The Return of Nickolaus Pacione Part Deux

So out of blinking nowhere, Nickolaus Pacione pops up (a bit like a psychotic whack-a-mole, I guess) proclaiming another magnus opus of literary genius (i.e., another whine-fest on par with An Eye in Shadows) about what all the evil world and its evil minions are doing to him. As we saw in our last episode, Nicky was full of racist, misogynistic, homophobic vitriol, and little has changed.

Well, one thing has changed. He’s included all kinds of libelous content about yours truly in this new book of his. I know this because a long network of concerned friends has bequeathed me the unpublished book. Please note: Nicky has been wildly shoveling out electronic copies to anyone who asks for one, so the fact that a copy has fallen into the hands of his perceived enemies should come as no surprise to anyone.

Yesterday, I asked Nicky to remove the libel concerning me, and his response was typical Nickyese, the language spoken on his home planet of Ass-hat-ari. You can read the full exchange here, as ugly as it is. But since Nicky has taken to removing content he deems unacceptable from his blog, I’m going to re-post what I said yesterday here, to my blog. Please note, I had also informed him that I would be alerting his family to his antics, but that post was removed posthaste.


It’s come to my attention that I’m in your book and you’re obsessing over me again. Pull all mention of me from your libelous piece of shit book or I will post all the passages that contain your “complaints” about me on my blog and I’ll let my fans “entertain” you. Then I’ll have your book pulled from wherever you’re publishing it. And it will come down. This isn’t a threat; it’s a fact. You have been warned.

His response:

Fuck you! I told the truth and it remains. You support copyright infringement and e-piracy, and that is going to be in the open. Skullvines Press is finished. I am just using your own words against you. It is far from libel. I have a disclaimer in front of the book about how the guilty shall be called out and exposed. You should have never got a pirated copy of An Eye In Shadows those years ago — and you got a pirated copy of Confessional. You support piracy? yes or no? You are just pissed that I referred to you facing the white throne of judgment. I will send a copy to the staff of first before I upload everything to the site, you gained an ill-gotten copy and you are on a crusade that the book remains unpublished. Well when it gets published I am sending it to all your publishers, you are going down for your snake oil salesman comment and for the comment how I am a loser.

Just to clarify some of the above:

1. I do not support copyright infringement or e-piracy. However, when someone is about to publish libel about me and my friends, that dissolves any rights the writer might have to not have properly attributed quotes from the book made public. Sorry, Nicky, but it’s true. Ask any lawyer. In fact, you can post short quotes from any published book so long as you attribute them. This is not Copyright infringement. This is the way things are done.

2. I left the employment of KHP Publishers this summer. Thus, Skullvines Press, an imprint of KHP Inc., has no bearing on or connection to me at this point. They don’t represent me, and I don’t represent them.

3. I have no idea what “words” he plans to use against me. And yes, what he’s about to publish about me, Mary Sangiovanni, Brian Keene, Ramsey Campbell and countless other well-known and well-respected authors is libel. It’s either all made up from whole cloth due to his damaged brain, or it’s reinvented facts to fit his paranoid, martyrdom mentality.

4. He’s apparently convinced I’m going to hell and/or I’m the devil’s concubine. Okay, whatever. I did write about the devil recently, for those who are interested, but he’s the hero, so maybe Nicky has a point. Dunno. You decide.

5. I’m not sure what sending a copy to Lulu will do, exactly. I do plan on exposing the book as libel, and they will prompty remove it shortly after it goes up. I don’t think they’ll give a rat’s ass if they have a copy or not since they’re merely a printer–they expect you the author/publisher to have a copy of your own work.

6. Apparently, he’s going to contact all one of my present publishers. I’m intrigued!

So I told him what’s going down and apparently he’s going forward with the libel. So watch this space, folks. It’s bound to be interesting!


30 thoughts on “The Return of Nickolaus Pacione Part Deux

  1. it’ll be fun to see how quickly his masterpiece is taken off lulu and how fast he goes on twitter/wordpress/et all to whine like a 3 year old about it!

  2. Still waiting for Mr Pacione to respond to this:

    ‘ “——– ——– told me that Ramsey Campbell and W.H. Pugmire likes to end author’s careers.” Really? Do produce the evidence.’

