Some more good news :)

I finally got my Cuminin level stabilized and now only have to get pricked once a month! I no longer have to look like a junkie! Unfortunately, my doc can’t get me on this one alternative medication, a new blood thinner that requires less monitoring, because I don’t have a heart condition. Only patients with heart conditions can be prescribed it, according to the FDA. Go figure. But the Cuminin is OK. I just need to watch how I eat. Since vitamin K, which is found in many green vegetables, interacts badly with Cuminin, I have to watch my intake of those things is stable and not too high. Yep, I literally cannot diet and go all veggies because my blood clots will return.

I haz an irony.

But, on the bright side, no more weekly pricks! I haz a happy!

And in case you’re coming in late to this party, I have a rare genetic mutation that causes my body to produce almost no Protein C, a protein that prevents your blood from clotting uncontrollably. As a result, I was hospitalized in September because of a culmination of blood clots in my lower lungs. The clots are slowly breaking up and I’m getting winded less often, so there’s progress. But I will need to be on blood thinners for the rest of my life.

Such is life.


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