Of a Feather by Ken Goldman

The tremendously talented Ken Goldman, who has sold literally hundreds of short stories over the years, has a new novel out! And he was kind enough to share some info with us and give us insight in the creation of his little nightmare.

886099Ask anyone in Wellington County about Socrates Singer. They’ll tell you. Socrates Singer? He’s nobody, a loser, some skinny anti-social reject whose greatest achievement is the Perfect Attendance Award at Roosevelt High. The local girls ignore him. The tough kids torture him. Even his sister and his therapist wonder about him, worry about him.

They have a good reason. Yes, many people will tell you, that strange kid Socrates Singer, he’s as much an outcast as some flightless bird. They don’t know how right they are! Because Socrates Singer has touched the Thunderbird’s sacred mask and now has strange dreams about birds, about flying higher and higher into the sky. And Socrates also has a gift, a power even he doesn’t fully understand. But old Gert, who feeds the pigeons in Gustav’s Park, understands. Pretty Jamie, who works at the Bird Emporium, understands. And the ancient Indian chief who wears a strange two-sided bird mask, he understands too. As does the centuries old angry spirit called the Thunderbird and about a million of Wellington County’s feathered creatures…

They know what Socrates Singer really is. And they know what he can do.

Above Wellington County the crows fly in circles. Socrates knows this means something. He just doesn’t know what. In Gustav’s Park three boys wait for him. They know he is an easy mark. Socrates Singer has always been an easy mark. But not today. Socrates knows Nature itself needs him. Because young Singer has harnessed this strange power that just might even his odds against his adversaries. The ancient Indian spirit of Wakinyan, the Thunderbird, has found him, chosen him, wants to use him. And very soon those who think they know Socrates Singer will understand they had best keep a very watchful eye on the skies.

The book can be purchased in paperback or on Kindle at: http://www.amazon.com/Of-A-Feather-Ken-Goldman/dp/0957010362

Why I wrote OF A FEATHER :

I could say I wrote it for the money, but that would be a lie — well, a small lie, anyway. The plain and simple reason is: I have always had a pet bird in my home from the time I was ten years old. My current parrot (“BABY”) is 32 years old, and he was as much an inspiration for the book as any person. (You’ll see references to several parrots in the novel, although the really bad guys are the crows. And, yes, there are some bad ass people in the book too.) As a short story writer with over 700 stories published, I wanted to try my hand at a novel, and rather than go the “monster” route I wanted to create a horror tale about those common creatures you see every day — birds. There are millions of them, and they can be scary little buggers sometimes. I was lucky to have picked one of the best independent publishers in the business, Graeme Reynolds, who has published a load of award winning novels through Horrific Tales Publications. You should check them out!

Find many other Ken Goldman stories at Amazon!


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