$99 Book Covers All Through October!

spooky saleHey, guys and ghouls, I’m running a book cover sale all through the month of October. Throughout, you can commission me for the following services:

  • A full 8 x 5, full-color, marketable cover that I promise will sell your book.
  • Resized covers to perfectly fit the following venues: Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, Omnilit/All Romance Ebooks, and Bookstrand. No re-sizing is necessary on your part. You just find the cover marked with the proper venue in your file folder (which I will create for you) and upload. Easy peasy.
  • A full, simple wrap for a book that will easily fit CreateSpace requirements, so you can have a paperback version as well. This includes the full cover, a complete spine, and the back copy (optional–your choice).
  • A free, properly-sized Facebook banner to help advertise your new book.
  • A lifetime guarantee on the cover. Should new venues open up and you need your cover re-sized for them and are not sure how to do that, just email me and I will do it for free. Additionally, I’m available to do simple corrections on the cover–for instance, in the future, you feel you want a slightly different hue, or your title changes.

Most cover designers will charge you a base minimum of $200–and even up to $500 or more for just an ebook cover, so I’m offering an economic package for struggling authors without a lot of funds to invest in their project. And sure, there are designers who will only charge you $40 or even less, but let’s be honest, you get what you pay for, and I’ve seen those same artists churning out covers for under $50, and they have all kinds of problems. I have almost 15 years experience, helped establish a publishing company, and worked as the cover designer at that company for twelve years. I’ve also designed almost every single cover for my books over the years.

To make things even easier, I offer a split payment system–$49.50 to commission your cover, and $49.50 when the cover is ready to ship to you. I usually work through Paypal with my clients, but we can work out a system of checks or money orders, if that’s your preference. Just be aware there may be a holding period for personal checks before I begin your project.

So that’s the whole deal. No bullshit, just a cover you can be proud of that will sell your book. As your cover designer, I will work with you and back you up the whole way. You are the boss, and though I may make suggestions along the way, I’m happy to design your cover exactly the way you want to see it. For a gallery of more recent covers I’ve done, visit my Facebook folder here.

Publishers with multiple covers are welcomed, as well! Thank you for your interest. I’m looking forward to working with you!

Contact by email: khkoehler at yahoo dot com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kh.koehler

Email form: https://khkoehlerbooks.wordpress.com/about/


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