuck your dead roster” you said it too when you had my accounts pulled. Your career as an author or mine as a publisher you fucking dyke.

      • “My career is far from dead”

        That’s true Nicky, especially if you are talking about being an author…. You can’t kill something that was never alive.

      • I am an author — why don’t you a book burning already because I said you fucked [censored by admin] family style and got AIDS. I want to see you burn an effigy of me because of that statement. What kind of vile queer are you? Are you a queer because it’s the queers that would say my career never existed well let’s see one of your freebies you fucking AIDS carrier.

      • “How many times have you fucked (censored by admin) faggot as you’re also a faggot”

        LOL, your homophobia is humorous to me.

        “— stop calling me by my short name with the “y” you fucking AIDS carrier.”

        Or what? You’ll keep on screaming silly profanities at me?

        “Let’s see you you produce something asshole!”

        I already have done Nicky, I just don’t make a big deal out of it. I also don’t use it as a platform to shout gibberish online.

        “The reason why Koehler hates me is because what I said of Joe McGee.”

        LOL no. People hate you because you are a small minded bigot, with obvious mental health issues you use to try to get your own way when you inevitably get blocked from things due to being a bigot. You are also a creeper who takes minors to cemeteries to try to fuck them.

        Joe McGee is not the reason why people hate YOU, people hate YOU because of YOU.

      • Tell me are you a faggot? That’s choice you made leads to death. Do you hate Conservatives and Republicans — I will never have sex with minor; I date older women who are year or two older than me What’s your excuse you queer — how many times had you been a catcher when you were seeding and breeding and were given a reacharound. I wish they didn’t repeal don’t ask don’t tell and ban gay marriage because it’s a blasphemy of what marriage is. Are you a frocio — a fudgepacker are you’re a heterophobe

      • “I am an author”

        No Nicky you are a writer. Do you know what the difference between an author & a writer is? A Writer is someone who writes, an Author is someone people want to read.

        “why don’t you a book burning already because I said you fucked [censored by admin] family style and got AIDS.”

        Why would I have a book burning Nicky, as has already been pointed out, no one takes you & your rantings seriously.

        “I want to see you burn an effigy of me because of that statement.”

        Of course you want that, because if people were to do that it would mean people care about you enough to burn you in effigy, but as has been pointed out they don’t. Because you are irrelevant to people around you.

        “What kind of vile queer are you? Are you a queer because it’s the queers that would say my career never existed well let’s see one of your freebies you fucking AIDS carrier.”

        Hahahahahahaha, sure Nicky, because only homosexuals could possibly point out that you are a terrible writer, who writes truly pedestrian “horror.”

        “Tell me are you a faggot? That’s choice you made leads to death.”

        All choices lead to death eventually Nicky.

        “I will never have sex with minor;”

        Only because most minors won’t follow you to a cemetery for sex Nicky.

        “I date older women who are year or two older than me What’s your excuse you queer — how many times had you been a catcher when you were seeding and breeding and were given a reacharound.”

        Wow Nicky you seem awfully obsessed with homosexual sex. How long have you had this obsession with homosexual sex Nicky?

        “I wish they didn’t repeal don’t ask don’t tell and ban gay marriage because it’s a blasphemy of what marriage is.”

        You are aware that marriage predates your religion by thousands of years & your religion has no ownership of either the idea nor practice of marriage right.

        Seriously Nicky, seek mental health help…. If only to see someone about this deep seated obsession you have with homosexual sex.

      • How do you justify your crusade against me having a readership? Let me ask this you anally inflicted death sentence faggot — what have you got published so I can avoid you like a plague. Let me ask this — are you the majority because you’re a fucking minority. So how long you had this obsession with setting me up for failure? Go home and go fuck your father some more — brotherfucker. Have you had a girlfriend — Brian Keene fucked with my personal ad and became friends with my baby momma. That was none of his business –so what is your obsession to fuck with those who were in DLP classes your better than no one. Because you if you were on the street and I had $20.00 in my pocket. That going to a pizza and for my hostel mates to share but you — get nothing. I will let you starve because I remember these comments here as you’re a coward with no freebies — that was how I got in magazines in print over the years. So what have you written if you written a short story — because you show Anti-Conservative bias. This is America like it or get the fuck out.

      • I don’t get why Nicky is so anti-homosexual, after all Jesus told his disciples to become “fishers of men” *wiggles eyebrows* and who knows that they baited their hooks with. *wiggles eyebrows even more*

      • “What’s wrong the truth hurts?”

        What truth Nicky? You seem to be arguing against voices only you can hear.

        “What would you do if your kid owns Tabloid Purposes and likes the writers?”

        A moot question since that scenario has never & will never happen. Mainly because your book under sold to the point of abject obscurity….. There are only three libraries in the world that stock your book & they are all within walking distance of your home…. It’s almost like you donated them…. An since then, two of them have been what we call “deselected.”

        “Especially the one who became a Senator — you will start a protest because that sounds like a Liberal protested like when the faggots did when Eminem spouted out the lyrics of Criminal. Your raised your kids to get their ass kicked every day and take it.”

        On Nicky, now you are just being silly…. Sillier.

      • I am a small press author and then with I was working within a fixed income. I can get them in schools now. So let me ask this — are you a Liberal because I all I hear from your mouth is Liberal Rhetoric so how many times have you fucked [censored by admin – I do not allow personal medical info about people on my blog, retard] in the ass? Are you even a straight man. One of them wrote for Huffington Post — which his career was impressive after appearing with me. Brian Keene said of him, “Fuck your dead roster” Brian Keene would been 22 years old in 1989 banging a 13 year old girl — Mary Sangiovanni. What does that make him — a drug charge (they dragged him out of a sandbox) so you want to try that with me. I related to the two who killed Matt Sheppard because they could easy been similar to my friends growing up. So are you a banana grabber?

      • “I can get them in schools now.”

        LOL no you really can’t. No school would be interested in purchasing a copy, so at best you can give away copies, but no school would take a copy.

        “So let me ask this — are you a Liberal because I all I hear from your mouth is Liberal Rhetoric”

        LOL, since when has liberal rhetoric been telling you Nicky that you are a terribly pedestrian writer in need of mental health help?

        “so how many times have you fucked [censored by admin – I do not allow personal medical info about people on my blog, retard] in the ass? Are you even a straight man.”

        My sexuality is immaterial to the fact that you are a terribly pedestrian writer.

        “One of them wrote for Huffington Post — which his career was impressive after appearing with me.”

        Yes Nicky people who are quite often successful.

        “Brian Keene said of him, “Fuck your dead roster” Brian Keene would been 22 years old in 1989 banging a 13 year old girl — Mary Sangiovanni. What does that make him — a drug charge (they dragged him out of a sandbox) so you want to try that with me. I related to the two who killed Matt Sheppard because they could easy been similar to my friends growing up. So are you a banana grabber?”

        Wow those delusions are getting awful silly now Nicky, you really need to find that mental health help as quickly as possible.

      • What have your written or/and plagiarized because I doubt you are published you AIDS infested faggot? Why don’t you die of AIDS already — I am already getting that kind of help. Go drink enough to get intoxicated and hope you get beheaded in a car crash — if that doesn’t work. Go drink some bleach. You are the one lacks ideas you fucking rape-baby.

      • “Why don’t you die of AIDS already — I am already getting that kind of help. ”

        You are getting help dying of AIDS? That’s a strange thing to get help with Nicky.

        Hmmmmm, sounds like you’ve come down with a case of the butthurts Nicky.

      • “I am bipolar — that’s the kind of doctor I see moron.”

        And this bipolar doctor is helping you die of aids? That’s pretty strange Nicky.

      • “Fuck you.”

        Well that’s certainly a strange way to edit a paragraph. Though it would explain the poor editing in your books.

      • “Fuck you!”

        Yeah I heard you the first time Nicky, it doesn’t become a less strange way of editing a book the more often you repeat it.

      • Your constant use of words such as dyke, fag, and queer as pejoratives is laughably outdated, Nicky. When are you going to realize that being called gay is no longer an insult? It hasn’t been for years, as anyone who isn’t still living in 1995 as you are is aware of. Why do think they’re called gay pride parades? Gays are proud to be gay, not ashamed. Things have changed radically in the last twenty years, and the world of 2015 is as different to 1995 as 1995 was to 1975.

        Do you have even the slightest conception of what a throwback you are? Of how stupid and callow you sound with your schoolyard insults and transparent tough guy act? If I didn’t already know you were a disgruntled middle aged man with below average intelligence and no talent, I’d assume from the way you speak and write that you were a disgruntled teenage boy with below average intelligence and no talent. You even still look and dress like a 90s metal groupie.

