Dear Lazy Parents of the World…

Dear Lazy Parents of the World,

It’s said that it takes a village to raise a child, but you should be aware that the denizens of the internet are not your “village”.

In light of recent events concerning the massive crackdown on Amazon and Kobo of “unacceptable” titles, where most of the drama has been targeting erotica (though many other non-erotic books have been caught up in the blizzard) I’d like to remind you folks that your children are your sole responsibility, and that it is not the duty of writers like myself, or, indeed, anyone online, to police what your children are reading, viewing or are otherwise exposed to.

This is called parenting skills. It means getting involved with your children and discovering what it is they are exposing themselves to, both good and bad. Granted the crackdown was launched due to some pretty suspect erotica titles–mostly those involving incest, pseudo-incest, and underage characters–but the policing has now boiled over into the independent author/publisher arena. That is to say, books that are not erotic in nature are now being targeted, particularly by Kobo, who completely overreacted to the media attention it received. As a result, many of our titles are being pulled simply for being independent.

Congratulations, Lazy Parents. As a result of your lack of parenting skills, many indie authors will now need to beg and plead to have our titles reinstated on the Kobo site, even if we have stayed wholly within their Terms of Service. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but in the world of publishing, even a few lost days of sales can have a major impact on an indie author’s life.

Here’s a thought, Amazon & Kobo: If you’re so very terrified we ebil writers are going to corrupt children through our ebil use of many ebil words, why not set up gateways at your site, much the way Smashwords does? It shouldn’t take your tech folks more than a few days of work and it will help curb this manic desire to e-burn as many suspect books as you can.



P.S. As of the writing of this post, it seems my indie books have been kicked off Kobo, lucky me. if anyone is seeking epubs of my books for your reader, let me redirect you to B&N:


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