  3. Huh, I hadn’t known you were parting company with KHP. I should pay better attention, especially considering how Nickers usually just staples my name to your coattails and lumps us together. Much luck on the new endeavors!

  4. If it would help the cause any, feel free to count me in, in contributing his quotes about me, as well as anything in the lengthy log of abuse, libel, harrassment, and stalking I’ve been keeping on him. It’s exhaustive. And exhausting.

    Btw, I did some research today and discovered (no surprise here, really) that Nicky is in clear violation of Illinois’s cyberstalking and cyberharrassment laws. What he posted on his blogs alone about us can at best cost him a fine and court time, and at least be grounds for a non-domestic PPO.

  5. I remember how he thought An Eye in Shadows would end careers, but everyone got more successful. History does indeed, repeat itself. He’s the gag gift that keeps you gagging.


      li·bel [lahy-buhl] verb, li·beled, li·bel·ing or ( especially British ) li·belled, li·bel·ling.
      1. Law.
      a. defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures.
      b. the act or crime of publishing it.
      c. a formal written declaration or statement, as one containing the allegations of a plaintiff or the grounds of a charge.
      2. anything that is defamatory or that maliciously or damagingly misrepresents.
      verb (used with object)
      3. to publish a libel against.
      4. to misrepresent damagingly.
      5. to institute suit against by a libel, as in an admiralty court.

      Libel is a crime and actionable by law. No amount of “disclaiming” will erase it. You might want to think long and hard before you commit libel so as to protect yourself, your assets, and your family and their holdings, which can be held accountable by the courts for your crime because they are your legal guardian.

      • I have no guardian cuntface. When did you become the fucking thought police? You libeled me calling me a fucking racist– I just made a statement about what you said, how is that libel?

      • Nicky, your racism is WELL documented. Once you put something on the internet, it can easily be saved even if you later delete it. The evidence is there right in your own words. You called a biracial child a “mongrel” that is completely racist. You got banned from a VF cult for calling a girl of Indian descent a “curry muncher” that is also racist. The old “Buuut I have a friend from a different race!” excuse is usually the last line of defence for racists.

    • Do you have a screencap of them saying it on Facebook? Without that it’s just your word against theirs and as they’ve disputed your claim it looks as though you were just being delusional again, Nicky. Try getting some evidence to go along with your accusations next time, that way your book might last more than a day before someone gets it pulled.

      • Nicky, if you make an accusation without evidence, it’s libel? Is this going to be one of thos repetitive conversations because you’re too willingly ignorant to learn anything?

      • Considering your truth is patched together from paranoid delusions and addled memories courtesy of your misfiring neurons I’d probably accept Lawry’s truth before yours, at least he knows when he’s lying.

    • No Thought Police here Nicky, so you put that phrase back in the sleepsack before you beat it to death.

      By simple definition of the word, you are comitting libel. Reality says so.

  6. Cross-posted from nicky’s blog, because he’ll no doubt delete it:

    Nick —

    Please cite written proof that Brian Keene, Mary SanGiovanni, Karen Koehler, Mike Brendan, etc. ever called you a child beater, a woman beater, or an an alcoholic. You can’t, because they never said those things. So stalking/harassing them for what you *think* someone said is not acceptable. However, I daresay they they all have written proof of the threats, harassment, and lies you said about them.

    I also bet they could provide written proof that through comments you have made NUMEROUS TIMES, you are a misogynist, racist, and con man.
    Much like you don’t understand writing or editing, you also don’t understand what constitutes libel or fair use.

    They are not screaming “libel” because of bruised egos; they are screaming libel because the comments you made and allude to frequently in your book ARE libel.

    You won’t receive any of what you seem to think of as common decency (That is, people keeping their mouths shut and never, ever contradicting you or intruding on your little fantasy world) until you learn how to show common decency.

    Freedom of speech does NOT give you the right to stalk, harass, threaten, or libel other people. If you can’t get that through your thick head, maybe your mother can explain it to you, or a court of law. And, it doesn’t matter that you do this out of pocket and have no money; your family would be held liable for or your disability checks garnished for fines fines you incur. Or, if it continues, prison time for stalking.

