The Devil goes down to Pennsylvania

The Devil You KnowToday was quite an awesome day. I’m knocking chapters out of The Devil Dances (Nick Englebrecht #2) faster than a fat kid eats Pringles. I admit that’s a strange anthology, but you’ll have to excuse me. A publisher loved my pitch of a new Young Adult book I’m writing with my partner, Louise Bohmer, so that makes around four series I need to juggle now and my brains feel a little bit like the consistency of Reddi Whip.

In any event, the reason I’m excited is because up here in the Pocono Mountains we have a local legend of The Faceless Man, this faceless specter that’s been seen by loads of people up here, usually hanging around the more haunted parts of the Poconos and the Lehigh Mountain regions. Essentially, he looks like a black-clad gunfighter with long Ring-style hair over his face (or no face at all, depending on who you ask). I used to work retail in a local Wal-mart where he was known to frequent. Yeah, I know…apparently he’s looking for Everyday Bargains.

But my point is, I was able to integrate this very real legend into The Devil Dances when Nick Englebrecht has to explain the legend and its connection to Blackwater–okay, well, I stretched the story out a bit to link everything up correctly, but hell, I’m a fiction writer. That means I make my money lying.

Buuuut…I got it in! Yay, for local legends! I may have to write an intro talking about some of the spookier shit up here in the mountains. 🙂


One thought on “The Devil goes down to Pennsylvania

  1. Most of the stuff that happens in the mountains IS weirder then fiction… what happens in the Poconos stays In the Poconos!!

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