The Doctor is In

The Dreadful Doctor FaustAs some of you already know, I’ve been working on a sequel to The Dreadful Doctor Faust, which has always done exceptionally well as a book for me. The sequel is titled Doctor Faust Lives…because, of course he does. Inside joke. You need to read the first book in the series to really grasp that.

Anyway, I took pains to give my sweet (okay, maybe not so sweet) little book a facelift, because, let’s face it, Dr. Faust can always use a facelift. *grin*

I also discounted the price to $0.99, so I hope you’ll check it out, and if you dig the book, please tell others. But like so many have said in the past, don’t read it just before going to bed. Just…don’t.


Three victims disappear off the streets of New York, never to be seen again: a high school janitor, a top New York model, and a barkeep. Three people who have seemingly no connection to each other. Yet all three are connected to Louise, a teenage runaway who has recently gone missing.

Louise came to the big city to create a new life for herself. That life ended when a cruel sadist abducted her, mutilated her body and face, and dumped her remains in the East River. Not quite dead, she floated ashore to the ruins of an abandoned church. There she was found and saved—but what saved her wasn’t human. He hasn’t been human in well over one hundred years.

The underground calls him the Doctor, a shadow-figure who wields the powers of life and death in equal measure, and for his own dubious purposes. A Victorian-era, genius surgeon who has discovered the secret to not only defeating tissue rejection, but immortality itself, he rebuilds Louise, giving her a new face, a new identity, and a taste for revenge.

Now Louise is back, remade and redesigned into a perfect murder machine by the Doctor’s talented hands. She is cutting a path of vengeance through the echelons of the city, and nothing in heaven—or hell—can stop her.

Listed a Top Book of 2010 by Literary Mayhem.

Praise for The Dreadful Doctor Faust:

“A tale that stands on its own with an underlying darkness that reaches deep into the soul and rips it out at the roots.” — Famous Monsters of Filmland

“Recommended for fans of dark, gothic tales – both well told and fascinating.” — Horror World

“Gory, pulpy fun.” — Horror Fiction Review

“A love song to revenge and the ultimate body modification.” — BookLove

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