        But the saddest thing about you, Nicky, is that for all your posturing and crowing about being a “renegade” who doesn’t “play by the rules,” it’s obvious to anyone that you desperately want to fit in to a scene that has nothing but disdain for you. Two scenes actually, as you have even less purchase in the metal community than the horror writing world. You want so badly to be the cool guy at the bar who everyone admires and respects. The back-slapped dude who’s in the band and gets the girls. But you were never that guy and never will be. All you are is a pathetic little failure who’s spent the last two decades in a basement ranting about the non-existent plagiarism of his execrable typing.

        You need a lifetime of therapy, and even that might be not enough.

      • Look you little fuck — what is worth to you that I don’t fit in your politically correct mentality you fucking AIDS carrying loser. I have no problem being the deal from someone who emerged from the Industrial Metal circles you little coward. Someone who did something from heavy metal in a way that I like my occupation as a publisher and someone like you — denying that David Boyer stole my work as many he ripped from. Piss off as I refused to play by the rules for years. I wasn’t living in a lower part of a two story house forever jagoff. I had my own place for awhile and sold work to magazines from 2005-2007 but been busy working on my own imprint. I am not the one who gets drunk — the guy who usually buys the hair metal type their first novel either being Richard Matheson or Ray Bradbury so who is the disgruntled one you little cunt.

      • you’re becoming a big bore Nicky. Your constant use of the F Bomb and childish insults are as dated as your 1990s goth wannabe hairstyle and pathetic facial hair.

      • Fuck off you small-minded bitch — don’t confuse doom metal/thrash metal with Goths. You bitched about my hair being longer than yours when we were dating and engaged. So if I am going to go dating — I don’t want a woman who is going to pull that shit because that would be you all over again. For the record I never beat you — as K. H. Koehler and that faggot Brian Keene tried to get that lie out there.

      • let’s see you call me and every other woman on the planet nasty names and have threatened to RAPE many women and underage girls online, and you think anyone believes that you never hit me or would never hit a woman? Go sign yourself up for those decades of therapy Nicky you’re clearly a nutcase and should be on a sex offender registry.

    • “How do you justify your crusade against me having a readership?”

      What crusade Nicky? You being told you are not a writer is not a crusade, its simply you being told things you don’t want to hear.

      As for you having a readership, you don’t have a readership. No one is clambering for your works.

      “what have you got published so I can avoid you like a plague.”

      What I have published is immaterial to this conversation Nicky.

      “Let me ask this — are you the majority because you’re a fucking minority.”

      Minority or majority of what exactly Nicky? See you not being an author isn’t predicated on being a minority of majority, you simply aren’t a good writer: your work is pedestrian in nature, which is one of the many & myriad reasons that no one wants you in their anthologies.

      “So how long you had this obsession with setting me up for failure?”

      LOL, not nearly as long as you have apparently: Fact is that I can’t set you up for failure, since you would first need to not be a failure at something.

      “Brian Keene fucked with my personal ad and became friends with my baby momma.”

      LOL no Brian didn’t. You are a paranoid Nicky, plagued by a constant persecution complex, hence your belief that people are perpetually out to get you, including plagiarizing your books.

      “Because you if you were on the street and I had $20.00 in my pocket. That going to a pizza and for my hostel mates to share but you — get nothing. I will let you starve because I remember these comments here as you’re a coward with no freebies — that was how I got in magazines in print over the years. So what have you written if you written a short story — because you show Anti-Conservative bias. This is America like it or get the fuck out.”

      Oh wow, so much silly in that statement. Well lets start with the basics, I’m not in America, so I can’t get out of it.

      I have no anti-conservative bias, you have simply conflated yourself with conservatism, so anyone pointing out you are a terrible writer is now anti-conservatism in your fevered persecution complex addled imaginings.

      An no I don’t write short stories, what I write is immaterial to this conversation.

      I’m also not on the streets & likely never will be.

      Seriously Nicky seek mental health help.

      • Lake Fossil Press, the REAL Lake Fossil Press that I own, will never allow my predecessors work to be in public schools. I won’t allow what was printed under the LFP banner to be used, and if he tries to get anything that was printed under his new Angry Guinea Pig Press into a school I will gather signatures and protesters to stop it from happening.

        But no one in any school district would allow them. Special Ed kids would even shit on them.

        I would, however, give the leftover print copies of Nicky’s to the schools were they ever to do some sort of play about Nazis and needed books to burn. They aren’t real books so it doesn’t count…

      • Hi Nick, please demonstrate your editing abilities by editing the short passage at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

      • I wasn’t aware that I’m a friend of Brian Keene’s. Talking to someone on a website a time or two doesn’t make them your best friend even if it does in Nicky’s little mind. Neither does liking some of the books they’ve written! But hell I have no reason to be mean to Mr. Keene. He’s done nothing to me, and he probably doesn’t want worry that I’m going to ram a car through the building he holds his next public appearance in!

    • “I don’t have AIDS gay boy — you’re twisting my words around.”

      So the doctor is getting the AIDS for you? That’s even stranger Nicky.

  16. Wow, this is certainly something. Way back in 2008, fresh out of high school and newly 18, I stumbled across good ol’ Nicky on Deviantart. I left a casual comment about his poor writing on his page, and he proceeded to fly off the handle (as I would later learn he is wont to do) about libel, plagiarism, and how I was apparently giving his hometown a bad name, since I also grew up in Glendale Heights. At some point Ms. Kohler, you even managed to find your way to my page to offer some encouragement. With time, the incident blew over and I returned to my normal life.

    Fast forward to today, when a nostalgia trip brought me back to those hallowed posts and rekindled my interest in this train wreck. It’s terrifying to see that he still leads this empty existence, but I can’t say I’m surprised. I intend to maintain my distance from this whole ordeal, but now that I’ve been a part of the Chicago goth scene for a couple years, I felt it important for me to confirm for anybody who might have held some semblance of doubt that Nicky holds no sway in our community. While his rants on youtube and his various outlets on the web assert that he is respected as an author and a member of the Chicago underground, I can safely guarantee that whatever truth that may have held has long since withered. He has not been to a single event (I would have known, he’s pretty unmistakable) and his name has never been mentioned by anybody. Whatever respect he garners is in his head.

    I mention this only to confirm that this is not a man to be pitied, and most certainly not one to be feared. His threats are emptier than his writing, because frankly, he doesn’t appear to leave his house. Now, I’m sure this information wasn’t entirely *necessary*, that nobody is sitting at their computer quaking in their boots over a half-wit with delusions of grandeur and an internet connection, worrying that the terrifying five-foot Nicky is going to show up at their doorstep with two fists full of blind Lovecraftian rage and homophobia. But to take a page out of his own book, he’s giving my city a bad name, and I will not stand for it. So please, allow me to speak for all of Chicago here:

    Nickolaus Pacione is not a part of the underground, nor does he command respect in any related circles. Please do not allow him to taint the name of this wondrous city any further.

    • Thanks for your comments! I think most people are pretty aware by now that little Nicky’s rants and threats are hollow and puerile, but it’s always good to remind newcomers. Also, I’ve been to Chicago, and yes, it’s a wonderful city, and nothing like idiot Nicky describes it!

      • My ten favorite cities are, in order:

        Charleston, SC

        So, yes, I agree Chicago is a great town; immune, I think, to Little Nicky Squeakytoys’ best efforts to tarnish its reputation. He is Iago without the capacity for subterfuge or the linguistic wit, and his every pronouncement is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury and signifying nothing. If I may be permitted to mix my Shakespearean metaphors. 🙂

  17. Does AngryInIllinois still hold the rights to ‘An Eye In Shadows’? I get wicked insomnia sometimes and need something that will make my brain switch off, this could be just the thing 🙂
    I’ve been following this for a little while, mostly for Stinkycats awesome cartoons but also because it never ceases to amaze me how Nicky can prop up an ego so huge with writing that, well… I read a lot and I’ve never seen writing as bad as his. it’s scary but for all the wrong reasons.

    • Funny you mention the cartoons. I was just thinking today I need to start back on them. Not much inspiration lately…if only he went out of the house and did things.

      • Not sure where this would take place but the dialogue works 🙂

        Lloyd: No matter how much I shower, I can’t get rid of the feeling of Nicky’s hand inside me…

        Optimus Prime: You think you’ve got problems…?

        If Nicky isn’t getting out of the basement much then he is clearly re-enacting ‘I am Legend’ with himself in the leading role. There’s got to be a cartoon there.

