The Bride of Dr. Faust Chapbook is here!

And it’s waiting to get into your hot little hands!

Bride of Doctor RaustBride of Dr. Faust by K.H. Koehler

Recycle, Reuse, Re-animate

The mad Dr. Faust, the tormented Lizabeth, and the vengeful, hand-crafted Poppet return in this sensual and horrifying sequel to The Dreadful Doctor Faust. Years have passed since the Poppet painted the city of New York in its own blood, and now the Doctor’s experiments are taking a series of freakish new turns. He has moved beyond saving the dead and the dying and into the nightmare realm of creating life itself. Meanwhile, an old adversary from Faust’s past, and his grotesquely deformed lover, are preparing to extract a hideous revenge upon the Doctor and all those he calls allies. It isn’t long before the Doctor’s bride is unleashed in an orgy of erotic horror and revenge.


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(Please note that the chapbook is enlisted in Amazon’s Matchbook Program, so by purchasing the hardcopy, you can also download the ebook version for free!)

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