Do the Kobo Shuffle

Unfortunately, as of this date, the ongoing Kobo Book Hostage Situation has not yet been resolved. The ebooks of various indie authors are still under lock and key, and, it seems, will continue to remain so, un-purchasable, and un-downloadable, for an indefinite amount of time. I have currently sent three reasonable letters asking the staff of Kobo to put my indie titles back up.

Their automated response to me and other indie authors:


Thank you for contacting Kobo Writing Life.

Our content team are still in the process of reviewing titles published through our site. We have forwarded your request to them in the hope of expediting your account review.

We appreciate your ongoing patience and understanding with this matter.

The Kobo Team

And that’s it. Basically, Kobo is telling us to kiss off. They will get to us when they get to us. Mind you, the indie authors outraged by Kobo’s behavior are not in violation of the Kobo terms of service, which states we cannot publish work which contains bestiality, sex between underage characters, and rape-fantasies, none of which appears in any of my titles. Let me repeat: We are being punished for sins we have not committed. But Kobo wants to be the Man, and the rest of us are left to sit and spin while they apparently read through every indie book they’re currently publishing to see if they fit their Terms or Service, or so it seems.

The best I can offer is, if you’re wanting epubs of my titles, please go directly to B&N, Smashwords or Omnilit and search for ‘K.H. Koehler’. That’s all I can offer you, friends.

If you’re currently outraged by Kobo’s behavior, you can complain to the following email:


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