      • I for one can’t wait to read your biography on Nickadoodle. Though I imagine that what he and Lloyd get up to with their pet unicorn, Sparkles might be too revolting to print 😉

  18. I am sorry to hear about your insomnia and I believe we here at Lake Fossil Press can help you with that. Our library of old writing from the former owner can also help you induce vomiting eliminating the need for Syrup of ipecac.

    If you will email me at and agree to sign a waiver agreeing not to sue us for any harm that may come to you from reading my predecessor’s work (bleeding eyes, brain damage, depression, loose bowels, suicidal thoughts, cancer, etc.) I will be happy to send you a free copy of “An Eye In Shadows”!

    Also you must agree to keep said writings away from children, the elderly, and people with gluten allergies.

    • I have my catalog back so go home and go fuck your dead mother some more because that’s like denying the Holocaust happened. I own and will always be Lake Fossil Press. So you want to take this company from me — I hope you have a gun in your hand. So fuck off. Ramsey Campbell do you condone my work being plagiarized in the last eight months — you appear in an anthology that is a mockery of my imprint because everyone knows Lake Fossil is my first science fiction outing. You want to sabotage a career of a someone who is LD? I have the authorized An Eye In Shadows published and my testimony is about to become published too. So Koehler I hope murder is on your agenda you fucking cunt because the only way you can stop me is an assassination as the plagiarists were pulling out pictures of screwdrivers on the 9th.

      • Nicky, I’m sure people would be really happy if you just stopped posting like this, you know? If you stopped now, you wouldn’t make any more of an ass of yourself. We’ll support you.

      • Brian Keene lied to and I have proof on video so you want to ruin me now lady? There is no stopping me as I will be published even more when I get the new work done.

      • I couldn’t possibly ruin you Nicky, you’ve done a fine job of that all on your own.

        Why don’t you stop focusing on other people? Stop making ludicrous accusation and insulting everyone, and concentrate on writing better books? You’re going to self-publish anyway, you might as well put some effort into actually producing something people might want to read.

      • “Brian Keene lied to and I have proof on video so you want to ruin me now lady?”

        No you don’t Nicky. You got banned due to MULTIPLE breaches of the Terms of Service: It had nothing to so with Brian Keene. As for your threat of ruining Brian Keene, you lack for the ability to ruin anyone, let alone someone who is objectively superior to you in a particular field.

        “There is no stopping me as I will be published even more when I get the new work done.”

        No one cares, because no one is trying to stop you. You seem to think we are all out to get you, but the truth is no one gives a shit about you Nicky. The only person who is out to get you, is YOU. You are literally your own worst enemy: You refuse to accept responsibility for your own screw ups, you are constantly making dumb choices & you actually look for opportunities to sink to the lowest common denominator as quickly as possible.

        Just stop & seek mental health help.

      • “Go get yourself AIDS now faggot. I don’t care if you burn in hell..”

        Blah blah blah, faggots, AIDS, holocaust, nazis, plagiarism, blah, blah, blah: You need some new material Nicky, because your current stuff is old & lacks for impact you’ve so over saturated the free market of ideas with it.

        The fact is that you can’t insult me Nicky, for you to be able to insult me I would first have to be able to take you and/or anything you say seriously; which I don’t.

        Secondly, your worn out insults are still not a refutation to any point made: You & I both know why your account was suspended at Lulu & it had nothing to do with anyone but yourself.

        Thirdly, Createspace is Amazon, not Lulu: So your own story is unravelling you’ve told it that often.

        So once again I say: Just stop Nicky & go seek out the mental health help you so obviously need.

      • I ran Lake Fossil Press for awhile earlier this year. I decided to unload it on Screwdriver Day though. The only people who called wanted to know why I was trying to sell books that didn’t exist.

      • Tabloid Purposes and IV are live as is namesake one the first book and third book are back and running so you want to attempt do a copy of my signature I have three versions. You don’t own Lake Fossil. Press as you never will — you think your fake takedown notice will give you a license for a hostile takeover. I have seen empty threats of hostile takeover and got key titles back in print Your world = my urinal cake. You realize it’s almost ten years since I got Darren McKeeman fired from I am guy who pissed on his photograph

      • You pissed on someone’s photograph? oooooh, I’m so scared. Look at me shaking in terror.

      • I should add when I ran Lake Fossil Press A LOT of bill collectors used to call. Usually about overdue gay porn subscriptions from the previous owner. Real kinky stuff with unicorn men. With all the calls I was happy when Screwdriver Day rolled around, and I could just unload that lousy biz on the next member of The Collective.

      • I would call them “politely lying through their teeth as they try to back away from the conversation without upsetting the deranged idiot into harassing them” or maybe just “heavily concussed and in need of medical attention, why aren’t you getting this poor person to a doctor you enema-faced, uses squirrel poop for shampoo molester of the English language?”.

        Psst Darren McKeeman wasn’t “fired” from because of you, Dumpling. Anyone can find out the site’s side of the story from a quick Google.

        No mention whatsoever of Nicky “asshole who leaves the dog out in an Illinois Winter” Pacione.

      • Hi Nick, you still haven’t edited the passage I posted a while ago. Please do so promptly and put an end to these foul rumors that you are not a real editor.

      • I am not a faggot you dyke. Piss off and if you’re going around saying that Robert Baupader “wrote” Stygian Dealer you’re the fucking lying twat. Ablert is Marc Lyth as you’re going around violating copyrights of my roster. So fuck you little wormdicked twat.

      • Hahaha! What planet are you living on Nicky? You keep making things up and hurling insults, but you have nothing of substance or consequence to say.

        You are a pathetic loser.

      • First of all, who did I ruin?

        Secondly, I am an atheist. I don’t believe that god (or any of the other mythical beings mentioned in any holy book) exists.

      • Hi, Nicky

        Unfortunately I won’t be submitting a story to you now as it’s clear that the rumors are true regarding your complete inability to edit a simple text. You are not a real editor and have no business calling yourself one. From now on I will be keeping track of your submission calls and doing all I can to warn other writers that you are a fake editor engaging in fraudulent publishing practices.

        I would however, just like to say that I enjoyed the erotic content in The Headlights by Christopher Frost, a story you published in The Ethereal Gayzette issue 10.

        I find it highly amusing that you hand picked a story that contains material in direct contravention of your own strict “no erotic or LGBT content” rule of which you are so proud. As you are the sole “editor,” there is only one way such banned material could have made its way into the magazine, and that is that you accepted the story for publication and printed it without actually reading it.This of course, is the most utterly retarded, unprofessional, and unintentionally hilarious thing anyone could do.

        Obviously this reveals that you do not even read, let alone edit the stories you select for publication, which makes you the laughing stock of the entire publishing industry.

        Just to refresh your memory, here is a sample lifted directly from The Headlights:

        “…she felt Cain’s hand on her thigh; it crept up her soft leg until it was under her skirt and between her legs. Blakely scootched forward on the seat and casually spread her legs. She moaned as Cain pushed two fingers into her and twirled them around inside her body which caused her to openly moan. Blakely could feel her wetness seeping over her thighs, his fingers,and forming a small puddle beneath her ass on the leather seat. Within minutes she grasped the seat with her fingernails and an exhausted moan of an orgasm slipped between her lips.”

        I don’t expect you will have any response to this other than your usual childish insults, Nicky, but I sincerely hope it makes you fly into an impotent rage that ends with you being restrained by your family and taken away for a holiday at Saint Joes 🙂

      • You can’t even edit a simple text , Nicky. Go away and stop pretending to be a writer and editor.

      • Hi, Nicky

        Since you’ve thrown a tantrum lately and blocked me on various sites for my unfavorable reviews of your unreadable dreck, I thought I’d pass on a message here. I’m just letting you know that the young boy you’ve been obsessing over on has been given a heads up about you and your history of exploiting minors and other vulnerable people. So don’t bother trying to sucker him in to submitting some of his work for one of your crappy anthologies because he won’t be sending you anything.

        Have another nice day rotting in Grandma’s basement 😉

      • That one is my son’s age — nothingmore. I date women two years older than me or slightly younger; as in three years younger. I don’t exploit minors and these anthologies there is a 20 year old age limit for the one project and the other is for those who are in my own age bracket. I published more twenty somethings than anything else.

      • Let me guess do you make a habit of picking fights with people and hide without a face online? You and Stinkycat both because I really think you’re Marc Lyth because only you would violate copyrights from the magazine. You’re a fucking coward as I show who I am and explained on my blog with the one — he researches his material as I went looking for the sites an also looked up documentaries. So you want to pick a fight with me; time to turn on the video camera and show me who you are along with Karen Koehler because you crusades ended.

