Guest Post: Blue Lightning Over the Alamo by Sharon Bayliss

Please welcome Sharon Bayliss as she talks about her exciting new alternate history release, The Charge:

About The Charge:

When King of the Texas Empire kidnaps Warren’s brother, Warren embarks into a still Wild West to save him. On his journey, he makes a discovery that changes his life forever—he and his brother are long-lost members of the Texas royal family and the King wants them both dead.

He gets help from an activist Texan named Lena, who’s itching to take on the King and happens to be a beautiful firecracker Warren can’t stay away from. Convincing her he’s not one of the bad guys becomes harder when a mysterious energy stirs in his body, turning his brain into a hive of emotions and memories—not all his own.

A legacy of violence is not all he inherited from the brutal Kings of Texas. The myth that the royal family possesses supernatural powers may not be myth at all.

Gone are the days when choosing a major was a big deal. Now Warren must save his brother and choose whether or not to be King, follow a King, or die before he can retire his fake ID.


An audio recording of Sharon reading from The Charge:


Thank you K.H. for welcoming me to your blog!

The Battle of the Alamo is a great story. A small group of Texas soldiers stood their ground, although vastly outmatched, and fought to the death to make Texas a free nation. Growing up in Texas, I heard the story a lot. I visited the Alamo several times. The beloved, epic, story has maintained it’s intrigue for almost 200 years.

But even a timeless, heroic story, can benefit form a touch of magic to give it new life. My new alternate history The Chargebreaks from reality at the Battle of the Alamo, where a mythical leader with supernatural powers leads Texas to victory at the Alamo, taking history off course. Here is a short excerpt from The Charge:

Lena’s concerned face swam in his vision until a strange image replaced it. He saw blue lightning over the Alamo as it appeared on the day of the famous battle. He felt the soldiers dying around him, their souls extinguishing, while the storm above him seemed to suck their lives into it, a raging electric monster that gave off a charge like heat off a volcano. He felt grief. Rage. He even smelled the place. Blood. Dirt. Gunpowder. The stench of his own unwashed body. He remembered Lena and the knock and the door, and said, “I don’t belong here.”

“You don’t belong where?” Lena asked.

The movie about the Alamo, combined with the surge of energy, must have tapped into a memory. Well, not his memory. He returned to the room that smelled like clean linen, but the grief and rage of the battle scene lingered. He reached out to Lena and grabbed her, hoping her body would help him keep his tenuous hold on reality.

The Charge is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble now!

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Bio: Sharon Bayliss is a native of Austin, Texas and works her day job in the field of social work. When she’s not writing, she enjoys living in her “happily-ever-after” with her husband and two young sons. She can be found eating Tex-Mex on patios, wearing flip-flops, and playing in the mud (which she calls gardening). You can connect with Sharon at and

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