The Clockwork Companion & ARE

The Clockwork Companion
Download the Clockwork Companion Free!
The Clockwork Companion: Your Key to the Mrs. McGillicuddy Universe

Cover art by The Job Octopus.

Behold the final cover upgrade for the Mrs. McGillicuddy books, The Clockwork Companion. Chock full of over 30K of steampunk/steamnoir-related material, including an awesome intro by author Louise Bohmer.

I figured while I was at it, I would change the title to remove the word Free, not because I don’t want to offer it as such, but because some outlets, like Nook and Amazon, have refused to allow the book through for free. However you can download the book directly through this link, or get it through Kobo or, now, All Romance Ebooks.

And speaking of ARE, you can now get all the Mrs. McGillicuddy books through them!

The Clockwork Companion

A Clockwork Vampire

A Werewolf in Time

Or just visit the main page.



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