      • So you want to pick a fight with me; time to turn on the video camera and show me who you are along with Karen Koehler because you crusades ended.


      • Cowardly bitch — you hide behind the anime fangirl crap to pick fights with those who you had stalked my best friend of 19 years; tell me I never chased around your real life friends but you chased around mine. Ever since you had the falling out with Balzer have you made it a crusade to fuck with those who have very little to begin with. When I work with younger writers that goes back to my early years when I was 26-27 years old and did this when I was 25. So think about that one a bit. I am not a fucking pedophile as an author looked my name up and it’s not listed as a sex offender in any form. So tell me — how long do you make this your “civil duty” to fuck over those who have a Conservative perspective.

      • The authors who helped discovered me published young authors too — think about that one; how devoted are you losers into turning me into an unpublished author because you’re not my “biographer” you fucking cunt. You are a faceless coward who is a Fandom Wank wannabe as in I am waiting for Bruncha Myers to pull shit like this and lie through her teeth about me so why don’t you get on fandom_wank and brag how much of a faceless twat you are. One of my publishers in magazine format published 13 year old writers; The Writers Post Journal published very young too so think about that one a bit.

      • You fuckers hate my guts so much — why don’t you go on Dreamwidth and be cunts; the rules being no calling me out of name or retard stealing my characters to be a prick, You have 2200-4500 words with your blog entries without stealing my content or videos. Nor trying to invoke piracy of my catalog and plagiarism of my material as I had caught some of you jokers doing just that.

        Psuedonyms must sound like given names if you are going to even attempt to be a twat, and you must reveal your actual photographs. This is 2014; anon authorship ends with blogs and you want to even begin to end my career that’s where you’re going to fail. You can even enlist Chad Savage to create the letting of the blog that hates my guts as his whore made fun of my mental health diagnosis. I wnat to know how many of you hellbent cunts are out there who a.) encourage the theft of my catalog, b.) fabricated fake DMCAs on me and got my account frozen for 4 hours when they knew I did nothing wrong. Time to come forward with the names who got my accounts shut down and how many lies have you told to try to turn me into an unpublished author.

        How many of you liberal assholes were out there devoted to fucking me over; the whole thing about me being published didn’t sit well with you — live with the fact I am published and always will get published. Publishing other writers is what I also do; accept this and move on already. Get with the losers on and be assholes together. You don’t get books like An Eye In Shadows, Legend Keeper or my new one pulled; the rules is you challenge the book with a counterbook. As in don’t do books that bastardize my titles for some purpose — as in Fossil Lake was bastardized from Lake Fossil; as Christine Morgan was lying her ass off about how she got the name.

        You fucking fannish shitheads have a habit of bastardizing characters written by Christians and turning them into faggots; same rules apply with me don’t touch my characters or titles for your bastardizations and don’t libel my family either. As in my uncle didn’t write that story it’s one of you goons who did it you baby-raping assholes.

      • You don’t get books pulled — you challenge them; that’s the rules. As in I challenged The Picture of Dorian Gray by having a character urinating on the book in Game Over. Let me ask this question; how you justify Robert L. Baupader stealing my work and Brian Keene enabling him to do so? So you want to make that lie up about me beating Melany — I never raise a hand to beat her so you want to really libel me like that. The reason I wanted to get serious about being published is not mine. If you stifle someone who really had limited options; what does that make you? Tell me how can you justify fucking someone over who had to live with a lot of stigmas — being a Christian, a Conservative, having a mental health diagnosis and a learning disability. Some of you fuckers have a disturbing knowledge of children’s books and faggot novels. I think personaly that’s kind of creepy because the books that inspired An Eye In Shadows are The Chocolate War, Nightmare At 20,000 Feet and Best of H. P. Lovecraft then Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. So tell me how can you fuckers lie about me on with bad research therefore turning Shelfari into the new Encyclopedia Dramatica or Fandom Wank as I am guessing you assholes got your research from both of those sites.

      • I think it’s time for some warm chocolate milk and nap time Nicky. Perhaps you should read some of your children’s books. Oh your former classmates have been more than helpful in providing me material for your biography. I had hoped to wrap it up last year, but unlike yourself I have a real career that keeps me busy. Plus, I’m holding it to be released on your birthday. That’s my gift to you. Welcome.

      • “That one is my son’s age — nothingmore.”

        Immaterial Nicky. He’s still been warned about you & your practice of destroying up and coming talented writers..

        “I date women two years older than me or slightly younger; as in three years younger.”

        You mean like that time you took a minor out to a cemetery, in an attempts to seduce her? I assume by date you mean “act creepy around.”

        “I don’t exploit minors and these anthologies there is a 20 year old age limit for the one project and the other is for those who are in my own age bracket. I published more twenty somethings than anything else.”

        Nicky, stop talking rubbish. There is no age limit because no one will work with you anymore.

        “Let me guess do you make a habit of picking fights with people and hide without a face online?”

        Why would a face online help you Nicky? In a battle of wits you always come unarmed…. If the person in question had a face you’d still be mentally unarmed.

        “You and Stinkycat both because I really think you’re Marc Lyth because only you would violate copyrights from the magazine.”

        Is this going to be another one of those claims in which you insist people breached your copyright, but in reality you just don’t understand how Copyright works? Like when you spent 3 weeks calling a DMCA a DCMA?

        “You’re a fucking coward as I show who I am and explained on my blog with the one”

        How is pointing out that who you say you are isn’t a representation of who you actually are cowardly?

        “So you want to pick a fight with me; time to turn on the video camera and show me who you are along with Karen Koehler because you crusades ended.”

        No he’s not picking a fight, he’s simply pointing any young author you are obsessing over the past record of your own stupidity….. You know, such as pointing them right here, so they can see you throwing a tantrum like a child.

        As for a crusade, it’s not over: People dislike you to the point that they want you to fail to the point that they’re doing everything in their power to make sure you’ll never publish again. Just to put that in to perspective, even Vox Day, the most hated man in science fiction writing is still publishing books & still has no problem finding writers for his imprint. You on the other hand are just done.

      • “Cowardly bitch — you hide behind the anime fangirl crap to pick fights with those who you had stalked my best friend of 19 years;”

        Firstly, you have no friends Nicky. Secondly how is talking directly to you cowardly? Because he/she won’t give you their name so you can stalk them to?

        “When I work with younger writers that goes back to my early years when I was 26-27 years old and did this when I was 25. So think about that one a bit.”

        I’ve thought about it a lot, it still isn’t a coherent sentence…. Maybe you should get an editor to go over your writings….. Not you of course, I mean a real editor: One that can spell words AND write a coherent sentence.

        “I am not a fucking pedophile as an author looked my name up and it’s not listed as a sex offender in any form.”

        Just means you haven’t been caught yet Nicky. But I’m sure if you keep on taking under age girls to cemeteries it’ll only be a matter of time.

        “So tell me — how long do you make this your ‘civil duty’ to fuck over those who have a Conservative perspective.”

        Oh Nicky people fuck with you not because you are a conservative, but because you are a raging arsehole, in need of serious mental health help.

      • I would rather be an asshole; than a faggot. But someone like you who denied I was plagiarized have you looked up what David Boyer did you fucking plagiarism advocate. As your “friend” Koehler calls Robert Baupader her inner circle you twat.

      • Tell me Koehler — on video explain how you lied to get my novella pulled and ultimately kicked from; you little assholes realize I wasn’t crying when I was kicked — I became enraged because I was kicked on a lie and Brian Keene fabricated a letter saying how I “published” his e-mail address and Mary Sangiovanni’s address in the novella which are both lies. So tell me do you buy into every lie and spin that is going around with me? Did you start the spin that is going around because it’s poorly researched tripe; as clearly you had this lie going around how I submitted for The Blackest Death — I never submitted for the anthology because I didn’t even know about this until 2005 when some of the roster came to Tabloid Purposes II.

        Where did you get your so called “research” – Encyclopedia Dramatica and Sherrod DeHippo. That fat bitch can’t do research for the life of her as I warned her that if she does another Encyclopedia Dramatica I am gunning for everyone involed with that yellow journalism ring. Yes what you’re doing is yellow journalism as I used the term piss blogging in 2008. 2014-2015 anon cowardice ends; as you anon cowards basically are trolls who have followings from other trolls as does Angry In Illinois who made up the lie about a loan about my company that never took plae.

