A Story of Survival Part 2

Hi Everyone

My name is Cameron Von St. James, some of you may remember me from my guest post that Karen allowed me to post here on her blog a while back. Seven years ago, my wife, Heather was diagnosed with an aggressive and deadly cancer called mesothelioma, just three months after giving birth to our only child. It was a tough battle, but in the end Heather was able to defy the enormous odds against her and beat the cancer. Now, we work to raise awareness and support for others going through this battle today. We recently participated in a short video about our story, which we hope to use to continue to share our message of hope with all those still fighting cancer. I hope you’ll take a minute to click the link below and watch, and please share it with someone you know who may be facing a difficult struggle. Thank you all for your support! With hope, the odds don’t matter!




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