The Video Killer by Dave Eisenstark

Author and actor Dave Eisenstark brings us some old fashioned hack and slash…and a few funnies along the way in his newest psychological horror novel, The Video Killer. We just know you’re dying to read it!

Video KillerWannabe music-video director and serial killer Johnny Tone–stuck in backwater Hilltown, Kansas–is sure his next-door neighbor, Laura Causely–beautiful, suicidal, and just released from a mental institution–is his ticket to Hollywood. Once a professional dancer, Laura has the moves Johnny craves, and for her part, she’s convinced he will rescue her from her uncaring family and the demons that scream in her head. But Laura is not the first pretty young thing to fall under Johnny’s spell. What happened to those old flames is a secret horror Laura never wants to uncover–she has her own bloody past to obliterate. Only one of them can survive–who wins in a fair fight, the psychopath or the sociopath?

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Why I wrote the book.

I love horror, especially the odd, goofy and funny kind–stuff that makes you laugh, then feel icky right afterwards. This particular story came out of my childhood in Kansas and the fact I grew up with black and white TV and only one channel. And no, it wasn’t the Dark Ages. The effect of that deprivation on my psyche was profound and lasting and the reason I now live in Hollywood and will do just about anything if it involves the movies or television. So basically, aside from the dead bodies and the violence and gore and sex (alas), this is my life-story, at least the funny part of it. Thanks for reading.

Dave Eisenstark
(aka Burford Hauser)


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