        That lie he did is because he didn’t like my rules and was pissed off about it so one of you jokers invented the persona and started plagiarizing my material — you assholes can’t keep your lies straight as S. E. Cox was the one who cracked first and the end of her company happened within a year and a half. Rule of thumb with rookie publishers don’t pick fights with veterans and get your information on rivals from troll based wikis.

        Denying that I was plagiairzed as I said this to Monika O’Rourke is like denying The Holocaust took place. So tell me — do you want to cover up for Brian Keene enabling my work to be stolen; 2014-15 time to pull out the video camera. 2.) shut the fuck up you libel vile twat and go drink some cynide laced vodka because you’re solely to blame with me losing my accounts. Did you make it your fucking crusade to end my publishing career because you stared out self-published and lied your ass off about being self-published when I figured out you were the owner of Black Death Books than the publishing consultant; it came from a line in one of you own books you fucking fandom wank.

        Excuse me while I down some black coffee in a beer stein.

      • How about you put on your big boy pants now Nicky? Your childish tantrums are boring. At least you could have an original comeback once in awhile.

      • Indeed. Boyer can write better. You know you haven’t written a story in 20 years? Everything you spew out is just a mishmash of words jumbled together that sound like every other thing you spewed out before. You don’t have a single original creative thought. Must be all those drugs rotted your brain. Now go tune up you Queen and snuggle with your My Little Pony. The adults have work to do.

      • I think we should, however, celebrate the lack of insults and profanities in Nicky’s previous comment. Well done! I knew you could do it.

      • Sorry Nicky, unlike yourself I am educated and can write. That is why the biography already has pre-orders filled. I admit your sudden death at home from not chewing your food would have been the most fitting conclusion to your biography. I think that’s deserving of a Stinkycat comic.

      • You got the decade right, but you probably don’t know what year it is. And you really shouldn’t slam others for fake names on the internet ‘uncle fossil’ (you really ARE looking as ancient as a fossil these days) or ‘gothic preacher’ or whoever the hell you are today.

      • Why don’t you overdose on your illicit drugs bitch? Tell me what do you think the money goes to when my stories are sold somewhere — I don’t do hard drugs and Brian Keene buys his fans child pornography.

      • blah blah I blew all my money on shit I don’t need instead of my bills, and it’s everyone’s fault but mine. Grow up and get a pair Nicky.

      • I am a straight man lady I would never suck dick — so why don’t you give oral pleasure to a .22 pistol and pull the trigger you libelous cunt. End this crusade with my publishing career by ending your life. I am a Conservative and that bothers you to the core — how does it feel to know that Gary Oldman is one of us.

      • Lady = you — me = straight man; you don’t get Inland terms do you. You want to understand the terminology of Inland North area shit or get off the pot you fucking cunt.

      • At least we have larger vocabularies than you Nicky. You’re seems to consist solely of fuck, cunt, twat, whore, racial slurs, and lots of terms for gay sex.

      • Melany take your head out of your ass as you really hate large city writers with a passion — I never use small towns or rarely use them. When I do a small town they’re four of five close together. Oak Lawn was more my home than Mason City was — though sadly I wish I was able to find a lot of the closer places to eat within Pace Bus range .

      • Damn if I hate big city authors I better stop reading anne rice, stephen king, jeffrey deaver, douglas preston & lincoln child…oh wait I don’t hate big city authors I just hate one wannebe fake author whose initials happen to be NAP which is something you need you’re acting like a sleepy 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum again nicky.

      • “Lady = you — me = straight man” Say what?

        I wonder what Nicky and “Pork Chop” are up to tonight. Nevermind, I think we all know. I hope he’s worked on that gag reflex.

      • I am not a queer. Never was a faggot nor will I be one either — not like your friend [censored by admin] who went after strange flesh and not look what he has. An anally inflicted death sentence.

      • Calling women whores, fat sows, cunts, and twats is what is keeping you from dating Nicky. Why would ANY woman want a man who has NO RESPECT for women and only bathes once every 10 years? Oh yeah, and a recent study about how a lot of beards are just as filled with disgusting bacteria as a toilet isn’t going to help since your pathetic goatee is really really gross.

      • “Time to come forward with the names who got my accounts shut down”

        Okay, fine, I’ll tell you: It was this creepy guy who takes under age girls to cemeteries, his name is Nicky.

        You remember Nicky, that was you who kept on breaking the terms of service & then when you got your account closed, you went & cried on their facebook page, while trying to gain sympathy by playing the “mental health issues” card.

        If you’ve forgotten this Nicky I can quite happily post you a link to an archive of it.

        Nicky, you are your own worst enemy, the person taking you down is you.

      • I didn’t cry I got pissed; you little queer. I wasn’t tearing on my end — that was pure rage. Put it like this asshole. If I was in NC they would seen a size ten in their fucking door. I was kicked on a lie you little queer. And you piss on my deceased authors you rotten bag of piss

      • “This is 2014; anon authorship ends with blogs…”

        Wrong. It’s 2015, Nicky.

        “Time to come forward with the names who got my accounts shut down.”

        Wrong again. The only thing it’s time to do is stop pretending you’re a real writer, editor, and publisher. You don’t even know what year it is for Christ’s sake.

      • You stop with the fake personas because the only way I will stop being a publisher is if you have a gun pointing at me point blank range you AIDS infested faggot; how many times have you fucked [name censored by admin] to get an anally inflicted death sentence. So I suggest you end this fucking Crusade Lyth as the typing patterns; well they look like something you would say Marc. Game over for you and time to die of AIDS already. You have all this knowledge of faggot books and Stinky Cat with Children’s books — personally I find that kinda disturbing. As Koehler’s “friend” plagiarizes history.

      • “I would rather be an asshole; than a faggot.”

        Ah classic Nicky homophobia.

        “But someone like you who denied I was plagiarized have you looked up what David Boyer did you fucking plagiarism advocate.”

        You’ve never been plagiarized Nicky. Seriously show me one instance of your work being plagiarized. Just one Nicky & keep in mind I won’t accept things that are not plagiarizing that you think are plagiarizing such as people using a word you think you have dibs on.

        “I didn’t cry I got pissed;

        Really? Because I have the link to the archive & it certainly sounds like you are sobbing.

        “you little queer.”

        Nicky be honest is your obsession with Gay people really just jealousy that they can be openly gay, but you can’t admit to yourself that you like guys too? It would certainly explain some things.

        After all, you talk about gay people more than openly gay people do.

        “Put it like this asshole. If I was in NC they would seen a size ten in their fucking door.”

        Oh Nicky, you accidentally in your sentence. Go back and rewrite this sentence, this time with proper sentence structure.

        “I was kicked on a lie you little queer.”

        No you were kicked out for continual breaches of the terms of service. You keep on trying to make out that everyone else is out to get you because you are a conservative, it’s not: It’s because you can’t control yourself & so keep on doing stupid things.

        “And you piss on my deceased authors you rotten bag of piss”

        Nicky you don’t have an authors, but I can totally believe you have a basement full of corpses.

      • “go check out the proof right there Purgatory Hotel/Hotel Purgatory is A Mind of Illness a thought to be lost short story.”

        Nicky you’ve linked me to a dead page Nicky….. There is literally nothing there.

        So tell me Nicky is this your evidence for your claim that your work has been plagiarized? Because a dead web page is not at all compelling as far as evidence of your claim goes.

        “I have no problem being the deal from someone who emerged from the Industrial Metal circles you little coward. Someone who did something from heavy metal in a way that I like my occupation as a publisher and someone like you”

        Nicky, this paragraph is why you aren’t an author: Because you can’t string together a single coherent sentence.

        “denying that David Boyer stole my work as many he ripped from”

        Nicky no one plagiarized your work because it’s incomprehensible in its execution & pedestrian in it’s conception. As has been pointed out, writing a coherent sentence is well beyond your ability.

        “Piss off as I refused to play by the rules for years.”

        Which leaves you a lot of time to play with yourself, because others don’t want to play with you.

        It’s time to just admit you aren’t an author & no one is plagiarizing your work. You simply aren’t talented enough for anyone to bother ripping you off.

        Seriously Nicky seek mental health help.

      • This coming from the cowardly little boy who hides every time someone takes him up on his offer to beat the shit out of them.

      • You threaten to beat women and children all the time because you’re too much of a coward to take on real men not little boys like yourself, and you think anyone believes you never nit me Nicky? hahahahaha oh and those ‘fake names’ people publish under? they’re called PEN NAMES. you know…like Samuel Clemens used Mark Twain? Or YOUR fake names you’ve written under?

