The Help Me Get Out of Debt Post

As many of you already know, my little Brussels Griffon took a bad turn at the beginning of this month. I took him off to the vet and, at first, the doctor diagnosed him with some kind of autoimmune disease, though she didn’t know what kind, that she said he could possibly survive with the proper treatment. Thus, I started treating him several times a day. The medication wasn’t cheap, and I couldn’t frankly afford it, but I wanted to give him the best chance I could.

Anyway, to make a long story short, about weak later his lungs filled with fluid and he rapidly went downhill from there. The doctor was fairly certain it was not an autoimmune disease at that point, but some kind of fast-acting cancer. Diagnosing it properly at that point was a pretty moot point. He wasn’t going to survive it, whatever it was.

I asked her if it was something that could have been prevented, or something I had done–I was frankly shocked because he had always been a robust and healthy dog, never sick a day in his life. She said it was just because he was a dog. It was un-preventable, and it was now un-survivable. No treatment could save him. He could not breathe properly at that point, and soon he would not be able to breathe at all. He was dry-drowning in front of me. I wound up giving him the peace he so sorely needed and deserved.

Almost $600 later, he was gone. But I don’t regret spending it because I did everything I could, and I have no regrets in the path I took for him. But now I need a little help from you guys. I literally live hand to mouth, the way most writers do, the majority of my funds coming from the books I sell. Money is, well, more than short this month, and I’m very quickly falling behind.

I want to state I don’t believe in crowd-funding unless it’s the only alternative left to someone, and I don’t expect you guys to pay off my bills when you have so many of your own. But I hope that maybe I can entice those who have yet to purchase one of my books to pop on over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble or some other venue of choice and pick up whatever book appeals to you and give it a read. I believe in working for my money, and I typically shun charity where it relates to me unless I have absolutely no choice.

So please consider buying a book. My ebooks are not expensive, typically ranging from only $0.99 to $3.99, less than a latte, really.

Here are the links:

Amazon –

Barnes & Noble –

Kobo –


Smashwords –

Thank you!


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