I’m just fashionably late

Hey, wanted to make a shout-out and tell everyone that I am, in fact, still alive. I know it’s been quiet over here for a while, and I’m not the best dedicated blogger, I admit.

Anyway, I was dealing with some personal issues this past week, plus I’ve been writing up a storm under various other pseudonyms. Yes, I write under pseudonyms. Creepy, isn’t it? And the creepiest thing is you’ve probably read one of my other books under one of my other names without even knowing it.

But, ahem, anyway…I wanted to update everyone on my writing progress. Right now I’m down in the Mrs. McGillicuddy trenches, frantically finishing up An English Werewolf in New York, the third episode of the new Mrs. McGillicuddy Mystery series, and also juggling with finishing up Anti-Heroes with Louise Bohmer. In addition, my writing partner and I are working on developing a whole new gothic-centered New Adult series we hope to unveil very, very soon. It should begin roughly at the time we finish up Anti-Heroes, and it will center around college life and vampires, two of our favorite subjects!

I wanted to thank you folks who have been making Anti-Heroes such a HUGE success. Louise and I are truly amazed by your response and the way fans have been gobbling up the series. We’ve talked about it, and when we finish the series, we may even release the book in paperback, but we’re still thinking about that. Of course, if there are any publishers out there interested in releasing the paperback through their own imprint, and maybe taking a look at our next series, you’re welcomed to hit us up for the details anytime!

I’ll also add that my new Nick Englebrecht series has been getting some scorching reviews, both good and bad! I don’t know why the bad reviews please me so, but they do. I’m continuously amazed by the emotional reactions of folks who read the series. Feel free to read the reviews yourself. And yes, before you ask, there will be more Nick coming your way soon!

So there is progress. I’m not being nearly as lazy as I seem. 🙂

I’m just being fashionably late.

Talk to you soon!


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