      • yawn another boring insult to dead family members from someone who throws a childish tantrum when we insult HIS. Go drink your chocolate milk Nicky.

      • “ (dead page?)”

        Yes the other address you gave me was a dead link, you’ve apparently fixed that. So lets go look up “Purgatory Hotel” as well as “Hotel Purgatory” on this website of yours: No results found.

        Hmmmmmmm, your evidence of you being plagiarized has self destructed again Nicky. So where is this evidence of yours Nicky.

        “Why don’t you go join my ex-fiancee’s mother?”

        Sure, is she the one who has the evidence that you work has been plagiarized?

      • Woah! You got all the way to the end before unleashing the hate. Well done Nicky. Now it’s only a small step to leaving that stuff off entirely.

      • You only got three words before you had to swear again Nicky? Such a pity, now I’ll never know what you wrote in the rest of your comment.

      • we’ll stop being ‘twats’ and ‘cunts’ the day you start acting like an adult instead of a 3 year old. And how does it feel knowing I’VE sold one story, plan to submit another to Fossil Lake 3 with hopes it’ll be accepted, but NOBODY has bought any of your Crap Nicky?

      • I submitted to something that’s not a bastardization to Lake Fossil. Fossil Lake is a bastardization of Lake Fossil — my trilogy series so Lake Fossil Press will never publish those pieces of shit. Christine Morgan is a fraud who publishes fake name writers who plagiarize.

      • Christine PAID for the stories in Fossil Lake 1 & 2 , and I bet she’ll pay for the ones that get into #3. You have NEVER paid for the stories you stole for your pathetic works. Who is the REAL fraud Nicky?

      • Over the years you have often threatened to physically attack horror writer Ray Garton, Nicky. These threats include everything from burning down his house to kicking in his front door and assaulting him in his own home. As Karen has pointed out, Ray is a sweet guy who has never done anything to you, Nicky. But in case you’ve confused “sweet” with “timid,” you may want to take a look at this story and get an idea of what might happen to you should you ever be so foolish as to try and carry out your threats.

      • I personally would have LOVED to see Nicky the Cowardly Nobody go after my mom when she was alive. He would have been in for a hell of a shock. She kept an axe handle under her side of the bed and wasn’t afraid to use it on unwashed little boys like Nicky.

      • “No it hasn’t there had been a few who had been on Boyer as you’re a child-fucker. ”

        Nicky mate, this is another one of those sentences in which words appear, but they do not form a coherent sentence.

        It also doesn’t address the point whatsoever: You’ve told me to look at a website for evidence that you work has been plagiarized. I’ve looked & yet no evidence of your claim is evident.

        So again I ask for evidence to substantiate your claim that stories from your utterly pedestrian catalogue of scribbling’s has been plagiarized. Show me the evidence to support your claim Nicky.

      • Two words before you swore this time Nicky. And that’s all I’ll know of your comment.

      • “Tell me what do you think the money goes to when my stories are sold somewhere ”

        So this is a hypothetical question Nicky? You know since you aren’t selling any thing to anyone & haven’t done so for quite a few years & even when you were arguably a writer you weren’t selling anything.

        “Pay attention twat; my work had been swiped by Boyer and by Bapauder. So you want to stop being a twat now?”

        See, that wasn’t so hard now was it Nicky? To think with all the time you wasted playing silly buggers when you could have just posted the link to start with.

        “I stop listening to shit worms when they use my short name with a “y” because that’s a slur on me.”

        So your name is a slur upon you? Nicky that is a super strange thing for you to believe.

      • “I am working on new material right now lady;”

        That’s nice. No one will publish it & even if you self publish, no one will purchase it. So the point still stands that you haven’t written anything in 20 years.

      • Let me ask this fucker — how much of a crusade would you want to do to turn me until an unpublished author? I was in a magazine with my work and seen cool mediums illustrated with it. So what’s your excuse queer.

      • “Let me ask this fucker”

        Which fucker are you asking? Oh you meant “Let me ask YOU this fucker.” See that’s the kind of syntax error a good editor would have spotted.

        “how much of a crusade would you want to do to turn me until an unpublished author?”

        You already are an unpublished author Nicky…. You haven’t sold anything in what, a decade?

        “I was in a magazine with my work”

        Really? How did they fit you into the magazine Nicky? Oh I think you meant to say “my work has been published in [name of magazine here].” Again this is a basic syntax issue you would think an editor would know not to make.

        “and seen cool mediums illustrated with it.”

        Have you seen any smalls or larges illustrated with it? Oh you meant something else? Because if you meant medium as in different art styles that would mean that other art styles have utilized your book in their construction…. Which I can only assume means that children tore pages out of your book to make paper planes, or painted on them.

        “So what’s your excuse queer.”

        My excuse for what Nicky? I have done nothing requiring an excuse, unlike yourself.

        “I don’t like when the “y” chaser is used with my name”

        Well darn Nicky, you are going to hate this reply then.

        “I had written stories constantly the 18 years I’ve been online”

        So have all the other fan fiction writers on the internet, they aren’t publishers either.

        “quit being my “biographer” because all you’re doing is passing around false information ”

        And you don’t want the competition with the misinformation you are spreading around about yourself? You know, misinformation like you being a publisher, an author, or that you are the real life version of Holden Caulfield & you totally are not obsessed with gay sex? You mean misinformation like that?

        “I submitted to something that’s not a bastardization to Lake Fossil. Fossil Lake is a bastardization of Lake Fossil”

        No actually Nicky it is not. You do not own the word Lake or Fossil. Nor do you own the idea of books, anthologies, or horror. You need to get over yourself, you are not being oppressed, nor is the existence of an anthology with a similar name a bastardisation of your own press (especially given you don’t publish anything).

        “Fossil Lake is a bastardization of Lake Fossil — my trilogy series so Lake Fossil Press will never publish those pieces of shit”

        /facepalm. Using your own poor syntax you do realize you just called your own series pieces of shit.All because you missed a comma.

        “Christine Morgan is a fraud who publishes fake name writers who plagiarize.”

        No she really isn’t Nicky.

        Christine Morgan sent out contracts, which she waited on before she published anyone’s contribution to her anthology.

        At which point she sent all authors their checks and contributor’s copy as or before the book was released on the open market.

        That’s more than we can say for you Nicky: Not only have you not paid people you had no contract with, you’ve padded out your works with stuff from the public domain, like you did with Ethereal Gazette 12 including
        – The Phantom Coach
        – Horror at Martin’s Beach
        – Hex
        – Elegy

        Christine Morgan has never had to pad out her anthologies with reprints of public domain work… So to reiterate you are not a publisher, you aren’t an author, you can barely construct a sentence & you do not own the words fossil or lake, in any order whatsoever….. An last but not least, I will always call you Nicky.

      • Nicky “Manlady” Pacione… I see… Makes sense, doesn’t it? All of his rampant bigotry stems from a deep rooted self loathing due to his transgender sexuality, which he is struggling to come to terms with. Now now, Nickolina, why don’t you go put Grannys pantyhose on, stand in front of a mirror, take a deep breath and repeat “I accept myself for who I really am” until you feel better? Then you can have a nice glass of chocolate milk and let Uncle tuck you in for your beddie-nap-nap time, ok? You’ll feel much sweeter in the morning, sweetie.

      • Fuck off you little worm — this is coming from a cunt who wrote as my deceased grandmother. If there was a way to put you behind a firing squad you little fuck — I would pull the trigger myself on you. You know nothing about American Conservatism.

      • You’re too cowardly to punch anyone in the face when you’ve been given chances too, you’d probably shoot yourself if you tried to carry out your death threat.

      • It’s obvious you’re very sensitive about your homosexuality. You should talk to your therapist about these urges and what they mean.

      • I believe it’s wrong — I will never engage in this; so the fact is I am straight get over it. You’re a plagiarism advocate and advocate what Brian Keene pulled. What do you have against Conservatism? I didn’t vote for Pat Quinn.

      • Of course you didn’t vote for them you’ve never voted once in your life Nicky because that would mean going out into the big scary world to go to your local polling station.

      • “Accept the fact that homosexuality is wrong and gay marriage is a blasphemy you faggot. Are you a faggot?”

        Not so much a fact Nicky as much as subjective conjecture, which as you may know is the polar opposite of a fact. A fact is objective, subjective conjecture as the name would imply is subjective.

        “You are not my biographer so cease from doing so you fucking plagiarist cunt ”

        What is it exactly you think these SPECIFIC people have plagiarized from you exactly Nicky? Be clear & succinct.

      • “Accept the fact that homosexuality is wrong and gay marriage is a blasphemy you faggot.”

