Coming Soon: The Mrs. McGillicuddy Mysteries, the Series

So this is something I’ve been playing with for some time. I’ve wanted to work on the next Mrs. McGillicuddy Mystery, but I’ve been a little short of time, what with KHP, my various ongoing other series, and editing and cover work on the side. Oh, and my cover work and editing is soon to expand in 2013 to a new business. More on that next year.

So I thought it might be fun to turn the next book into an ongoing series of episodes. Thus, I give you The Mrs. McGillicuddy Mysteries, the Series. And much like on TV, I’m going to consider A Clockwork Vampire and A Werewolf in Time to be similar to two made-for-TV movies, with the new series the focal point.

Of course, the new series will bring back all the collective characters in the Mrs. McGillicuddy universe, including, but not limited to, Edwin and Eliza McGillicuddy, Cesar, Malcolm, Lord Foxley, Robert & Juliana Huntington, Lady Claire, Chimera, and an number of new characters I hope you find delightful. The series will include all the things that past readers have enjoyed about the first two books, the vampires, the shapeshifters, the steamy alternative New York. The new site isn’t finished yet, but I’m working on it.

And while we’re at it, here’a sneak peek of the first book:

The Mrs. McGillicuddy Mysteries Episode 1
The Mrs. McGillicuddy Mysteries Episode 1

The first book will go up wherever fine ebooks are sold in about a week or two, so I hope you’ll bookmark the site, tell a friend, and check back often for more mystery, horror and erotica!


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