On the Horizon


It’s been quite a while since I bothered to stop writing long enough to just update everyone on what I’ve been up to. Honestly, I’ve been burying myself in work almost obsessively. To say I’m a workaholic is a vast understatement. I’ve literally been putting in anywhere from 8-12 hours of work a day in, with very few breaks or breathers. Part of it is work under my own name, but I’ve also been writing books for various publishers under other names, none of which will be disclosed here (lol). But my full body of work is getting so that if you’re reading this, chances are really good you’ve read one of my books and probably haven’t even realized it.

Following an online interview, an interviewer even joked once, “You’re really Robert Heinlein, aren’t you?”

Well, I’m not Robert, but I do feel like many different people at different time, my personality filleted over many genres and types of books. Such is the life of a professional writer. And I’d have to say that, if nothing else, I’ve achieved that goal, at least. I literally live on and survive off my writing these days, no second job on the side (aside from the occasional book editing or cover jobs I’ve take). But for all intents and purposes, my main resource for money comes from writing, and because of it, survive. This happens because you folks are kind enough to take an interest in my stories and download them again and again and again.

In that sense, I feel very blessed. I never achieved the “big New York contract,” and yet I can survive just by tapping words out on a laptop computer. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a sign of good success. Not getting awards, accolades, or making a lot of noise online. Just writing quietly and surviving off of it. At least I’m good at one thing in my life!

I can’t talk about projects I’m sworn not to mention under my own name, but on the official front, I’m currently still hard at work on The Mrs. McGillicuddy Mysteries, the Series, and we’re already up to Episode 3, with much more on the way! I’m also working on the conclusion of Anti-Heroes with my partner, Louise Bohmer. And speaking of Louise, we’ve decided to corroborate on a new New Adult para-romance series called Species, which you’ll be hearing a lot about later this year. We already have a few publishers interested in it and some readers nibbling around the details, so look for more info on that coming very soon.

I’m also currently working on the new Nick Englebecht book, The Devil Dances, for Curiosity Quills. It took me a bit to jump back in, but I find writing the series is like putting on an old, familiar robe. It just feels right, and I don’t perceive the book taking very long, a few weeks at most. If you want to know the secret to successful writing, it’s write often, write a lot, write fast, and pay attention to trends. And if someone calls you a corporate whore, just smile and be polite. This is an art, but this is also a business, and as such, it must be treated like one. People like me produce entertainment products that people like you hopefully enjoy enough to keep buying. My job is to entertain you, and I take my job very seriously.

On the personal front, it’s been a slow climb back to good (or, at least, better) health. Since I can do nothing but take Warfarin and wait for my body to dissolve the embolism resting in my lower lungs, I’ve been rendered pretty helpless in the high-energy department. I’m tired and draggy and not a little big crabby, as folks seem happy to point out to me. I try not to take it personally. I’m difficult to get along with even at the best of times, I admit, but I’m hoping to spring back to a more positive, high-energy state soon. Protein C deficiency sucks, and you can quote me on that. But since the docs and nurses originally suspected Lupus, I’ll take the deficiency, kthx.

About a month ago, my Rottweiler Wolfie died of old age. That set me back mood-wise. In fact, I’m still trying to recover and accept the fact that he isn’t there anymore, pestering me for attention. He was the best dog I had ever owned, and the loss hit me hard, I admit. I still feel like I’ve lost a part of myself that I’ll never get back again.

I have been trying to break up my constant writing schedule with some outdoor activities. I’m thinking of getting a few patio plants, and maybe doing some planting. I have a ton of Marigold seeds that need to go in. I’m probably already late on doing that. However, the tulips are coming up in a fury of reds and yellows, so that gives me hope that I haven’t yet killed everything in my backyard. The rose bushes, I’m afraid I have to admit, are history. This is not surprising, considering I once killed a cactus I had on my desk.

Let me repeat that for you: I killed a cactus. Now you have to admit that takes real talent.

I’ve also been working on doing better cooking-wise, trying new recipes. To that end, I found an awesome book that covers British and Irish cuisine. The recipes are fascinating, and, by turns, terrifying to behold. I literally had no idea that blood could be cooked in so many ways. However, coming from a barbaric German family, I have to admit I would be most at home on the British isles, I think. It’s an ongoing dream for me to do a cooking tour of England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland one day. I’d be incredibly happy just jumping from pub to restaurant and back to pub, gathering recipes as I go (and getting rather sheeted on better beer than we have here in the States).

So for me right now, it’s a case of writing for a living and trying to get in some fun in the garden and the kitchen. Meanwhile, I’m working on getting past my personal loss. I know I can reach the horizon if I just travel a few more miles…

So how has your spring been?


4 thoughts on “On the Horizon

    • *hugs, lots and lots of hugs* So solorry to hear about Wolfie ๐Ÿ˜ฆ *more hugs* My spring? I work my butt off at the salon, sometimes dealing with prissy dogs and people, and sometimes trying to gently talk a 11 yr old emaciated coonhound into letting me scrub the poo off him. It’s only about 30 hours a week, but it’s nearly constant physical work so it feels like more. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. I miss chatting with you, but also I look at how much you’re accomplishing and I think I could do at least half as well if I’d just actually work more on it. At some point you replaced LKH as the writer I most compare myself to. An upgrade for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’ve killed a cactus or two. But now I have grapes fruiting and a bleeding heart plant that could swallow my daughter. All in all, it’s definitely time for a little spring and summer instead of emotional winter, don’t you think?

      • Thanks, Michele! That means a lot to me! And good to hear you have so much going on! You know where I am if ever want to chat. I’m just a few clicks away. ๐Ÿ™‚

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