        Wrong again, Nicky. It’s you that needs to accept the fact that homosexuality is a natural by-product of evolution, and that open acceptance of both it and gay marriage are fast becoming mainstream reality throughout the developed world.

        It’s hateful, bigoted views such as yours that are just as quickly becoming as unacceptable as sexism and racism. This trend is irreversible. Nothing can stop it. Twenty years from now and the anti-gay argument will be obsolete altogether, just like you.

        Oh, and by the way, you’ve been vowing to stop gay marriage for years and yet it’s now legal in 37 states and counting, including Illinois:

        “Same-sex marriage has been legally recognized in Illinois since a law signed by Governor Pat Quinn on November 20, 2013 took effect on June 1, 2014…”

        Read it and weep, Dickolaus.

      • “I believe it’s wrong — I will never engage in this; so the fact is I am straight get over it.”

        Nicky, who are you trying to convince here? Everyone else, or yourself?

        “You’re a plagiarism advocate”

        Your slipping Nicky, before you claimed that plagiarized your work. HOW exactly Nicky?

        “What do you have against Conservatism?”

        No one has anything against Conservatives Nicky. People who are targeting you are targeting you, because you are a terrible human being, who needs to stop pretending to be either an author or an editor.

      • “Sorry Matthew you have nothing published”

        Nicky you have no idea what I have published, because unlike you I don’t incessantly feel the need to try to impress people with my publishing credentials…. Only those who know there own credentials are suspect feel the need to embellish them.

        “so stop trying to be a fucking whore and sabotage my career.”

        Nicky you don’t have a career in writing: You’ve not written a published word in over a decade & no one will sign with you because you yourself sabotaged your own “career” over a decade ago.

        “It’s not natural and it’s a blasphemy against science”

        LOL, a blasphemy against science? Nicky a blasphemy against science is like a kosher piece of bacon, or dry water, or cold fire, it’s an oxymoron: I suppose that would make you oxy-moronical.

        See science is descriptive, it’s theories are prescriptive, they make no moral claims about homosexuality, so even if science had such a thing as a blasphemy, which it does not, homosexuality wouldn’t be consider blasphemous.

        So stop trying to speak for science, because you wouldn’t know science if it came and shoved it hot juicy “beef chop” in your mouth.

        “Pat Quinn made a mistake to make the blasphemy legal.”

        In your belief, but as has been demonstrated many things you think aren’t correct & this is simply another one to add to that list.

        Now answer the question you are avoiding: How did the people here exactly plagiarized your “work”?

      • Matthew is right, Nicky. For someone who is constantly “throwing down gauntlets” and challenging his “enemies” to refute multiple accusations, you never give a proper response to any that are directed at you.

        For example, you have remained silent over the issue of erotic content in Christopher Frost’s story The Headlights, which YOU published in your very own Ethereal Gazette #10. Why the silence, Nicky? How could such material, which is expressly banned by you, the sole editor of the magazine, come to be in it?
        I challenge you to provide a credible explanation as to how this could have happened other than the obvious one, i.e. that you are not a real editor but an incompetent fool who publishes stories without even reading them.

        Not only that, but you’ve also had the audacity to blame such contributors for trying to “sabotage” your magazine. How could anyone possibly “sabotage” your magazine if you have total editorial control? Real editors simply reject stories they don’t like or that contravene strict rules.

        As for your problem with homosexuality, in the past you have publicly and repeatedly bragged about how you grew up in the same area of Illinois as Doug Pinnick from King’s X. You were a big fan of the band because of their music and Christian beliefs, and you were proud to associate yourself with Pinnick, until you learned he was gay. Then you started trying to pretend you never liked him or the band. But the fact is you did, Nicky. You admired and respected a gay man for his musical talent and beliefs for years and openly bragged about it, and there’s NOTHING you can ever do to change that.

        I challenge you to explain how suddenly hating Pinnick because you assumed he was straight is any different from someone hating him because they assumed he was white.

        Same goes for Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert of prog metal band Cynic, who have both recently come out as gay men. On your Tumblr page you posted your retarded reasons for why they should have stayed in the closest, namely that you “don’t want to hear about gay men having sex.” What on earth does this have to do with their music? When have they ever sung about gay sex? How is their private life relevant to their skills as musicians? If someone hired a team of professional builders to build a house and then found out two of them were gay, it would be as irrelevant as finding out that two of them were vegetarians.

        Again, I challenge you to refute any or all of these points in a coherent and detailed manner and not just respond with your usual adolescent insults.

      • “Lady = you — me = straight man; you don’t get Inland terms do you.”

        Oh is that the excuse you are using for not understanding how punctuation works? Inland is some language that looks rudimentarily like English, but with punctuation, grammar and syntax reminiscent of a 5 year old trying to write a sentence.

      • I write with a dialect — a dialect known to my region that’s the Rust Belt. So tell me do you even study American Dialects as there are variations of an accent within one area.

      • “I write with a dialect”

        Nicky there is no such dialect as “5 year old.”

        If someone told you otherwise they were simply trying to spare you the self knowledge that you as a grown adult write like a 5 year old.

      • Let me guess you never heard the Inland North Dialect; so spare your own knowledge of being a cunt as you’re too busy sucking off [censored]. Koehler piss off you cunt because it’s your friend who plagiarized me.

      • Again and again you are showing everyone just how low your IQ is and your complete lack of reading comprehension Nicky. No wonder your writing skills are so laughable and bad.

      • He has openly admitted on his own blog that he knows those were jokes played on him by the people he himself stalks, so that whole plagiarism screed doesn’t float. No one believes you, Nicky, so STFU already.

      • Melany — I just don’t write for backward hicks and been in a magazine; look up Tales of the Talisman 2.1 and 2.4 and you will see exactly what I mean. You can’t come up with mid-range short stories even while we were together. The only time you went into stealing concepts to become a “writer” is when you went after Storms of Armageddon when Janice Frank was trying to do an anthology that swiped my catalog. As I caught S. E. Cox stealing my novel before it was ready to be published. You are caught up with a circle where piracy is something that they go and do to their enemies. I know the true origins of Fossil Lake it was when fucked up my company name during the first time Tabloid Purposes IV was on You want to run with these losers who fabricated my takedown notice — you can’t come up with a novella that doesn’t swipe or bastardize my titles. Koehler tell me is it true your publishing history before Slayer was entirely in fanfiction?

      • Nicky nicky nicky still whining about people ‘stealing’ titles you stole yourself. Your titles are hardly original or new. And I can’t write stories? ‘Finding Miss Fossie’ was around 5,000 words if I remember right. I can’t write a badly written novella? I take part in Nanowrimo every year and write a NOVEL of 30,000+ words. I just choose not to self publish it because unlike you, I know they suck. What have YOU gotten published in the last 10 years that you didn’t publish yourself? When was the last time ANYONE but you bought one of your ugly pieces of crap you call a book?

      • Look up the Inland North you faggot because I am sure you never spent time in the Great Lakes Region because this is a dialect that’s hard to catch and get mistaken for what you say you fucking grammar-nazi. So tell me how many men have you slept with you little queer because political correctness is drenched with every post you make queer.

      • “Look up the Inland North you faggot because I am sure you never spent time in the Great Lakes Region because this is a dialect that’s hard to catch and get mistaken for what you say you fucking grammar-nazi.”

        Oh Nicky, that excuse was lame the first time you used it, now your desperation for it to be true is just becoming increasingly sad. A dialect doesn’t skip commas Nicky….. Even one from the Great Lakes region.

        “So tell me how many men have you slept with you little queer because political correctness is drenched with every post you make queer.”

        LOL, more obfuscation Nicky. I’ve asked you a simple question & you are throwing out red herring statements in the hopes that I forget the question. Sorry Nicky, but I’ve not forgotten the question: Define how exactly these people specifically have plagiarized your work.

        “Melany — I just don’t write for backward hicks”

        Nicky you don’t write for anybody, as that would assume a state in which someone is actually going to read your writings,

        “and been in a magazine;”

        In which the editor had to put a warning on your story announcing that your views don’t represent those of the magazine.

        “The only time you went into stealing concepts to become a “writer” is when you went after Storms of Armageddon when Janice Frank was trying to do an anthology that swiped my catalog.”

        HOW did they swipe your catalogue Nicky: Cite your evidence.

        “As I caught S. E. Cox stealing my novel before it was ready to be published.”

        How did they even get their hands on your work Nicky? If you are the writer & an editor, no one had any reason to have your work prior to your publishing of the work.

        So again, citation is required.

