Fantastic Find! Reptilicus the Comic!

Reptilicus: Marionette of Doom!

I’ve been searching for this comic for seemingly forever now. I mean, it’s a comic based on a movie about Finland’s only kaiju, the magnificent, flying, green-puke spitting kaiju, Reptilicus!

Kaijuphiles, rejoice!

It’s about dancing Danes, and an impossible monster, and city destruction. You just don’t get to see that in movies nowadays!

Linky linky to read the coveted comic!



2 thoughts on “Fantastic Find! Reptilicus the Comic!

  1. Now, that brings back some memories. Way back in the dark and abyss of time that was the early 60s, I saw Reptilicus at the old Green Hills Theater in Nashville. They had a Saturday matinee for which admission was based on Royal Crown Cola bottle caps. As one of our neighbors drank RC like water, we always had plenty to go take in a show. I think I must have been about five or six. I had already seen The Pit & the Pendulum with Vincent Price and Barbara Steele, so I was, even at that tender age, a horror veteran. Good times.

  2. For me, Reppy was one of those hard-to-find monster movies often spoken in hushed whispers in dark places but infrequently acknowledged as a real-life endeavor. Then Sci-Fi acquired it in the early 90s and unearthed this little charm for so many of us kaiju-starved souls.

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