    That you are a misogynist is NOT a misconception. You are. Comments in every thread you’ve ever posted to show that, by your own words.

  7. You cannot simply accuse someone of a crime without showing evidence. That’s not the way the US works. The burden of proof lies completely on the prosecution. The police, the courts, and the general public demand evidence of wrongdoing. If you cannot produce hard evidence–screenshots, depositions, video evidence, signed confessions, etc.–you have no case, and, as Frankenstein stated above, it’s simply a case of your word against theirs. Since you are mentally unstable, no court or jury will believe you. If you have no proof, and you do not, then the accusation will not stand and you will be guilty of libel. Read the laws on libel and due process if you don’t believe me. Here’s a primer:

    Or, to put things in small, easy to understand words for you, if you accuse someone of doing something bad, you need to prove they did that bad thing, or you will be punished for saying those things because your accusations, through lack of evidence, have been proven to be untrue. For instance, if you want to accuse me of Copyright infringement on your work, you must show clear and irrefutable evidence that I infringed on your Copyright. If you have no evidence, then you have no case.

  8. ‘Dear Mr. Campbell,

    I recognize that sentence. However, that’s not what I wrote. It appears that my words — or the very sentence itself — has been twisted around or changed in a mail correspondence to one Nickolaus Pacione around two-three months ago. To perpetrate something? Heck if I know. Maybe he’s off his meds again; he’s been leaving tags on my Timeline as of late with curse words and falsehoods galore, and I have to go in and delete them. This correspondence took place on Facebook. I never said that. What I was, was appalled (at the current time) at the lewd comments that Pacione had made toward W. H. Pugmire regarding his sexuality (terms such as queer, etc, which were turn offs and terms we don’t have to go into). I was also turned off by much of what he said about you. There was a big hoopla over at the Lovecraft Zine site (from what I gather), and I think this is where it originated. Nickolaus Pacione stated that you are a part of this vast conspiracy to end his career on Lulu. Nickolaus called you names which were less than flattering, and even worse stuff regarding Mr. Pugmire. The Pugmire stuff irritated me. If I remember correctly, I said something along the lines of: “You should be careful what you say, if you take being a Lovecraftian author seriously. Authors like Ramsey Campbell and W.H. Pugmire can close doors on you.”

    I was astounded at the vile that he put forth regarding you and Mr. Pugmire; it was bad.

    That doesn’t mean Ramsey Campbell and W.H. Pugmire go create a secret circle and end Nickolaus Pacione’s bitter crusade. That also doesn’t mean I’m an instigator of author-on-author cruelty. What I think is that Nickolaus is interpreting my words to others (perceiving them) in a different train of thought, as if you and Mr. Pugmire are out to get him. He took my words, switched it around to suit what he thinks is correct and should be correct, or, “He’s out to get me complex!”

    With that said, Mr. Campbell. I write part time. I have nothing against you (or Mr. Pugmire). Never have, never will. I appreciate both your works and contributions to the realm of genre literature over the past half century between you.

    Please feel free to share this. If there’s anything else I can answer for you, or help you with, do not hesitate to ask.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Lawrence Dagstine’

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  10. The blurbs were not fabricated — I gave an educated period when I got them. The Lansdale blurb was in the summer of 2011 when I was trying to attempt to give my first nonfiction anthology a large scale sequel.

      • I wonder if Lansdale could go after Nicky in court over damage to his reputation caused by Nicky lying about his support? That would be interesting.

    • Nick, you either fabricate them or you sadly suffer from delusions so grand no proof helps. The museum curator issued a statement flat-out denying the ones you attributed to him. You know this. You are not an updated version of Poe or a “more updated version of Poe” (whatever that is supposed to mean). He stated he never even said anything that could be misconstrued as that. You know this, yet you still keep faking this endorsement.

      If you are suffering from delusions (and not a compulsive liar) I hope you will see a doctor as soon as possible. You are getting way too detached from reality the past 2 months. Will no one take you to see one?

  11. “…can you refute what says about you. This was my source for when I wrote the part in Confessional…”

    Put more simply, you were citing your own unmistakable prose as evidence. Hilarious.

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