        “I know the true origins of Fossil Lake it was when fucked up my company name during the first time Tabloid Purposes IV was on”

        It doesn’t matter Nicky: You do not have a trademark on the words Fossil or Lake, either individually or in a sentence.

        “You want to run with these losers who fabricated my takedown notice — you can’t come up with a novella that doesn’t swipe or bastardize my titles.”

        Again Nicky, you are going to have to supply a citation that demonstrates evidence for that claim, because you make that claim a lot & so far you’ve failed to substantiate it.

        “Koehler tell me is it true your publishing history before Slayer was entirely in fanfiction?”

        Nicky it doesn’t matter what his publishing history before publishing his first work is or was.

        No offer a substantive, non-Nicky-ranting citation for your assertions.

      • His claims of some imaginary ‘dialect’ don’t explain his inability to spell his own and his company’s names repeatedly either. He can substantiate his claims because they’re as imaginary as his career.

  19. Nicky is a repulsive piece of filth. His posts here are horrifying. And also, so grammatically awful that it’s obvious to anyone with eyeballs and a third grade education that he is no writer. He should stay far, far away from the publishing field.

    His paranoia and delusions are becoming excessive. His lies are worse, because he KNOWS he’s just smearing people in a childish, mentalky-stunted potty-humor sort of way. How is it even possible that no one has had him committed yet?

    At least he doesn’t really have to worry about accusations of sex with minors – no one believes anyone would sleep with Nicky anyway. Although he knows so much detailed information about gay sex, either he’s had it, or desperately wants to.

    • I agree with all of the above, Wishewashed. The only reason I leave these comments up is so newcomers can see what a vile little shit he is and learn to run far, far away. So far, it seems to be working. Call it my public service to the publishing industry.

  20. I just want to gather all his little sentences in my arms and tell them shhh, it’s all right, we won’t let the bad little howler monkey abuse them and their grammar anymore.

  21. Hi Nick,

    I see from your comments that you’re an editor in addition to being a writer and publisher. I’m thinking of submitting a story to you for one of
    your future anthologies, but considering that others have cast doubt on your status as a legitimate professional I will need you to give me a quick demonstration of your editing abilities to ensure that my story is in good hands. If you would kindly edit the following brief extract I’m sure we can put the issue of your legitimacy to rest once and for all. It’s a basic exercise that any real editor could easily fix in a matter of minutes, pointing out grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and advising on how to improve sentence structure, pacing, eliminating superfluous words etc.

    John loved the way Sarah looked when she was all dressed up and looking good. He wanted to complement her on her good style sense but was to shy given that he had been still thought of himself as uncool . He watched her from across the room where she stood at the bar lightening it up with her radiant presence. He wanted to talk to her so bad but the noisy niteclub drowned out out any chance of descent conservation. He would been have to yell through a loudhailer to be heard over the deafening beat of industrial Gothic music pounding out from the speakers. He hugged some more of his cheap beer that tastes bad as it looked and and wondered what he was doing in this place where everyone looks at least 5 years younger than he was. Maybe he was getting to old for this scence. Maybe it was time to move on to greener pastimes and see what the bar scene was like up north where it was colder but still a place that remained unexplored to him. His ears were pounded by the music again and he finished his beer and walked out into the dark of night that lay outside.

    I look forward to seeing how you edit this, Nick. I realize it’s a very basic exercise but given the number of people claiming you are not a real editor, I feel it is a necessary one.


  22. Hahahaha Nicky is still lying, repulsive, and delusional as hell. How many sales have you made in the past year Nicky? More than Fossil Lake 1 &2? I greatly doubt it.

      • It’s sad that Nicky is too hopelessly delusional to understand basic American law. To burst his little nutty-bubble: Having someone’s SSN is NOT a crime, and no one is going to jail for it. Stalking and harassing and libel? Yup, those are crimes (requiring actual proof, of course) and there is ABUNDANT proof of Nicky’s committing those crimes. So Nicky ought to be VERY careful about drawing the attention of law enforcement right about now, especially with those who are already aware of how many stalking and harassment laws he has already broken across state lines.

        PS — I hope if anyone is still naive enough to think Pacione is a basically ok or harmless person, they take the time to read and digest his own words here.

      • Can someone please tell me why this guy hasn’t been locked up yet?

        The threats he makes are really explicit and, while we would all like to believe that he’s just a nutjob in his mother’s basement making baseless threats, he is clearly mentally and emotionally unstable.

        We’re all poking at him, tongue-in-cheek, but isn’t there a real danger that he could snap and do real harm to someone?

  23. What the hell did I just read.
    Saw Pacione mentioned in a discussion on Robert Stanek (another hackjob self-published delusional) and thought I’d google this guy. I actually thought Stanek was the pinneacle of craziness, but my mind is now more than changed. I was expecting a few blog posts about this guy giving himself fake reviews / fake likes on Facebook, and maybe accounts of a few sockpuppet shenanigans – wasn’t really expecting to find anything like this. What a demented, basement-dwelling lunatic.

    Little did I know that my research into faux reviews on sites like Amazon would lead me down these dark alleys… kind of wish I could unread all of that. Reading this guys posts makes me want to scrub my brain clean of the filth with antibacterial soap.

  24. Nicky is remarkably crazy. To sustain such an off the chart level of delusional madness for decades is practically unheard of. He might well be a unique case.

  25. So if we’re only supposed to use our REAL names on the internet and publishing how does Nicky explain all his fake personas on various sites? And since when is using a pen name in the writing world a crime to anyone but delusional basement trolls who need decades of therapy and a tall glass of chocolate milk??

    • I think the only reason Nicky keeps urging everyone to ‘go on video’ and say something disparaging about him is so he can leap on it with an ‘aha, gotcha for slander/libel!’, and then extort money from them in exchange for not suing them.
      If he thinks there’s even the slightest chance of this ever happening then he really is THAT stupid.

      • Indeed, taking him up on that challenge is a bad, bad, bad idea. This guy’s crazy, but there are a few more like him, don’t think he’d have much trouble uploading everything he’s managed to dox / glean ESPECIALLY photos / captures to various revenge websites (f**khers**tup and the likes) and post to some mysoginist ass / hater bully forum ensuring a flood of abuse and a bunch of no-lifers with a newfound hate-agenda trying their darndest to ruin reputations coming after you.
        “But he’s nuts” won’t help much in places where many of the discussions had sound much like what he’s written here. I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew his way around that kind of scene pretty well. I’m guessing because I know my way around it pretty well, too.

        I wouldn’t ever let him know jack about me. It generally helps to protect yourself by reminding yourself that everything you say and do can and sometimes will be used against you, provided it’s associated with a few nuggets of real info that can be traced to you as a person. (Full name, city, age & gender, real email adress, stuff like that.) And not in a court way, more like in a major abuse way – that will only make you WISH it was of the actual court persuasion.

        Trusting whatever sorry remnant of a moral code this guy may still have is probably not the best of ideas. Giving in to any of his taunts would, and I’m not trying to sound like anyone’s parent, – be a bad, bad idea.

  26. That’s right, though strangely enough, Nicky never uses his actual nickname: Power Bottom Pacione, as they call him in Chicago’s gay bathhouse scene. I wish he’d stop this elaborate charade of heterosexuality. Everyone knows that ole Power Bottom lives in Morris with his boyfriend Lloyd Phillip Campbell and their pet unicorn Sparkles.

  27. I’m beginning to agree with Keene’ contention that ‘Little Nicky Squeakyvoice’ isn’t real. Note that others respond point by point to his accusations of … what, can anyone make sense of his ramblings? Whatever it is he’s accusing folks of, as if anyone with any self respect would plagiarize someone so magnificently untalented as Nicky. And yet ‘he’ never responds to any of their points, but merely repeats ‘his’ previous accusations, again without anything remotely resembling proof, reason or logic. The only conclusion anyone rational could make is that the entity we’ve known all these years as ‘Little Nicky Nippledick” is actually a bot. He’s a program, set up by some insane genius, to seek out writers, prod them with inane accusations, and then pretend to react to their protestations. I suspect the oral hygiene-challenged character slurring his speech in the videos is the same person Keene found to cosplay the bot in recent photos. As the videos precede the photos by some years, Keene himself must therefore be behind this decades-long imposture. Very clever, Mr. Keene! Bravo, sir! The only question remaining is, wherever did you find so incompetent a ‘writer’ to produce all those faux volumes of badly written drivel you attributed to ‘Little Nicky’? Whoever that was, is either to be lauded as a genius or pitied as the worst hack in history.

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