Anti-Heroes: The Complete Collection (the paperback!)

Anti-HeroesI’m proud to announce that Anti-Heroes: The Complete Collection made the Amazon Top 100 in Juvenile Fiction the other day. Louise and I are immensely proud–and a little surprised. This has been a side project all along and we haven’t really been promoting the hell out of it or anything. Anyway, we decided to launch a paperback version for those of you who still love das paper books.

You can get it here.

Over the next few months, I will be touring the PA/NJ/NY area to help promote The Devil Dances (Nick Englebrecht #2), which is hitting stores and the internet in September. I’ll be hitting Barnes & Noble and Books-a-million all over, but I’ll also be wielding signed copies of Anti-Heroes, for those interested. To see where I’ll be and get a signed copy of Anti-Heroes, bookmark my events page:

More events and dates forthcoming. 🙂


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