Forbidden Knowledge by David Neilsen

Today we invite you to partake of some Forbidden Knowledge that just may leave you changed forever. From author David Nielsen, a dark glimpse inside the Lovecraftian mind of madness.

Forbidden KnowledgeA young artist’s impossible dream. A New Orleans policeman haunted by his past. A terrified, homeless wretch racing for her life through a fog-shrouded swamp. A sailor fleeing reality for the chilling whispers of the unimaginable. A nervous University Professor stalked through the night. And connecting all five doomed individuals–Forbidden Knowledge.

In addition to being a writer of slightly-disturbing stories of horror and madness, I’m a professional actor / storyteller. For the past year, I’ve toured the New York Metropolitan Area with my original one-man show, H.P. Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu. More than a dramatic reading of Lovecraft’s work, my show is a theatrical performance that places the audience’s life and sanity in danger, bringing you into the story and ripping out your sense of security in the known world.

Forbidden Knowledge is my peek inside that world, telling some of the stories that Lovecraft never gets around to telling. Much of his action happens off-stage, if you will, and I wanted to bring those stories to the forefront and find out what happens. Of course, in order to create a working theatrical performance, I altered some elements of his story, and some of my work in Forbidden Knowledge reflects the events in my show, rather than Lovecraft’s story, however they remain true to the atmosphere and spirit of this seminal work of Weird Fiction.

Go on, open your eyes to some Forbidden Knowledge, which has been called “A must for any true Lovecraftian.”

By me. I said that. Just being honest.

Sanity not included. Or Guaranteed.

David Neilsen

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